You’ll probably find our approach to health matters “very radical” even if you are health-oriented. “Healthology” is the term we use for the Natural Health System we teach. Healthology is the opposite of “Pathology.” which is the “science” dealing with the nature of diseases, Their causes, symptoms and effects. And the circumstances that constitute a diseased condition.

Healthology deals only with health conditions and how to achieve maximum health.

Why should you find our approach so sharply different than all the others?…

Because the world at large has a medical (pathology) mentality, even those who fancy themselves health aware.

The great bulk of the people, including some 25,000,000 plus, who patronize health food stores and think themselves as being savvy to health matters and the health scene, are victims of medical misconceptions.

For example, conventional health seekers think in terms of “cures” coming from outside the body, such as from medicine, (drugs) vitamins, mineral, herbs, protein and other deficiencies. Medical people are even seeking cures. Health seekers are also seeking cures. Where medical practitioners look to drugs for cures, health seekers are looking for some magic food or herb to do the trick.

Almost all are of the frame of mind that disease is inevitable unless its prevented.

 Our “Healthology” program presents an entirely different approach. We hold that exuberant and radiant health is normal and natural. And that disease, suffering and ailments are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary.

We content that health can be realized only by healthful living practices and that the standards for healthful living practices have been established in nature from the very beginning.

We totally reject the idea of “curing”. We believe that the whole concept of drugs and medicine is a pure myth.

We maintain and prove that organisms are self-sufficient in all aspects of their existence if their needs are supplied in accord with their biological adaptation.

We also assert that “dis-ease” does not have to happen unless it is caused. Cease to indulge in the cause of disease and disease will not occur.

Healthful Living Practices produces health results and pathogenic living practices inevitably produces diseased results.

This simple Philosophy which we call “Healthology” has proven itself under the most rigorous testing – results! Once you’ve witnessed marvelous recoveries from diseases under the Healthology administration, even from “incurable” diseases of long standing, you’ll be infected with the confidence and enthusiasm that willlaunch a successful cause of actions and pursuit.

We estimate that 100,000 new subscribers of our Natural Health Education “Truth in Health” Natural Health Thrust (Truth in Health) newsletter and other special reports can bring about a new health revolution in this Country. “Together we can Transform the Future.”

We are well positioned to respond to today’s health information needs and poised to lead the change into the 21st century!

While this publication and the resources herein can point the way to become a Natural Health Professional, you need not necessarily be thinking in terms of becoming a professional. The training you’ll receive from our Natural Health Education Resources costs very little. The results of its application in your own life and the lives of your family members can save you thousands!

I invite you to consider an “Healthology” education regardless of your situation. Any way you look at it you’ll benefit.

Why Most Doctors May Not Be Aware of 
the Best Way to help you Achieve Maximum health!

Because Drug companies are helpful to medical schools by providing them with free equipment’s, computers, supplies, seminars and large grants to the professors. Therefore, under this influence, the professors teach that the only ways to solve health problems are with drugs (you can not drug someone into Good Health) and surgery. No courses are offered on health and nutrition or natural alternative medicine. Thus, medical students are simply told that a balance diet is sufficient because it “provides” all the nutritional needs for everyone.

When medical students get close to graduating, they are told that they don’t have to worry about keeping up to date on the latest advances because the drug companies representatives will come by their practices every month with the latest news and samples of the newest drugs.

Why do drug companies go to all this trouble? because the only way they can make big profits is to get patents on the drugs they develop and manufacture, unfortunately they can’t patent anything produced by nature. So, they make sure that they convince young doctors that drugs are the only way to go while the doctors are young and impressionable.

Your Body Was Made To Take in Food – Not Chemicals! Drugs are unnatural chemicals, and all chemical even the ones we call medicines are poisons in the body. They may mask the pain temporarily, however, those drugs are damaging your body. In order for the body to repair itself, it needs to be fed the building blocks that can help it restore it to its natural state.

There’s an excellent book that exposes drug company bribery and manipulation of doctors entitled “Amazing Medicines the Drug Companies Don’t want You to Discover,” by Chase revel and University Medical research


> Vigorous vibrant health is natural and normal.

> Disease, discomforts and suffering are not nature’s norm. Therefore, sickness is abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary.

> Healing is exclusively and totally a body function.

> Acute illnesses and all nondegenerative disease processes are body initiated and conducted. These crises are for purpose of redirecting energies to extraordinary purification and repair.

> The basic cause of disease is “toxicosis” (a body saturated with its own uneliminated wastes and/or with drugs and/or toxic substances taken in with unphysiological foods).

> Humans cannot be drugged (poisoned or medicated) into good health.

> Health is produced only by “Healthful Living Practices”.