Health Secrets

Let me ask you this… If you knew the “Secrets” that will ”CURE”






And Many Others…

Wouldn’t you want to tell the World RIGHT NOW?

Of course you would…anyone would!

However, In spite of all the great advances in many branches of science, we are still in a period of prehistory, and Dark Age in our thinking about health, disease and healing.

Is America a Healthy Country? You decide!

* 1 out of 2 Americans will die of heart disease.

* 1 out of 3 Americans will die of Cancer.

* Diabetes is on the rise and catching up with hearth disease and cancer.

* 70% are overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating.

* More than 51 percent suffer from at least one chronic disease.

* Over 100,000,000 will spend some time in a hospital each year!

* Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders.

* Over 200,000.00 yearly will die from the so-called side effects or adverse reactions to drugs which are perfumed language for “poison effects.”

* Almost every baby born in America has already been drugged before birth, either by physicians or by drugs in the mother’s blood stream when she is drugged (which is often!)

* There are about 55,000,000 insomniacs in America.

* An estimated 100,000,000 Americans suffer high blood pressure. And blood pressure is on the rise.

* Over 35,000,000 Americans suffer from “mental illness.”

* There are over 95 percent sugar addicts in America.

* 46.5 million Adults with diagnosed arthritis. The worse part is that they have become an accepted part of society because of having existed for so long.

* Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits!

I have more shocking news for you: by the time you go to bed tonight, about 400 or more normal, “healthy” people will do exactly what their doctors tell them to do… and then die.

And that’s not all…

Thousands more will not die, but they will suffer — just because they followed their doctors orders.

And that’s still not all …

Millions more people — maybe even you — will spend every single day suffering needlessly with anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, sexual disfunction and many other kind of discomfort. All with the full knowledge and helpless acceptance of their doctors. And, all because they think they’re being helped.

There you have it! America is NOT a healthy country… I could go on with a seemingly endless resume of such statistics, but why do so? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Almost daily we see such statistics published in newspapers, magazines and periodicals. I hope that you’re convinced that good health in America is a myth that matters are in a terrible state and getting worse. I trust that you will undertake to do something constructive about the situation.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your loved ones. You can get the truth about Health. You can discover safe, natural “health Secrets” all available now in the most complete health system ever published called the “Super Health and Wealth” program. I want to rush a copy of the first monthly subscription of this life-saving program to you to use for 30 days FREE of any risk.

But first I must Warn you:
The “Natural Health Secrets” and marketing system you’re about to experience is not for the weak of heart. The information presented throughout these pages may shock, or even offend you because you’ve been lie to. You’ve been told half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright lies. You’ve been trained to think and believe in a certain way.

This, my friend, is how 99.9% 0f the population is controlled! Get them to believe that they have no power! And millions of dollars are spent to keep these secrets from you!

The powers that Be have made fortunes from what you don’t know … Well, not anymore!

The members of this program, myself included, (and I created and developed it) We like you to know that we are incredibly serious about helping you achieve real dynamic health and a life changing income, and we won’t let anything or anyone stand in our way. You also must not Let Yourself Get In The Way Of Achieving Your Own Success!

If you want things in your life to change, you must change things in your life…especially the way you THINK!

And, what about the “Health Care Controversy” “Health care” has nothing to do with health! Health care or health insurance bill are created to financial protect you from catastrophic illness or disease. It does not protect your health; health is only produce by healthful living. Only YOU can protect your health! No one can sleep for you, drink for you, eat for you, think for you, and exercise for you, and so on.

Presently, “health care” is an external appearance, which we are kept mediocre and chronically ill!

The present “Health care” is self-evidently a failure as its costs are in the trillion dollars a year and shooting up! The new proposed health care will cost even more and will not help anyone to be healthier! This means that matters are getting worse, not better. The fraud being perpetrated upon all of us is fully exposed. In the Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program.

We are at a time when you must not blindly trust your health to the Government, doctors or organized medicine!

The information and coaching provided in this program is so important to you your health and well being, that I urge you to read every page!

Research reveals that organized medicine is doubly hazardous to your health: First because all of the shocking incidents of unnecessary procedures performed today and the intolerable dangers of these treatments… And the second thing is because some people in the medical institutions actually put down and discredit alternative health care information and education which will help you heal in a quicker, safer and less invasive manner.

Don’t you think that you deserve to know about these safer procedures that are PROVING themselves every day? This information is so important to your health and safety that you must continue to read this FREE report all the way to the last page.

We have heard over and over again how the great scientific advances of modern medicine are keeping us much healthier than ever before. In fact, the medical profession and the news media have thoroughly brainwashed the American people into believing that we should frequently consult a physician to make sure to enjoy the best medical care that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

This public awareness of the need to take care of ourselves has created many opportunities in the health field and yet, there are very few people in it!

Of course, more than five million people throughout the whole country are presently working as physicians, nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, laboratory assistants, hospital personal, pharmacists, drug industry employees, workers in allied trades, and the like.

However, contrary to popular beliefs, (more about beliefs later) there are indeed very few people really helping the public to achieve and stay in good health. Most of these supposedly “health workers” aren’t really in the health field, but, instead, they actually are in the disease-treating business!

Think about it, NO disease NO business!

Health is never attained by studying disease and thinking about disease. Medicine as a science of disease has increase disease. Things are not brought into being by thinking of their opposites. Think for yourself, Are you afraid to think? Who today has the courage to think? Frankly, not many. Too many people prefer to have their ideas served to them from non-challenging, shallow sources more interested in misinformation and half truths. Sources that is afraid of intellectual discussions.

The past does not equal the future, stop letting your past interfere with your present and your future, and express your ideas without the distraction of shallow thinking from unreliable sources.

What the world definitely needs is a new concept of health. A different direction of thoughts, words and deeds of those that we have been led to accept for over two centuries. Most importantly now, the call to change is urgently needed. Especially if you are a senior citizen or know someone who is! But no matter what age you are, you need to change and you need to change NOW!

So… What if someone was willing to reveal to you the “secrets” or a blueprint that would show you how to be totally healthy, no matter what health situation you’re in right now, and no matter what age?

These secrets have never been revealed before and have nothing to do with lotions, potions, powders or pills! And they also have nothing to do with drugs or medications, surgery or operations, gadgets or gimmicks!

Do such Natural Health Secrets really exist? The answer is a resounding YES.

But few people know about these health secret.


Because, the whiners and wimps in the popular drive by media want to keep them from you, because they make too much money from the Pharmaceutical Industry advertisement.

You see, they don’t want you to be healthy; there is no profit in it. So they continue with the BIGGEST medical lies and Pharmaceutical propaganda and misinformation of the last 200 years!

However, you can STOP them in their tracks, and get your hands on these secret blueprints right NOW, TODAY because they are desperately needed for today’s individual health care.

Now, what if these blueprints also contained the “Secrets” to wealth? Well, they do! (Continue to reading this letter)

Are You Skeptical still? … You are still skeptical aren’t you? … Of course you are! In a situation like this I really don’t expect you to believe me…So why not Join the “Super Health INNER CIRCLE COACHING” program RIGHT NOW and see for yourself…Because I Guarantee that this is a limited offer and I am so positive that you will be successful that I am willing to make an offer that takes away all the risk…Because I am going to give you a chance to really inspect the program FREE for 30 days…

But I must seriously warn you: If you are too skeptical you will become cynical. And once you are cynical, you will lose your chances of learning anything different and new.

We understand that before we humans can intellectually accept new ways of doing things, we must justify in our own minds the wisdom of the step. We must fit it into our mental world in a mean­ingful pattern.

The thrust of the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program is to reorient your outlook upon body total health and energies. Understanding their correct contexts in your life functions is essential to constructing a program that assures you adequate health, energies and vitality in all aspects of your being as well as in all pursuits you may prudently elect.

Without a concept that correctly embodies truths that will replace misconceptions and errors surrounding prior practices, new ideas have little or no meaning and, in fact, are usually rejected by most of us. We humans have affection for following our initial teachings and acquired prac­tices, be they correct or erroneous, be they beneficial or harmful.

The endeavor of this coaching is to reveal to you the nature of health and the energies you use, how they come to be available to you and how you can use them for your greater enjoy­ment and enrichment.

The purpose of this coaching in general is to impress you with a general awareness of your body, its nature, wisdom, providence, and its unceasing efforts to enhance your well­-being.

Unless you are aware of the why fore-unless you under­stand what your body is all about-unless you know the scientific bases for the changes you may need to make to conform to your biological crucial necessities.

When it comes to your health today, you need choices…

What kind of choice is it when the treatments is worse that the disease? When buy trying to save your life you lose your energy and vitality and in some cased depending on the treatment you lose your hair also. Not to mentioned your hope and your will to live.

And seeing the look on the face of your loved one as they, too try to put on a brave front. All the while you’re feeling too week and sick to eat, talk or even smile.

And yet, this is the only answer the best medical system in the world can come up with. They tell you your only chance to survive are drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation if you are diagnosed with cancer.

Far too often, the so-called “cure” makes you wish that it would just be over already. And that’s exactly where the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program comes in.

Doctors, medical researcher and hospitals have put the mainstream blinders on and we and our loved ones suffer for it.

Until now…

For The “Secrets” to better health that will simply amaze you, and a home –based business opportunity, keep on reading.

Do you know about the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program?

The program health and wealth seekers used to think of checking before you bought a home based business opportunity program and how to stay healthy longer information.

Well, please rethink “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program. Because now there are even more important reasons to subscribe.

Yes, we can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars on home-base business opportunities that don’t work, and save you money and frustration on useless health products you buy.

But now, more than ever, we can also save you thousands of dollars by eliminating these unnecessary products that you buy. And help you make the high-stakes financially, health and safety decisions that could affect the quality of your life for years.

You need the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program more than ever. Here’s how you can get it on a very special first time offered terms.

I like to make you an offer I think and hope you’ll find irresistible. I like to send you:

1. The first monthly subscription of the Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program “Super Health SECRETS”. These secrets are known by only a few people and intentionally withheld from general knowledge. Valued at $97.00 (monthly)

2. A copy of our Health REPORT #HR101
“The Real “SECRET Health Formula” for Health”. Here is a single report, which introduces the broad spectrum of all that bears upon human well being. It includes the essential salient needs of life, which produce magnificent human excellence. The guidelines of life and good health are in simple language that every one can understand. This report is a must for everyone. Value at $97.00 yours FREE with this offer.

3. Business in a box Special Quick-Start Training Manual.
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9. 12 monthly personal one on one phone consultation with me (Dr. Laurence Galant (one per month for 12 months, this has a value of more then $10,000). However, I can only do this till the end of December 2016.

Why are we making such a generous offer? Because if you not aware of the “
Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program, or haven’t paid close attention, you’ve missed something very important.

Yes, you still get the invaluable “Health Secrets” the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know about. But you’ll also get the most truthful, reliable, useful, thoroughly researched guidance available on questions like these:

…Where can I get the actual, truthful guidelines used to check the success on people in my business or similar occupation and how they succeed?

…My back is killing me. Is there a “treatment” for back pain that actually works, kills pain and gives me energy?

…I’m confused and dizzy trying to figure out the tricky deals offered by the so called opportunity marketing companies. Or which one should I go with?

You get the idea. The “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program is now giving you more help than ever with the financial and health decisions you have to make. Because that’s where you have the most to gain or lose, in this economics down trend and the government health care plan.

And it’s a special kind of help. Revealed At Last! Over Two Decades Of Extreme SUPER HEALTH SECRETS To Help You Be Healthier, Thinner, Younger, And More Alive Quickly And Easily! And NOW it’s also helping people easily become millionaires!

… and, you never have to buy or use lotions, potions, powders or pills…drugs or medications…gadgets or gimmicks! … NEVER! It’s really the solution to America Health care problem!

…Just FORBIDDEN natural Health “SECRETS” never revealed before that will allow you to…

    • FREE yourself of all diseases.
    • Kill Pain! Give You Energy!
    • “CURE” all diseases!
    • Improves Your Sex Life!
    • Break the Age Barrier. Could Be “The Fountain of Youth”!
    • Sharper Thinking!
  • Improve Outlook On Life! And much, much more!

Only the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program can and will make this kind effort. That’s because we have over 30 years in the natural health, and because we have no advertisers to answer to we will always tell you the truth in health and wealth and how to achieve both.

“Have you noticed that people have the tendency to move with the crowd when they are faced with health problems or uncertainty? That’s because they are accustomed to doing what everyone else does. That, of course, is their first BIG MISTAKE! Why? Because if you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get the same results everyone else is getting, which is “Frustration, Disappointment, and Dissatisfaction”.

You need reliable information to gain the edge. That’s the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program. You’ll be surprised, even astonished, at what it can help you do. You could spend thousands of dollars on health care and health care insurance and still not be healthy.

Not just a promise. But a guarantee

Have you fallen victim to the scam artists promising you everything under the sun and spent your entire fortune on it hoping to make endless amounts of cash with it online or off line? Did it work out, or were you left high and dry with not a dime in profits and no one to talk to? Stop making the common mistakes many do every day and start earning REAL MONEY online and or off line. This program is too damn easy because we can do all the work for you if you want. We will guide you by phone for 12 months, see item #9 above in this letter.

As you might expect from the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program, we don’t want to sell you a subscription you don’t think will meet your needs. Examine your sample first issue of the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program and all the other benefits and bonuses included. Then, if you want to continue to subscribe, after 30 days we will bill you credit card one time membership fee of $297.00 and $97.00 monthly. If not, return the program within the 30 days by a verifiable method and pay nothing.

We’re removing the risk. And your potential gain can be measured in the thousands of dollars your can save when you use the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program’s advice. Not to mention the peace of mind you’ll experience just knowing what, the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program has to say about things you need to do to help you achieve health and financial independence. Please accept this offer today. You need only to click on the order button below.

When you subscribe to the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program, you’re supporting an organization committed to protecting your health, your safety, even your life. And we are dedicated to help you help yourself to a “Healthier Wealthier” way of life.

Our Innovating marketing program will help you to earn a six figure income in less than a year.

The “Super Health and Wealth really accomplishes two of the most important challenges that most people are experiencing today:

arrow.gif1. The health care controversy. Our program will show you how to be totally healthy and eliminate all sickness.

arrow.gif2. The bad economy. This health and wealth shocker home-based business opportunity attached to it, reveals how to kick this inflation and bad economy to the curb.

You can trust us to help you every step of the way.

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Here’s why you need this “Super Health” program even if you’re not sick right now!

I hope that right now you and your family are fortunate enough to be blessed with perfect health. But even if that’s the case now, you know it won’t last. Most people think that they need to see a doctor on occasion. And most people believe that they need prescriptions at least some time during the year. And that’s a huge mistake.

That’s why it’s so important that you order your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of “Super Health” program today!

You need to read about all the natural non treatment options for your illness (Symptoms) BEFORE you go to see any doctor. And, you need the “Super Health” information and secrets BEFORE you take any drugs.

You need to learn about natural healing alternatives BEFORE you subject your body to chemicals and side effects.

Our Information-pocked “Super Health” program will change — and even save — your life whether you are currently taking prescription drugs or not. But it can’t help you if you don’t have it.

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