Auto-Suggestion or Self-Hypnosis

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Auto-Suggestion or Self-Hypnosis/Visualization
“Your Magic Mind-Machine”

Let us first clear up a few misconceptions about “hypnotism” in general. Contrary to popular belief, intelligent, strong-willed persons make the best subjects rather than less imaginative and weak-willed persons. There is no magic “power” used by any hypnotist to influence others. It is merely the application of the “power” of suggestion that is utilized. In fact, the subject actually hypnotizes himself with the operator simply acting as a medium or set of directions to guide the subject through the proper stages or steps.

The professinal discription of “hypnosis is as follows…”The non-critical acceptance of a concept or an idea at the subconscious level.” What that really means is “That if someone or yourself says something to you and YOU BELIEVE IT you’ve been hypnotized. That’s it in a nutshell.

Ninety percent of normal, intelligent people can be hypnotized and will not have their will weakened in any way. They cannot be made to do that which they would not normally do. An honest person cannot be made to steal while a dishonest person would steal just as readily.

Although the appearance of the hypnotic state or trance would suggest it, there is no loss of consciousness or contact with “our surroundings. The subject, even when deeply involved, is still aware of what is going on around him, and the Trance State can be terminated at any time. If the subject is extremely tired the hypnotic state could convert into regular sleep until the body is rested. This is particularly true in self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the induction of the hypnotic state by one person to another. Autosuggestion is the giving of positive suggestions or affirmations to yourself in a waking state. Self-hypnosis is the induction of the hypnotic state by the subject himself. We have found through the years that the best method for developing self-hypnosis is to be hypnotized by someone else first and be programmed or conditioned to post-hypnotically be able to hypnotize yourself.

Autosuggestion does not require the same depth as self-hypnosis, and therefore can be developed without outside help. The person who is able to practice autosuggestion with success can move on to self-hypnosis and experience the same degree of success with practice. We mention the technique of being hypnotized by someone else first as being the best method for the greater percentage of people, most of whom would be without training or experience in using their own mental capacity for self improvement.

To answer a question before it is asked. We do not have time to condition everyone individually for self-hypnosis, and not every club director has had adequate training in this work. If you require this extra help in progressing from autosuggestion to self-hypnosis we can make a personalized tape for you that can be used over and over on your cassette recorder. Details and fees are available from NewLife Innovators, Inc.
Although you can learn to “turn on” your subconscious Magic Mind Machine at any time or place, most people find it best to make it a time and place where they won’t be disturbed by outside distractions or interruptions.
We have already found the positive uses of autosuggestion, but now let’s enumerate the self-hypnosis uses:

Memorization for recall. (Studying for exams)
Breaking habits. (Smoking/Eating to excess)
Developing talents and personality traits.
Relaxation and elimination of fatigue.
Elimination of pain. (Dental/Obstetrical uses etc.)

You will always be able to arouse yourself from a self-induced hypnotic trance by giving the suggestion that you will awaken on the count of five. Any emergency in the area will awaken you to full consciousness at once, since you are always aware of your surroundings and will respond instinctively. We do not advocate the use of autosuggestion or self-hypnosis for self-treatment of bodily ailments without proper professional diagnosis, consultation and supervision.

This is a time when practice truly does make perfect, so be sure to organize your plan before you start. Know what you want to do to attain the proper state and the suggestions you want to implant in your subconscious mind. Learn to think and visualize your suggestions. (See it in your mind rather than say it aloud)

The white sheet included with this synopsis will give you an additional method of induction and two methods to test for your depth of trance in self-hypnosis. Your club director will now give a practical demonstration of testing for suggestibility or susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion. This will be given personally or by recording to the entire group, so listen closely and let’s find out how good a subject you would be right now’.


We have talked about overcoming worry, anxiety, and fear. We have shown you the advantages of believing in yourself. We have encouraged you to set goals, to work at being enthusiastic. All these suggestions have been related to the active attainment of more successful living during this journey of life. Motivational courses self-improvement books and fellow Success Seekers are full of ideas and suggestions to help you along your successful journey in an active way. In addition to all these success principles we must also consider the importance of your physical well-being. Good health is certainly very important to your successful journey and an important part of good health is R.E.S.T.

We must never underestimate the importance of proper, regular mental and physical rest. R.E.S.T. (Relaxation Encourages Successful Thinking). Everyone needs proper rest to maintain proper efficiency in their lives. Rest may be a good night’s sleep, a coffee break, or it may be just a break in your regular routine. Whatever… it is important.’ Break time is a regular part of the work day in factories and shops, and is provided for by the law. Much re-search has been done to determine the need for these time-off periods, and the change in the efficiency of the people involved. It has been proven that workers are far more efficient in production and less accident prone if they are allowed to take regular breaks. These times not only give one the opportunity to reduce physical stress, but also allow for a revitalization of the mental processes through an opportunity for communication with other people. Overtime is frowned on by corporate managers, not so much because of the additional financial drain, but because of the fact that worker efficiency drops so drastically when fatigue sets in.

Thomas Edison was a non-conformist who worked until tired and then slept with no regard to time of day or night. His favorite technique was to crawl into a large cupboard or underneath an unoccupied workbench for his naps.

School children have periods of work and play during the day as well as the calendar year. We are all familiar with the afternoon rest that we encourage youngsters to take, and in warmer climates the siesta is a way of life for multitudes. Isn’t it possible that the body and mind need a period of recharging occasionally to operate at peak efficiency? Every human heart must rest between beats of its rhythm. All of nature is based upon cycles and rhythm to give us the tides, seasons, weather, day and night, life and death. And all other things we just naturally accept without question.

We all have a rhythm within us. a cycle of activity and inactivity known in scientific circles as the Circadian Rhythm The earth with its electromagnetic fields and radiation seems to affect the individual rhythm we each have built in to control our body activities such as breathing, circulation, temperature and the other involuntary activities. When the normal 24-hour rhythm is upset it’s necessary to take some action steps Present Time Consciousness (PTC, the ability to apply 100% concentration to the task at hand whether it is at work or play. PTC is a way to become more efficient and overcome confusion in your thoughts and activities; a way to eliminate fears, worry or confusion) should be brought into play as well as physical action such as we’ll demonstrate and discuss shortly.

Normally our nostrils open and close at regular intervals. Parts of internal organs function while other parts rest according to the body rhythm. Our “sleep needs” or “fatigue threshold” (need for rest & sleep) are controlled in similar fashion. This is nature’s way of conserving energy and allowing for efficient function.

We soon find out whether we are an “early riser”… a “night person” or a “day person”. Whether we can rest in the middle of the day and be refreshed or not. Now, we must become more aware of this personal rhythm and use it to maximum benefit by utilizing the periods of natural activity and inactivity. Work with the rhythm of your body to gain more energy and enthusiasm. Know yourself so that you will be able to understand your desire to keep working late at night, or your need for rest in the middle of the day.

We become fatigued when we work at a desk for an extended period of time, or when we work at a machine, drive a car, stand or sit to long, or even if we stay in bed too much. Anything done too long or in excess is tiring and so the suggestion to “take a break” is important to establish and maintain a proper rhythm and tempo for your life.

R.E.S.T. (Relaxation Encourages’ Successful Thinking) . . .We have said that thoughts are things and that the mind can achieve that which it can conceive and believe, so the subconscious mind is truly one of our greatest assets. Let’s take these moments of relaxation and when we start to daydream. Turn the daydreams into creative dreams by becoming an

IMAGINEER…creating images for your Magic Mind Machine (subconscious mind) that will help you to achieve your goals and receive the things you want from life.

Hypnosis Quiz

Have you ever been hypnotized? Have you ever seen someone hypnotized?
Do you believe hypnosis can help you with your problem?
Have you ever walked or talked in your sleep?
Have you ever awakened in the middle of your sleep state and felt like you couldn’t move or speak?
Are you basically a trusting person?
Do you have a vivid imagination?
Do you daydream or involve yourself in fantasy?
Are you able to concentrate on an idea or a thought?
Do you feel comfortable being touched by someone you trust?
Are you open to new ideas?
Are you able to follow directions or instructions?
Are you able to get in touch with your emotions easily?
Do you believe it’s possible for a person to be healed by the power of his/her mind?
Have you ever wished you could avoid taking medication?
Do you enjoy reading fiction and get involved in the story?
Are you basically a religious or spiritual person?
Do you find talking about the supernatural fascinating.
Have you ever meditated?
Are you able to sit or lie still for a period of time?
If you were to imagine sucking on a sour, bitter, yellow lemon, would your mouth begin to water?
If you answered YES more than NO you are definitely hypnotizable.
All hypnosis, is self-hypnosis. The Self-hypnosis programs listed below will help you in achieving your specific goals.
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