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The only true mistake in life is to be ignorant and not learn from our mistakes. The fact is that ignorance is the only real problem in the world; cure ignorance and every problem and every cause dissolves. The answer to health and healing the world is of course to replace ignorance with the truth.

Now, there’s me and a few others that know this, you are also invited to learn and so all we’ve got to do is to convince in the US more than 320 million ignorant and unconscious people that this is the answer.

Why is health education important, and how do you become a good health educator?

Health education is important because it allows people the opportunity to know how to take care of themselves. It also helps people to help others by informing them of ways to a better and healthier way of life. However, you need the correct information.

Health education helps people make informed decisions about diet, exercise, and other aspects of personal health. Without proper health education, it’s easy for people to fall into bad habits or submit to peer pressure and erroneous health systems that produce more diseases. READ MORE

Importance of living a healthy lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle is important because it helps people to feel and look good, reduces the risk of disease, improves the effects of aging, and decreases the chance of becoming overweight. Exercising, eating well, losing weight and quitting smoking are keys to living a healthy lifestyle.

We all have our own parts to play in bringing health to the next generation, We should all be careful to make use of something useful or helpful while you have the opportunity  of the benefits you have to offer both the present generation and the one that will follow us.


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.” – William Wilberforce

“As a general rule, the most successful people in life are those who have the best information.” – Disraeli 

It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble with your health, but what you think you know for sure that it isn’t so!

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You can become an Expert in Health and Nutrition in Less Than a Year. Or you can do it at your own speed, time and pace from the comfort of your own home.

At every stage of your studies commensurate with your attainments, you’ll receive certificates and degrees in Health and Nutritional Science which are as follows:
1. After 34 lessons –  Certificate of proficiency in Nutritional Science. TEST #6
2. After 59 lessons –  Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science. TEST #11
3. After 83 lessons Master of Science in Nutritional Science. TEST #15
4. After 106 lessons Doctor of Philosophy in Nutritional Science. TEST #20
5. After internship for six months Doctor of Philosophy in Health Science

Doctoral students will be engaged in advanced purposeful study. All Doctoral candidates will be required to pass a comprehensive written or oral (our choice) examination designed by UH to verify that the student has acquired the knowledge and expertise to become a Doctor of Philosophy in Health and Nutritional Science.

Or you can just do it for your own personal reasons

Is The Health and Nutritional Regimen of The Institute of Healthology Scientific?
One of the fortification around which the University of Healthology training will resolve is that of nutrition –scientific nutrition if you please.  Nutrition involves the materials, processes, and events that form a coalition to nourish the body.  Food is not nutrition.  It is a vital component of nutrition. While proper nutrition is the essence around which the University of Healthology spends much of its efforts, nutrition as such involves but a fraction of the curriculum.  This is so because the science of nutrition is extremely simple–because it can be mastered by anyone in a matter of hours!

We content that all diets are unscientific except those that meet this fundamental criterion:  the diet that meets our needs and is fully in accord with our biological adaptation is scientific. Most diets of today are commercially inspired to serve the meat, dairy, and cereal industries.  The truth is that not one of these industries provides us with a single food to which we are physiologically suited. From your training with the University of Healthology, you’ll be grounded solidly in scientific nutrition–what it involves and how its conditions can easily be established.  Moreover, you’ll be the first beneficiary of this learning.

How does the Institute of Healthology Differ From Other Healing arts?
The question bears the very essence of misconception relating to healing.  There is no such thing as a healing art.  All healing is resident in the living organism. Nothing, other than the healthful conditions that are biologically required is favorable to the healing process. All “remedies” can only succeed in interfering with healing.  Organisms heal despite the multitude of “therapies” administered.  The treatments used get credit for cure when, in fact, they did not help at all or even slowed down the healing process. Over 90% of Americans are burdened with one or more chronic ailments, an attest to the so called “effectiveness” of our “healing arts.”  The University of Healthology position is that health is normal and natural and will be present if healthful living practices are observed. Disease and suffering are abnormal, unnatural, and unnecessary.  Disease must be caused and does not happen as a matter of course, chance, or bad luck.  Disease is not caused by bacteria, germs, or viruses!  Rather, it is caused by incorrect habits of living and disobeying the Laws of Life. Healthology professionals guide clients to the elimination of the causes of disease and to healthful practices.  These steps return all to the highest possible level of health.

Institute Information A New way of Learning
Unfortunately most Americans today are robot thinkers.  This is to say They’re not thinkers at all.  When faced with challenges, (problems) they do practically everything but get right down to the real labor of solving them by reflection and logical thinking.  They’re likely to rely on “authorities,”  “authoritative references or sources” or whatever they’re told in response to their questions.

The thrust of the Institute of Healthology will be to train you to question everything through deliberative procedures and to think things out in logical steps. We teach you that, in certain areas, most people are wrong about most things most of the time. This is especially true in the field of health.

Ignorance and misconceptions predominate in the health field.  This is unfortunate, for attaining health is really simple. Even the animals of fields and forests master health without deliberate thinking.  While we teach you the profundities of our sophisticated science, we also teach you to always keep in mind the utter simplicity of it all.

Our biggest task is in de-programming you of all the medical misconceptions that have been embedded in your intellectual structure.  Once you’ve learned our techniques in questioning and reflection, you’ll sense where the truth lies immediately and you’ll be able to understand and explain it quickly and easily.

The mastery of this new way of learning will be gradually as you saturate yourself with the knowledge we teach.  You’ll see the techniques evidenced many times as instructions turn misconceptions upside down and, in true Socratic fashion, ask a few devastating but enlightening questions.

In a word, we will teach you to rely upon more creative thinking than upon rote learning.  What you usually learn by rote is useless, for it can be retrieved from reference books. The ability to think, however, is priceless!

Unique Teaching Methods

Each published lessons you’ll receive is presented thoroughly among the following lesson sections:

1) Rational – the big idea pertaining to the lesson and material presented.
2) Objective of this lesson
3) Key Concepts
4) Salient Facts
5) Definitions
6) Outline of the Lesson
7) Presentation of the Lesson
8) Questions Relating to the Lesson
9) Summary of the Lesson
10) Supplementary Text material
11) Worksheets

Some lessons will contain tables and statistics for study and references purpose.  Pertinent texts will be referred to when needed. Then you’ll be led into the lesson material. Total pages of lesson and text material will vary from twelve to forty 81/2 X 11″ typeset pages. Where relevant, case histories will be cited and documentation presented.  In addition, articles by great health educators will often appear as part of the text material. Periodically, you’ll receive a written test.  You’ll complete and return your test to us for grading and assessment.  Your rating will be entered in our grade book and your test will be returned to you bearing your grading marks.  When warranted, we will offer constructive criticism and commentary with suggestions.

Costs of the Health and Nutritional Course 
There is a one time Initiation fee of $1000.00 and Each lesson costs $100.00 plus $10 shipping and handling. Each test costs $75.00. Tests are optional, but “Mandatory” if you are studying for a degree.
Admission Policy
University of Healthology accepts all applicants for training in Health Science.  It discriminates against no one for any reason.  However, the awards of degrees are made to those who achieve a C average or better.
Refund Policy
After the first lesson should you wish to withdraw from further lessons, the University of Healthology will refund your one time tuition initiation fee in full providing you return all the material in good condition.
Lesson 1
“Introduction to Healthology as a Way of life”. The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to the philosophy, principles and practices of “Healthology” and to the course.

The primary concept of “Healthology” is that health is normal and natural. And, further, that perfect health results from observing in practices the causes of health.

This suggests that disease is abnormal, unnatural and, therefore unnecessary.

Upon completion of this lesson you would know:

  1. Why health is normal and natural:
  2. Why the science of “Healthology” and healthful livingis to be found in the study of nature rather than in laboratories research and that, there too, the bases for healthful living are frequently confirmed:
  3. The fundamental essentials that build and maintain health:
  4. The basic causes of disease and suffering:
  5. That all healing is self healing:
  6. How “Healthology” holds individuals prerogatives in high regard:
  7. That the word “cure” and “medicine” convey meanings that simply do not exist in nature:
  8. The boundless possibilities for human happiness and progress if we again observe the mandate and dictates of our pristine legacy.

Rating Student Achievement
You’ll undertake a study of Health and Nutritional Science in order to master its concepts and practices.  This will enable you to gain the confidence and know how to apply it successfully on a professional basis.  The Institute of Healthology wants to be effective in its goal of bringing radiant health to America’s suffering millions through capable and competent professional –practitioners of a true health system a system that is, in fact, a Universal Remedy for it always works. You be continually monitored and tested to determine your progress and to discover how well you are assimilating and understanding the philosophy, principles, and practices which is based on “Natural Hygiene.”  You’ll have your grade sheets returned to you.  We enter your grades in your portfolio. You must achieve a C average to qualify for the diplomas awarded at various levels of this course.


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