Diet Concept

The “Truth In Health” Diet Concept
Are you Ready to Have
the best health of your life?

The Truth In Health Diet empowers your body with 100% plant-based foods-the key to self-healing and ultimate health!

The Truth In Health diet is a simple remove and replace lifestyle change – remove toxic foods that lead to health deterioration and replace with 100% plant-based foods, the foods that Nature originally intended for mankind… and the best food for ultimate health!

Why is plant-based food best?

Your body is constantly replacing its cells at the rate of 300 million per minute. The quality of health you will experience depends on the quality of your cells – to increase your level of health, you must give your living body the living (raw) nutrients it needs to build new healthier cells that are better than the ones they are replacing. Eating raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts is the best way to accomplish health!

The truth In Health Diet Recommendation:
70% Raw Fruits, 20% Raw vegetables with some raw nuts

The truth In Health diet plan consists of 90% fruits and vegetables with some raw nuts. The concentrated living nutrients found in raw foods are perfectly suited to the nutritional needs of your living body! They produce abundant energy and vibrant health by replacing your body’s old cells with superior, new ones.

10% Cooked Plant-based foods

The remaining 10% portion of The Truth In Health diet consists of cooked, plant-based foods. These foods, eaten after filling up on raw foods, help to curb rapid detoxification, maintain healthy body weight, and because of the level of some people health they can even supply greater concentration of certain nutrients than raw foods. They also satisfy the need for “comfort foods.” (However, your goal should be to achieve 100% raw organic fruits and vegetables).

MAKE THE DIET FIT YOUR LIFE Not the Other Way Around

The key is to fit The Truth In Health Diet into your life, rather than trying to fit your life into the diet. If that means having the cooked portion of your food at a different time of the day, go ahead. Just remember the basics – get 90% of your nutrients from raw foods and keep cooked foods to a daily maximum of 10%. 

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