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Are you poisoning yourself Unknowingly and Unintentionally?
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When faced with health problems or uncertainty, most people do what everybody
else is doing. Therefore, they get what everyone else is getting.  See Results!
People Have the tendency to move with the crowd.


Getting statistical information about health is easy. Interpreting the data, finding the “truth,”
and knowing how to let it impact your life… that’s a little trickier.  And  that’s where we come in.



When you try to improve your health and start reading books or health articles from the so-called health experts, you only become more confused because one expert controdicts the other.

At this point it become the individual responsibility to search for the proper and truthful health teacher.

That’s why we have developed “Truthinhealth.” 

STOP all the confusion and the biggest medical lies of the last century!

Our philosophy makes more sense to people than all the others.

EDUCATION IN “Truth in Health.”


Drugs are Poisons
I‘m certain that you are familiar or even enthusiastic about the new drug that attacks specific cancer cells and leaves healthy cell untouched. I’m also sure that you have seen all the news and TV reports about this New “miracle” or wonder  drug.

This is not new, pharmaceutical companies have been developing drugs for years, that don’t’ work and can never works.

FACT:  This is a pharmaceutical myth, shoved on us for their own financial gain. Their goal is NOT health. It’s FROFITS!

All drugs affect multiple systems of the body.  No drug is specific for a particular target area in the body to the exclusion of any other physiological system.

There are more than 200,000 deaths annually from prescription and over the counter drugs use and misuse, and hundred of thousand more nonfatal accidents involving drugs.  Most people seem to regard drugs as they would a piece of hardware; a simple tool to do a simple job.  Unfortunately, they are wrong and some of them pay for it with their lives, as the statistics quoted above indicate.  Drugs are taken too much for granted: they are not accorded the skepticism they deserve.

Consider the following information:

MYTH: Osteoporosis occurs when we don’t eat enough calcium.

FACT: When you look for the world’s worst outbreaks of osteoporosis – you find them mostly in countries where people eat MUCH MORE calcium than average.

In 1989, the British Medical Journal reported that there is no convincing evidence that the rate of bone loss in the elderly varies with the dietary intake of calcium.

So how can you prevent and reverse osteoporosis? Click on the “truthinhealth” banner below!

FACTS: 38% of Americans will get cancer. At the turn of the century it was 3%.

By the end of the next century it will be 100%’

Diabetes has risen 400% in 20 years.

Alzheimer’s now strikes 50% of people over the age of 70. 60 years ago it did not exist.

MYTH: Every child needs to be vaccinated.

FACTS: Vaccines are brain-damaging and brain impairing.  By no stretch of logic can they suspend the laws of life and prevent any diseases whose causese continue to be indulged.  Immunization is an outright myth!

MYTH: Angioplasty is a needed surgery to clear your clogged arteries.

FACT: Research shows that this procedure is very dangerous, and almost 50% of  the people who had this procedure done, their arteries will close up again.

MYTH: Cow’s milk and dairy products build strong bones.

FACT: About 24 years ago, a comprehensive scientific study convincingly showed that cow’s milk weakens bones. Milk and all dairy foods are a poor source of protein.

Who conducted this study? None other than “The National Dairy Council”.This study was performed on post-menopausal women. It was discovered that when skim milk was added to their diets, they lost more calcium than they could absorb. Even when they consumed 1500 mg of calcium every day!

Is there any wonder why the “National Dairy Council” never chose another such study!

You can look it up at your public library. It was printed in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”(41:254.1985 – read the charts carefully)

The Dairy Industry knows the truth, and spends millions of dollars to prevent you from finding it out!

For the scientific explanation as to how milk and dairy products weaken your bones. (And much more) Click on the “truthinhealth” banner below!

MYTH: Drugs and surgery cures heart disease.

FACT: After surgery and powerful drugs most heart patients eventually gets worse and not better. These procedures simple don;t work they just treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Learn the real casuses of heart disease and all other diseases. Click on the “Truth in Health” link below.

MYTH: Animal protein such as meats and dairy are the best source of protein!

FACT: They are by far the worst. They trigger the autoimmune reactions that cause arthritis. And, worse still, they stimulate your kidneys to remove calcium from your blood, casing osteoporosis.

FACT: Our body absolutely does not need these foods to build muscle tissue.

FACT: Science established long ago that we need an average of 2.5% calories from protein in our meals. Broccoli gives us 43%, baked potatoes 10% and oranges gives us 9%!

FACT: There is absolutely no way that we will ever produce a healthy society by consuming the present conventional diet and the alarming amounts of junk food!

MYTH: You can cure heart disease by taking vitamin supplements.

FACT: Research shows that most nutritional supplements have no effect on the heart or any other disease. They are mostly syntatic and incomplete and isolated vitamins and minerals. These supplements denises thye power of all other supporting substances known and unknown which exist in natural raw plant foods.

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Those who do not know the truth form a body of stagnant minds that brings about human degeneration.

Progress demands that the “truth” be recognized and observed.

“Truth” has never come from the masses. It has come from one or a few who were willing to be ostracized or martyred for they steadfast devotion to it. The masses ever remain fixed in the ruts their forebears have fashioned.  They remain so until an army of dissenters, revolutionists and brave men and women gradually move them off dead center.

To think and act constructively is man’s highest function.  To remain contented in the ruts of accepted thinking is a herd characteristic that will leave humanity swamped in the miseries of its errors.

Humankind is presently being engulfed in suffering because of unawareness of life’s genuine truths.

Once you have the glimmer of truth it is your duty to invest it in your life and to make it known to those around you in inoffensive and unobnoxious ways.

You should help spread truth with every resource at your command.  Do what you can NOW! click here

Truth in Health CHALLANGE to Medicine!
We challenge that the present conventional medical system is entirely false. That it is untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to natural principles, contrary to common sense, disastrous in results and a curse to humanity.
That the “Truth in Health” system is complete.