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(SHWIC) “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle” Marketing Program

This is the best type of business to start

If you are striving for more – more health, more wealth, more security, more success, etc. One way to gain all of that is to start a successful business.

That’s why today I want to discuss the absolute best (and cheapest) type of business that you could start from anywhere…

Think about the characteristics of any business, and what you would want in your own business. Here are a few things I think we can all agree would be ideal:

*Very low startup costs – no need to buy office space, equipment, etc.
*Ease of entry – You don’t have to spend hours upon hours trying to get permits or licenses. (We have done all of that!)
* Cheap product/service development – You don’t need to put up big money to produce the product or service you want to sell. (We have created the monthly health educational program that you would be selling).
* No required location – You can run this business from anywhere. (Your Home)
* Large profit margin – A large of majority of the sale of your product or service goes straight into your pocket. (Your Training Manual included all the marketing and sales letters you need).

If you have any dispute with those characteristics of a great business, you may be thinking about a dangerous business.

Thinking that you want to start a restaurant? Big time startup costs – from staff to premises – make restaurants one of the riskiest businesses to start.

And if you’re thinking of selling something you make at home could have the downside of a low profit margin after you think about cost of materials and potential advertising costs.

And most other types of business require you to get permit after or permit or spend tons of cash on product or service manufacturing.

But what if I told you that there’s one kind of business that checks off every single one of the boxes for the ideal business that we just discussed? With the evolution of technology, this business has become one of the most viable and profitable businesses to start.

So what business am I talking about? The information business. With our business you are selling a monthly health course (Information) In addition, the marketing material will show you how to sell “Information” by selling the Bail Out Report and other reports (More Information).

Think about it – whether you’re selling information about health, working out, building a home, training a pet, or whatever, this information business of yours would have tiny startup costs, ease of entry into the marketplace, cheap product development (maybe a book or newsletter would do the trick), you could do it from anywhere, and the profit margin would be gigantic.

An information business includes the combination of accessibility, profitability, fluidity, and all while you could be providing people with information about something you and they love!

So think about the things you love or are interested in. If you can give people information on that topic, you could start your own information business. We already have for you.

Join us TODAY; complete the enclosed Membership Acceptance Form NOW while it’s still in your hands!


Thank you for requesting this information. If you are like most people you have always dreamed of being Financially Free … being able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them, no longer needing to work and having the time and money to experience life. The purpose of this information is to offer you a very real opportunity to achieve Total Health Financial Freedom in a very simple and easy way. We know of no other opportunity where you can make this much Money this easily!

Now, why Money? Very simple … Money buys Freedom, Privilege and Convenience. It has been this way for thousands of years and it is natural to want it, most people do.

The main purpose of this or any business is to make Money. As an example, the President of the American Red Cross,a “non-profit” business, makes well over $250,000 per year. And while the President of the Red Cross may argue about his or her personal commitment to helping people,does- anybody really believe they would stay at the Red Cross if their pay were cut to $50,000 per year? Not a chance, they would move on to a better opportunity.

The only good reason to enter into a business is to make as much Money as you can and it is important to keep this in mind. Quite frankly, in business, everything other than Money is irrelevant and the product is really secondary as long as it sells. For example, are you interested in Popsicle Sticks? Possibly not, but if you could easily clear $250,000 per year in a Popsicle Stick business you might suddenly find Popsicle Sticks to be quite Exciting. The point is … Making Money is good regardless of the product just as long as it is done legally, morally and in this case… Easily!

And why the health Industry?  
America is a terribly sick country! 
(Our Goal is to end diseases and poverty)!

* 1 out of 2 Americans will die of heart disease.
* 1 out of 3 Americans will die of Cancer. (New report estimates that there were about 12 million new cancer diagnoses worldwide this year, and more than 7 million people will die of the disease). Plus, an estimated 200,000 lung cancer per year in the U.S. alone.
* Diabetes is on the rise and catching up with heart disease and cancer.
* 70% are overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating.
* More than 51 percent suffer from at least one chronic disease.
* Over 100,000,000 will spend some time in a hospital each year!
* Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders.
* Over 200,000 yearly will die from the so-called side effects or adverse reactions to drugs which are perfumed language for “poison effects.”
* Almost every baby born in America has already been drugged before birth, either by physicians or by drugs in the mother’s blood stream when she is drugged (which is often!)
* There are about 55,000,000 insomniacs in America.
* An estimated 100,000,000 Americans suffer high blood pressure. And blood pressure is on the rise. Over 35,000,000 Americans suffer from “mental illness.”
* There are over 95 percent sugar addicts in America.
* 46.5 million Adults with diagnosed arthritis. The worst part is that they have become an accepted part of society because of having existed for so long.
* Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits!

I could go on with a seemingly endless list of such statistics, but why do so? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Almost daily we see such statistics published in newspapers, magazines, TV and periodicals. The Seriousness and significance of our Global Health Information Program is a must in today’s world! There’s nothing Else like It. America cannot afford the path we’re on!

Health is our greatest wealth!With health everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; everything must be made secondary to Health!” Let’s face it, whatever our goals are; we want to achieve them, because they make us FEEL GOOD. Simply put, we want you to Partner with us in this very lucrative opportunity and we want you to make as much Money as possible. Because … if you Make Money we all Make Money!

Let’s Get Started

Did you ever receive a letter in the mail asking you to send money to a list of people as a one-shot deal and that they were going to make you a wealthy person for doing it? You are then told to make up a new letter by removing the top name and placing your name in the bottom position. You then mail the letter to hundreds or thousands of people and as your name moves up the list you will eventually receive Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Money bearing envelopes.

This is known as a Chain Letter and they are Illegal because they solicit Money for the sole purpose of making Money. If your name appears on one you may be subject to legal action by the State or Federal Government. Please avoid them.

Anyway, did you ever meet anyone who has made Money doing this? Of course not, chain letters are subject to lots of cheating! Most people who decide to participate in a chain letter will mail the letter but they will not send you any Money. How simple, easy and wonderful it would be if all you had to do was mail out a few thousand letters and within several months you would get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in the mail.

Do you know of or have you ever participated in a multilevel marketing program such as Amway or others? In these programs you earn commissions by selling the company’s products. You also have the potential to earn a tremendous income by recruiting new members into the program who in turn recruit new members for you. You then earn money from the sales of those people under you.

Did you ever meet anyone who has made Money doing this? The answer may well be yes because Amway has created quite a few Millionaires, but the problem with these types of programs is that it takes a very special type of person to be successful in them. You must bother friends, family and strangers. You must hold and attend recruiting meetings and you must handle the products and do lots of paperwork. This is not something that most of us want to do or are even good at.

So where are we? On the one hand we have legal multilevel marketing such as Amway that has and will create millionaires, but it is difficult to do because most of us do not like bothering people. On the other hand we have illegal chain letters that are very simple and easy to do because mailing letters is very simple and easy, but you cannot make any money because just about everybody cheats and they do not send you any Money.

Our solution to this problem is very, very simple! We have “Legally” combined the sheer simplicity of a chain letter with the unleashed earning potential of multilevel marketing and struck Gold!           .

Although we consider SHWICC more of a club, we have a Dynamic Income Plan where you can easily clear over $250,000 per year or more from the comfort and privacy of your home. We have a very simple Strategy where you will never handle the product, you will never bother anybody and there is never any intrusion on your personal privacy. And, we have an exclusive product, the perfect product that sells itself over and over, month after month. Good News is Legal, Moral and best of all Easy!

It should also be noted that we comply with all good and ethical business practices. Even though making Money for our Members is the number one priority of SHWICC, we have chosen to operate the club with the highest standards. We run the entire club efficiently and accurately on our computer. We respond to customer service issues in a timely manner. We ship the product on schedule. We accurately invoice and process customer payments and we send you a computer printed income check each and every month. Now we will discuss our Product, our Income Plan and our Strategy in detail.

Our Product

No, not like any other. Our product is far more important and more interesting and far more legal than any other. Do you find it unusual that we claim our product to be more Legal than any other? Aren’t other products Legal? Yes, they are now, but they are not Guaranteed to be Legal forever. Our product is!

The only things guaranteed Legal in the United States are those that are protected by the United States Constitution. For example lets take Popsicle Sticks (or any other such product) are not a right protected by the Constitution. Although it may sound a bit far fetched, what if people started getting injured by Popsicle Sticks or worse, what if people started choking and dying on Popsicle Sticks? The U.S. Congress could then pass a law banning Popsicle Sticks forever and the Constitution would not prevent them from doing this! This would not be good if you made your living in the Popsicle Stick business.

Our product is guaranteed to be Legal Forever by the United States Constitution! Before we tell you why our product is guaranteed to be legal forever and describe it to you in detail, we will first explain why it is the perfect product for this Inner Circle club and for you to make lots of Money.

Our product is a monthly health educational product that sells itself over and over meaning you make money each and every month. People enjoy our product and are happy to get it every month. When we ship the product each month we include an invoice for the next months delivery so people can easily make their monthly payments. In many cases we even do an automatic payment deduction. This is a continuous cycle that “we” execute each and every month so there is absolutely no work or involvement on your part. All you have to do is sit back and collect your monthly check!

Our Product is a monthly Health Education program and we have appropriately titled it (SHWICC) “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program. Since the lessons are a publication it is protected by the 1st Amendment to the U. S. Constitution that says, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press.” There you have it … our product is Guaranteed to be Legal Forever. No need to ever worry!

Certainly, we never publish anything that is illegal or immoral in the Lessons. The lessons are in what we have termed “Healthology” and we include something for everybody state of health each month. Our monthly Health Education include such things as: The nature and purpose of disease, Program for perfect health, Introduction to Nutritional Science, The immense wisdom and providence of the body, Carbohydrates: fuel for the human body, Proteins in the diet, Vitamins: the metabolic wizard of life processes, the role of minerals in human nutrition, Fats in the diet, The role of acid and alkaline substances within the body. And you will learn much more.

Do such Natural Health Secrets really exist? The answer is a resounding Yes-but few people know about these health secrets. Why? Because, our research shows that the Pharmaceutical industry wants to keep them from you, and they pay the media “big bucks” to advertise they products. You see, they don’t want you to be healthy; there is no profit in it. “So, they screen, they test, they drug and butcher people to death!”

We have designed the lessons so that most people will find most of the information interesting and important to know, The Lessons appeals to just about everybody!

Most important, the Newsletter is only available to Members from Members. This is very important because by keeping the Newsletter among Members we can all make Tremendous Incomes together!

Your Potential Income

Of course, no club can survive without loyal Members. In the next section we will show you how we easily get new Members without ever meeting them or talking to them, but for now just consider that there are over 300 million people in the United States. Also, there are approximately 4 million new births as well as new immigration each year. Getting Members is not an issue for SHWICC because potential Members are practically endless. Having said that, let’s discuss Income now and we will discuss Members in the next section.

Do you know of, or have you ever subscribed to a newsletter such as The Kiplinger Letter or Bottom Line? These happen to be financial newsletters but newsletters exist on almost every subject. The price of some Financial Newsletters can be well over $50 per month but if you are rich with lots of Money to invest the $50 per month is well worth it if the newsletter gives you investment tips that can make you thousands! (Note: Our newsletter can make you “Hundreds” of thousands for Free.)

If you were interested in Horses you might subscribe to a newsletter from a Horse Association for only $10 or $20 per month and receive much valuable information from that. There are many specialized newsletters at many different prices; the problem with specialized newsletters is that they only target a small section of the population.

Since our program is a Health Educational program it appeals across the population, anybody can get enjoyment and healthy from it. As we said in the last section, we have designed the lessons so most people will find most of the Newsletter interesting. Our Newsletter appeals to just about everyone!

The price of the Monthly Health lessons is just $37 but the Membership becomes “Free” as you will see. However, from the $37 we payout (to Members) 20% on the first level. With our Dynamic Income Plan you can easily clear $250,000 per year plus much more, and from only 7, easy to get Members and we will show you just how easy in the next section. This is because your Members will also act as your employees and they will get new Members for you, just like Amway.

Our Income Plan pays 20% commission in stages 1 for the 20% payout of $137. ALL of your Direct Members (and it can be more than 7 there is no limit) are placed in your 1st stage, but here are the Amazing results from only 7 Members:

You begin on STEP#1
 – (Your Cost, is a onetime initiation membership payment of $100.00 plus $37.00 monthly for your health coaching membership and lessons.) Your earnings are $191.80. (Complete this step and, you’ve just got more than your investment back.) It’s that simple! Your commission is 20% from each member on your first level. (You need 7 new members in your down line.) Now, without you doing anything, the 7 Members in your 1st stage also follow our Strategy and each one gets 7 (or more) Members of their own. Their Members are now placed in your 2nd stage. This means that you have now gotten an additional 49 Members (7 x 7). Since you get 10% for stage 2 and 3 you will also receive $17.40 for each of the 49 in this stage. This is an Additional Income for you of $852.60, each and every month. This is how it would look: (49 X $17.40)
Now you are on
 STEP #2 – on this level you’re earning $5390.00. (Your investment is only $37.00 monthly. Your commission is 10% from each member. (Each of the members on this level needs 7 members). The 49 Members from your 2nd stage now each get 7 (or more) of their own for a total of 343 (49 x 7) to be placed here in your 3rd stage. Again, you get 10% for three stages so you will receive an additional Income of $4,699.00 from this stage each and every month.
On STEP #3 – it becomes exhilarating! You are earning $37,730.00. (Your investment is only $37.00 monthly. Your commission is 10% from each member. (Each of the members on this level needs 7 members). You know where this is going, the 343 Members from your 3rd stage each get 7 (or more) of their own for a total of 2401new members in your 4th stage and an additional Income for you of $32,893.70 each and every month. Multiply the $32893.70 per month by 12 months and it comes out to a yearly income of $394,724.40. What if you have 20, 40, 100 Members or more in your 1st stage

On STEP #4 – At this step you have reached critical mass. From that point forward, this powerful system begins a self-replicating financial equation generating 16,807 new members and nearly $115,127.00 a month every month for the rest of your life. Your earnings can be explosive! Your earnings are $115,127.00 (Your investment is only $37.00 monthly. Your commission is 5% from each member. (Each of the members on this level needs 7 members). Adding all of the above steps, your grand total is $154,062.30 (Your investment has been only $37.00 monthly.)

Turn $100.00 onetime membership fee plus $37.00 a month into over $154,000.00 monthly income.)
 You have leveraged $100.00 a month to nearly $154, 000.00. This can be earned month after month and we can do the work for you. All of the above can happen within 6 to 24 months! And, you can figure out your ROI. (Return on Investment)

Share the health and wealth benefits with those you know. The economy has tanked…but the opportunity to create extraordinary wealth has not! Learn how you can get your share.

Members are Easy to Get

We just showed in the previous section how tremendously powerful and dynamic our Income Plan truly is. How else could only 10 Members and a mere $2 commission per Member transform into over $250,000 per year? We know of no other way to make this much Money so quickly and easily!

Now think back for a moment. You first received a l-page letter from one of our Members then sent the order form portion to us for this Information. The fact that you sent for this information proves to us that the l-page letter you received is very effective. In other words, the l-page letter works!

You may have noticed that there was a number on the order form portion of the 1-page letter. If you quickly look at the very bottom left of the back page of this information (Application & Agreement) you will notice that the very same number appears there. If you quickly look at the very bottom right of your Application & Agreement you will notice a blank space for your Member # to be assigned. This is the key to how we control the club and how you make Money!

When you submit your Application & Agreement we will assign you a Member # and enter you into our computer with the strictest privacy. You will then receive your Membership Kit and it will contain your copy of the l-page letter with your personal Member # on it.

Our Operating Strategy is Extremely Easy

You simply copy and mail your personalized I-page letter and we handle everything else! By using a Member # on the l-page letter rather than your name we protect your privacy. This means that you will never have to bother anybody and nobody will ever bother you! All questions will come to us, we handle the Customer Service and we ship the Product. This makes things very simple and easy for you.

Let’s walk through the entire process in detail so you will fully understand how it works:

1.      You first received the I-page letter that was sent to you by one of our Members who is now your Sponsoring Member. You then sent the order form portion to us for this Information Package. The order form had your Sponsoring Member’s number on it.

2.      We then received your order form, put your Sponsor’s number on your Application & Agreement and mailed this Information Package back to you.

3.      Next is to submit your Application & Agreement to us and we will assign you a Member number, enter you into our computer and link Your number to your Sponsors number.

4.      You will then get your Membership Kit that contains your copy of the l-page letter with your personal Member # on it. You simply copy and mail your personalized l-page letter to have lots of Members join your Stages, just as you are doing now. As Members join under you their numbers will be linked to your number and you will receive your Monthly Checks for them and
those they sponsor through 4 Stages.

5.      On a monthly basis we collect the Newsletter subscription payments and mail the Newsletters, Invoices and computer printed Income Checks. When your check reaches $50.00 we will automatically deduct your $12 monthly Newsletter fee so you do not even have to bother with it.Your copy of the Newsletter will then be basically Free with no out of pocket cost!

What other opportunity could be easier for you? You simply mail a one-page letter! We print and mail the Information Packages, enter your Members into the computer, print and mail their Membership Kits, collect their monthly payments, print and mail the Monthly Lessons, Invoices and Income Checks, and handle all of the Customer Service. You will never have to bother anyone or be bothered yourself! We handle all of the Administrative Duties, the Product and the Customer Service then send you a check Each and Every Month! Just mail a simple letter!

This is GROUND FLOOR. This is BRAND NEW. YOU are one of the FIRST to hear about this! Those who get in at the BEGINNING of these kinds of opportunities make the most money! DO NOT delay! I am PERSONALLY inviting you to join the SHWICC, and if you agree with me, join and become a member. Membership is EXCLUSIVE and by INVITATION ONLY. The Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching and apprenticeship Network is accepting new applications for members now, but you need to qualify and can STOP accepting applications at ANY TIME!


Health will be yours!
* Wealth will be yours!
* HUGE amounts of money will be yours!
* Riches will be yours!
* Secrets never before revealed will be yours!

The “Opportunity Review Portfolio” explains it all. You will know what I am talking about. You will thank me a million times for thinking about you and personally giving you an invitation to join this never before structured kind of private Health and wealth membership organization. But this is a LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY. Now is the time to act on this opportunity.

* Your health will improve dramatically! * Money will flow like lava!  * Millionaires will be made! * Join now and watch your dreams come true! Join NOW and I will see you on the beaches of the world!

Who will this Opportunity Benefits?

  • YOU, if you’re dissatisfied with your job or income.
  • YOU, if you’re a medical doctor and you are fed-up with the NEW Health Care.
  • YOU, if you’ve been getting the same results everyone else is getting, which is “Frustration, Disappointment, and Dissatisfaction” about your health & finances.
  • YOU, if you’re retired and your income is not cutting it.
  • YOU, if you’re financially distressed and need to make lots of money.
  • YOU, if you don’t want to slave away at a traditional job.
  • YOU, if you’re fed up with the rat race and want to do something on your own.

And the good news is that, THIS HOME BASED Business IS STRONGER IN a WEAK ECONOMY… No Employees. No BOSSES. NO COMMUTE No Health Insurance (You will have Health Assurance). No Office, Work from Home. Work Only 5 HRS or less per Week.


Would you like to save those around you with a 100% effective health system? Opportunities galore exist in this health field! There’s practically no one in it, because it has nothing to do with lotions, potions, powders or pills and nothing to do with drugs, medications, radiation or surgery.

Yes, there are about 10 to 20 million Americans working as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors, etc., but THIS IS NOT THE HEALTH FIELD!

In fact the impact of these professions on the health field is almost totally negative! This army of people is in the disease-treating business! Treatments make people worse, not better! There is a vast difference between drugging, cutting, and “caring” for the ailing on the one hand and guiding them to exuberant sickness-free health on the other! (And all can be done without personal contact.)The truth is that no one can be drugged or treated into good health. ONLY HEALTHFUL LIVING PRACTICES PRODUCE HEALTH!

Life’s essentials are as simple and natural as breathing good air, drinking pure water, eating food of our biological disposition, getting adequate sleep, activity, sunshine and many other equally simple needs.

As a member of the SHWICC health specialist, you can be instrumental in steering people to wonderful well-being. You can be knowledgeable in health matters whom people will seek out for counseling and guidance-and at earning a substantial amount that will give you a comfortable and respected niche in your social circle. You can be involved in the “marketing” of this same program that will yield you an appreciable income.

If you’re already a Doctor, a nurse, a chiropractor, a teacher, a beautician, a barber, a marketer or in any other pursuit that brings you into contact with the public you can realize success all the sooner.

However, you can succeed even if you are a high school dropout. If you are articulate, personable, congenial, knowledgeable in health matters (which are so simple animals in nature are healthy without any special learning), deeply concerned about the well-being of
yourself, family and fellow beings and concerned with the future health of humanity, you can become a shining success.

As one of our health specialist, you will guide people to undertake steps that will have them over their miseries in a few days to a few weeks. All you need to do is to introduce them to this program just by mailing our one page letter, just like you’ve received. Or have us do it for you.

I am sure that you heard the news lately? It’s all over the radio and TV. “Health Care” and insurance cost for health care is spiraling out of control. Everyone needs to have this health “Secrets” including all businesses that provide “health care”. You can’t wait and You cannot afford NOT to join the SHICC program. Check it out go to the above link NOW! And see all the health benefits you will receive.

Picture yourself earning upward of $5,000.00, $10,000.00, $20,000.00, $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 per month working out of your home, or office and only about a couple of hours per week?

Why not join our opportunities in this Business, which include the Opportunity Market and the Health Industry and that Economist predicted that the wellness industry would be at 1 trillion dollars by the year 2010. That was four years ago! Get in NOW! Take advantage of this trend NOW before it’s too late!

The Health and Economic Ship is Sinking Fast, I’m Offering You a Lifeboat. Jump in the Lifeboat and Help Your Family, Your
Friends and Your Neighbors to Jump in With You, Before It’s Too Late!

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”- Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British statesman and author

The Next Move

You must decide if you want to be a part of this now or wait to hear about it later from someone else who joined and found Easy Street! Your Personalized Membership and training Kit is waiting to be mailed to you. Complete your Application Today and mail it with your Membership Fee! We are excited to have you as a Member in this Explosive Club!


I do hereby enroll as a Member in the SHWICC program. I fully understand that I am subscribing to and purchasing a monthly health educational program (that I may cancel at any time without obligation) and that SHWICC will invoice me monthly for the lessons. I also understand that I am eligible to participate in the Marketing Program for the SHWICC program if I choose to do so.

Independent Marketer Agreement: Signing and submitting this document does not obligate you to purchase future issues of the SHWICC program nor does it obligate you to market products offered by Good News, it simply acknowledges that you have read and agree to the stated terms and policies if you so choose to participate in the optional marketing program:

I (Independent Marketer) understand that I am eligible, at my own free will, to participate in the optional marketing program offered by SHWICC. If I choose to participate, however, I am only authorized to market Good News products using materials supplied or approved by Good News and that my marketing status may be suspended or terminated if I misrepresent SHWICC in any way. I understand that as an Independent Marketer I am not under the employ of SHWICC and that SHWICC will not withhold taxes from my commission earnings. However, SHWICC will file a 1099 form  reporting my earnings to the IRS when the annual earnings limit is met.As an Independent Marketer of the SHWICC program I assume full liability and responsibility for all aspects of operating my independent business including monetary investment. I fully understand that individual results may vary and that income is not guaranteed in this or any business venture, therefore, SHWICC makes no promise or guarantee of future income other than to provide monthly commission checks that are earned from my independent marketing efforts.

Fees: I fully understand that the one-time, $100.00 Membership Initiation Fee is an administrative fee to cover the cost of processing my Application and  mailing my Personalized Membership and training Kit, and is therefore not refundable. I also understand that from the initial membership subscription fee only $17 is retained by SHWICC and the remaining $20 is paid to Independent Marketers as commission. Therefore, upon receipt of my first lesson I may terminate my membership and return the newsletter for a $17 refund within 30 days. The $17 refund applies to only the first lesson within 30 days and no refunds apply to lessons thereafter. 

(By-submitting this agreement I acknowledge-that I have read it and understand it.)

Sales Letter marketing
This special sales letter will have your name and address on it and all orders come to you. You will receive $35 for each order in which you will send us $15 and the name and address of the person that order the report.

We will send the report and place his/her name in your downline. To see a copy of the sales letter please contact us at: with your code ID# (Members Only) and request the BAIL OUT sales letter. To purchase this letter you must be a member. If you like to become a member click on the get Access Now button below. The cost for this report is $40.00

Members Only

300 mailing Sales Letter- includes, postage, printing, 300 of the best available Opportunity Buyers Names, stuffing and mailing. Cost $995.00


Use this form to have us print and/or mail the marketing material for you. Must be a member in good standing of the SHWICC program.

Please use the option and quantity of Marketing material you want us to send you or mailed out for you:

OPTION 1: I want to mail the marketing material myself. The marketing material will arrive to you (shipping and handling to you included) with all your contact information pre-printed for you (Code ID#). A great time and money saver! You supply your own mailing list, apply your own addresses and postage, and the material does the rest.

100 pieces for $135.00

500 pieces for $225.00

1,000 pieces for $360.00 (Best Offer)

OPTION 2: I want YOU to mail the marketing material for me! We take care of all the hardest work for you. Our printer will produce the material with your personalized information, then our mailing house will get the best targeted mailing list, address each piece, apply the necessary postage (at their reduced rate), anddeliver them to USPS.

We mail for 200 pieces for $650.00

We mail for you 500 pieces for $990.00

First time mailing to get you started, 100 Post Cards for 70% off. One time only for just $297.00. Best buy ever. Call for details. 

Marketing confuses the heck out of most affiliates. And the ones it doesn’t confuse, it completely overwhelms. That’s why it is a full-time job (even department) in most businesses; and that’s why we have created an entire department to handle it for you.

You are not alone. We’ve all been there.

All it takes to get out from underneath the black cloud of marketing frustration is a knowledgeable voice to help you sort things out.

Our marketing department was built on the idea that our affiliate members deserve a fair shake when it comes to marketing help. That’s why the advice from our marketing professionals is always FREE.

As with any project, you have to take that first step. The first step to sorting out your marketing is to get your bearings. We can help you do that. It’s time to get your marketing rolling! First time mailing to get you started, 100 Post Cards. We mail for you, One time only for just $297.00. Best buy ever.


We mail for you 1,000 pieces for $1,700.00 (best offer)

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All you do is mail Sales Letters/PostCards until
you get your 7 Business Partners! That’s it!

(Note:  Remember, you have the option to continue promoting and building an even larger team. You are not limited to referring only 7 people, or marketing with post cards. You can use the internet if you like)

By now you should be really excited and ready to get started. So pay close attention, because what we’re about to share with you is exactly what you need to do to start depositing truckloads of cash into your bank account in the next 8 weeks and beyond!

Marketing and advertising are obviously the most important part of building your business. The problem is most people are not skilled internet marketers and sales people. Although you’ll be provided with all the tools and resources you need for sharing this with others, Power of 7 wouldn’t be complete without a highly duplicatable, “zero internet skills required” method for driving tons of money hungry visitors right to your personal website. That is why we built the Power of 7 Postcard Marketing System. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to continually bring qualified prospects to your downline. The Post Cards will have your Code ID#.

Post Card 

Your Compensation Plan

The compensation plan below is based on the original cost of the program. You paid $100.00 one time initiation fee and $35 monthly. 

The amazing Power of Compounded Income

You begin on STEP#1 – (Your Cost, a one time membership payment of $1000.00 plus $100.00 monthly for your health coaching membership.) Your earnings are $1540.00. (Complete this step, and, You’ve just got more than your investment back.) It’s that simple! Your commission is 20% fom each member. (You need 7 new members in your downline.)

Now you are on STEP #2 – on this level you’re earning $5390.00. (Your investment is only $100.00 monthly. Your commission is 10% fom each member. (Each of the members on this level need 7 members).

On STEP #3 – it becomes exhilarating! You are earning $37,730.00. (Your investment is only $100.00 monthly. Your commission is 10% fom each
member. (Each of the members on this level need 7 members).

On STEP #4 – At this step you have reached critical mass. From that point forward, this powerful system begins a self replicating financial equation generating nearly $132,055.00a month every month for the rest of your life. Your earnings can be explosive! Your earnings are $165,906.30 (Your investment is only $100.00 monthly. Your commission is 5% fom each member. (Each of the members on this level need 7 members).

Adding all of the above steps, your grand total is $176,715.00

(Your investment is only $100.00 monthly.)

Turn $1000.00 one time membership fee plus $100.00 a month into
over $176,000.00 monthly income.)

You have leveraged $100.00 a month to nearly $177, 000.00. This can be earned month after month and we can do the work for you. All of the above can happen within 6 to 24 months! And, you can figure out your ROI. (Return on Investment)

Share the health and wealth benefits with those you know. The economy has tanked…but the opportunity to create extraordinary wealth has not! Learn how you can get your share.


Compensation is Based on a 7 X 4 Matrix System. Why the Force Matrix System Is Working: A forced matrix system is the quickest and most efficient way to prosper in the business field of Network Marketing. Members that are new comers and those who are experienced are finding out that a forced matrix system is one of the best ways to grow in the networking arena. The reason a forced matrix system works better is because it allows spillover from your up-line to come into your matrix even if you did not personally recruit them. A forced matrix is a system that puts a limit to the number of referrals a person can make on your first level. Any more referrals you make will be placed on the second level and so on. The more referrals you have the more your down line will grow and this
will benefit the other people in your matrix. The down lines on forced matrix
systems fill up very quickly which means you make your money much faster.

Spillover is when you get people under you refer by the person on top of you ( your sponsor) since your sponsor can only have a certain amount of people anyone who refers goes under you this is called spillover. Spill under is when the people under you sponsor people making your business grow.