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The Search for the Magic Pill Seeking new elixirs of life and health as been going on for hundreds of years. The snake oil salesmen are still at it, but today they are high teck (TV Doctors, infomercial etc.). And it will continue until people WAKE UP from their waking sleep or unconsciously awake state!

To show you that this has been going on for a very long time and it will continue to go on until you educate yourself and Wake Up, we can thank NEWSWEEK magazine for its extensive article of April 25, 1994, which probes into the roles of foods and vitamins in health and disease.

That’s from one perspective. From another perspective, it appears that Newsweek is part of an overall effort of the establishment to introduce a whole new array of “elixirs” to replace the vitamin market.

An almost identical article appeared in the January 1994 Reader’s Digest. Only a new development is drawn upon in this article: research, which shows that vitamins may be deadly instead of life enhancing!

Appropriately, the article is titled BEYOND VITAMINS. Of course, they mean something above and beyond what we know as vitamins in pill and capsule forms in bottles and other containers.

The writer of the article performs commendably in showing that the vitamins of commerce are frauds though he/she did not so label them. He/She cited extensive clinical tests showing that group taking vitamins A and E versus a control group that was taking placebos had a higher death rate!

This phenomenon has shocked the “health aware” so much that the Sunday, April 24th Detroit Free Press carried an article titled “Vitamins may turn out to be hazardous to your health.”

Synthetic Supplements a Deadly Hoax

I proudly point out that, in 1982, a book published called “The Great Supplement Hoax” wherein is presented in detail evidence that vitamins in the marketplace, even those called natural, were, by and large, synthetic. Instead of being nutrients, it pointed them out, as being toxic, hence deadly. It also cited news items showing that, fortunately for the pill poppers, most of those pills and capsules ended up in the cesspool or sewer.

The article in Newsweek is prefaced with a lovely and enticing full-page color picture of fruits and vegetables with an inset picture of pills and capsules. Because of this contrast, the article might well have been titled:


In reality the article spearheads an inquiry into the something that makes whole foods so superior to the vitamins of commerce.

But, unfortunately, the search is, indeed, for something – something magical-not in pills, per se, but in new forms of magic substances. The spotlight is turned upon plant substances called phytochemicals.

The writer should have delved into the synergistic factors that make whole foods so superior to everything else. Comparatively, whole foods are magical! Not only does this involve foods’ and their utilization as raw materials but the whole life style. Ideal synergism depends on how well we meet all the needs of life-how well we skirt the many health impairing booby traps built into the modern life style.

Whole Foods Truly the Elixir of Life!

The writers implied this in citing whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, as magical elixirs, he/she misses the point by focusing on substances in foods as the magic elixirs of life, an erroneous trap so many fall into. Being cure-minded and oriented like our “scientific” community he/she trains her sights on “disease fighting” substances. She adopts researchers’ presumptions and will-on-the-wisp fancies as valid targets to ascertain: “Scientists” are looking for magic anti­dotes, magic bullets or super smart chemicals that know how to protect your body. This reminds me of the familiar saying “looking in a dark room for a black cat that isn’t there!”

Imputing Intelligence to Phytochemicals Erroneous

Thusly, in concentrating on phytochemicals, the main thrust of the article is shunted down a blind alley. Specialized plant compounds utilized by the plants for its special needs and defenses may be healthful or toxic to human consumers, they are usually toxic!

For instance, Broccoli is cited as having Sulforaphane as one of the bonanza of phytochemicals. 1 merely refer Ms. Begley to Dr. Bruce Ames’ article in the September 23, 1983 is­sue of SCIENCE magazine wherein this substance is, itself, cited as a carcinogen!

She invokes indole-3-carbinol as a phytochemical that breaks up estrogen into a benign substance rather than a cancer-causing form. Before she said this, she should have read about the role of indoles and similar substances as carcinogens in the volume, “Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer” published by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences in 1982.

Like a journalistic colleague before her, Ms. Jean Carper who wrote “Foods That Fight Cancer” and published in the January, 1994 issue of Reader’s Digest, Ms. Begley is citing plant compounds which are, in themselves carcinogens as being “cancer fighters.” Again, I suggest that Ms. Begley consult Dr. Ames’ article in the September 23, 1983 issue of Science. Additionally, I suggest that she go to the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Toxicological Sciences. Most of her “life-saving phytochemicals” are’ on their lists of plant poisons. The fake news continues even in the “health” industry, better yet the “Disease treating business”.


Dr. David Reuben, M.D., has authored two best-selling books. One, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nutrition, contains much erroneous guidance. But it also shatters many commercially-fostered myths in the field of foods, feeding and nutrition.

The following quote from the book illustrates the body’s needs and powers:

“Look at it this way. A plain old apple contains 191 known chemical compounds, each of which plays an important role in human nutrition. When you eat that apple, over 1,300 chemical reactions occur to break it down into its component molecules. Those molecules are then dispatched to exactly the areas of the body where they are required. The pectin goes to the large intestine, the vitamin C is sent to the skin, the vitamin A goes to the retinal area of the eyes, and so on times 191. You don’t make it happen because you don’t even know it’s happening. There are 160,000 edible plants on this earth-you didn’t put any of them there. But most of them help keep you alive. Your digestive system was designed by God-not by you, not by IBM and not by a government agency. It can take almost any animal that walks by or any plant that springs up in an empty field and convert it into brain, bone, heart, muscle and energy to keep you alive. Even the most arrogant and self-important “scientist” must admit that a Being far wiser than any human must have devised and implemented that will-uncomprehended nutritional system.

So don’t think that the people who make instant breakfasts or imitation orange juice or yucky white imitation bread have the slightest idea what your body needs. That applies as well to those who turn out vitamin pills and nutritional supplements. Those fumbling human brains cannot improve on the Master Design that brought you here and allows you to survive from day to day”.

Is There Anyone Left We Can Trust?

The Great Supplement Hoax! by T.C. Fry

One has but to delve into a little biology, biochemistry and physiology to know that supplementation is not only impractical but a tragic commercially fostered hoax. There is no such thing as supplementation and there cannot be! There are foods and nonfoods. Supplements do not fill a single condition required of a food. That is the delusion of supplementation.

Under the “just to be safe” illusion we intoxicate our bodies with unusable substances. Fortunately, most supplements furnish only a placebo effect—their foremost benefit lies in the absurd belief that they will keep us from suffering deficiencies. But beliefs do not protect us from their ill effects. For instance, there are well authenticated cases of scurvy among supplement takers who were ingesting two or three grams of vitamin C daily, enough to suffice for a hundred days if it were usable.

Most supplements taken orally meet with a just fate-being indigestible (and therefore unabsorbed), they pass into the bowels. To the extent they are absorbed they create problems for the organism. As you’ll discover in this issue there is no case for supplementation. There is a case against so-called supplementation. There is a case for eating whole ripe raw foods of our biological adaptation. That and only that is capable of furnishing our needs in a physiological manner.

For the most part supplements are synthetically derived, even if advertised as being of “organic” origin. This representation is an outright fraud, for a reading of the label will reveal that only a small percentage is from organic sources. Synthetic substances are neither digestible nor metabolizable. That’s the best part about most supplements, for the body passes them through the intestinal tract. On the other hand, those parts that may be absorbed are treated like drugs, not nutrients. The body is stimulated by them just as if caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs had been taken. That lends to the mistaken idea that vitamins give energy. That’s false; If anything, they take body energy just as do other drugs. Only carbohydrates are raw materials for energy.

Mineral supplements are derived from inorganic sources. They are totally unusable. Though we have a heavy need for minerals, the very minerals we require are toxic if taken in an inorganic state. We need iron, selenium, iodine, fluorine, magnesium and a host of other minerals, but if taken in supplements as derived from rocks, soils, sea water or ores, they are unusable and poisonous. One of the foremost characteristics of poisons is that they stimulate, that is prick or goad the body into a frenzy. The body steps up energy expenditure to cope with a heavy eliminative situation. Because this makes us feel “hyper” we are likely to mistake this squandering of energy as being derived from the toxic substance ingested rather than a draft on our energy stores. It bears repeating that the body derives its energies from carbohydrates, not vitamins, minerals or supplements.

If you have any deficiencies, you can’t make them good by supplementation. Only a few fractionated foods among the supplements can be appropriated. But, even so, eating refined fractionated foods is like taking refined sugar, refined white flour and so on. Almost anything derived by fractionating foods would be poor even if eaten in context with the whole food from which taken because the parent food is not of our biological adaptation. Many supplements are derived from bacterial and yeast fermentative and putrefactive processes. No matter how rich in nutrients, these substances are unusable. Taking these concentrated nutrients to supplement a depraved and deficient diet is like eating tobacco leaves for nutrients instead of fruits. The difference between eating fruits and deficient diets with supplements is fruits are something the body can use in a physiologic manner; and deficient diets including supplements are something the body expends its resources on needlessly for purposes of protection and excretion.

Eat whole foods to which you are biologically adapted, more specifically, fresh ripe fruits with dried fruits if an extraordinary requirements of caloric values exists. If this needs supplementing, and it doesn’t for it is replete with more nutrients of every description than we require, then supplement it with super nutrient-rich vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, carrots, etc.

Remove yourself from that army of victims of the commercial game called supplementation. You’re wasting your money and your health! Wholesome foods suited to the human dietary are all that you need.