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Heart disease, cancer, AIDS rampant drug and alcohol abuse, tabloids trash TV and the children who are being raised by it, crime, corruption, insecurity and indifference. We are living in an age of disease and darkness. And yet, one of great hope…



America cannot afford the path we’re on!


America deserves quality health.
Can We Afford the Path We’re On?

Attention: All people especially, Seniors & Baby Boomers:

Are you Frustrated Hearing Lies and Fairy tales invented by the Big Pharmaceutical Industry … Every Single Day on your TV, Newspaper and Magazine, at the same time THEY Bring in Record Breaking Profits?

Get ready to be even more annoyed and outraged:
Exposing and Revealing the Conspiracy!

Fact #1. The Cause of ALL Chronic Illness and Death, That The Big Pharmaceutical Industry Prays and Pays BIG that You Would Never Find Out About… And Why Almost All medical Doctors Act as if It Doesn’t Even Exist!

Our Amazing monthly Health program Reveals…

How to Remove all disease from your body, including but not limited to Heart Disease, Chronic Pain, Diabetes,  Weight Control, Memory Loss, and Putting a Permanent END to The Merciless Silent Killer, Inside YOU Right Now…

lg-picFrom: Dr. Laurence GalantCEO & Founder Of the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” (SHICC) program.
Re: Ending the Reign of Government and Corporate Mind Control, to Free 
Yourself from all Chronic Illness and Live the Long and energetic Healthy Life You Deserve.

Dear Friend,

Forget everything you’ve learned in the past and what you think you know about “Health”. Because it’s WRONG and I can Prove it!

Learn Health Secrets they don’t want you to know! Discover the secrets you need to help you help yourself to a healthier, wealthier, happier way of life!


But, I Must Warn You:

The “Health Secrets” you’re about to experience are not for the weak of heart. The information presented throughout this presentation may shock, or even offend you, because you’ve been lie to.

You’ve been told half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright lies. You’ve been trained to think and believe in a certain way.

Millions of dollars spent to keep these secrets from you!

The powers that be have made fortunes from what you don’t know … Well, not anymore!

We like you to know that we are incredibly serious about helping you achieve real “Dynamic Health” and we won’t let anything or anyone stand in our way.

However, Right up front I want to say… this letter might not be for you. If you’re completely happy and satisfied with how the Big Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government are running our healthcare system at a huge profit to themselves and an even larger deficit to the very people it’s supposed to be helping… one lie after another.


This handout picture taken by Tim Cole and released by on November 13, 2014 shows Australians burying their heads in the sands of iconic Bondi Beach to send a message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott about the dangers of climate change. As world leaders arrived in the northern city of Brisbane for the G20 summit, more than 100 people dug holes in the famous sand so they could plunge their bodies in halfway, holding their position for three minutes. AFP PHOTO / 350.ORG / TIM COLE ----EDITORS NOTE ---- RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT " AFP PHOTO / 350.ORG / TIM COLE " NO MARKETING - NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS -

Don’t read another word of this letter. Put it down and walk away, convinced in your choice to keep the blindfold over your eyes and your head stuck in the sand.


braveHowever, if you’re one of the brave, the frustrated, ready to rip off that blindfold and pull up the curtain on just how “sick” our “healthcare” system has become… read on.

Once you have our secrets and begin to learn the statistics and educate yourself it becomes immediately clear just how broken our current system of “healthcare” actually is. Unfortunately if you remain uneducated, and oblivious.. Then you, your family and your friends are standing in line to become the next victims in their way of lies and deception. WAKEUP AMERICA!!!

Before I go on and reveal the shocking #1 Secret Killer that I spoke of, and how it’s directly accelerating, everything from heart disease, risk of stroke, memory loss, weight gain, hardening of the arteries, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes and many other diseases just building up in your body waiting for a breakdown… consider the following facts:

Over $2.3 TRILLION Dollars Were Spent Last Year to Maintain Our So Called “Healthcare” System. No Other Country In The World Even Comes Close, Yet… The Brutal Truth Is That we’re 49th In The World For Quality of Health Care.

You think that’s shocking, wait until you read the following statistics:

Fact #2: Research shows that: In a ranking of 8 developed countries, the United States came in dead last in the years of potential life lost to circulatory disease, respiratory disease and diabetes, and had the second highest death rates from bronchitis, asthma and emphysema.

Fact #3: America’s obesity rate is the worst in the world, and is a major predictor of future illness. A new study at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health revealed that 75% of Americans will be overweight and a staggering 41% obese by the year 2015. Only 3 years from NOW. Can you imagine 75% overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating.

Let me ask you this.

“Would You Take Medical Advice From Your Local Pharmaceutical Rep?”

Would you? If you’re a right thinking person, of course you wouldn’t!

But you know who does? Your doctor.

It’s scary but true. In fact, an independent study actually surveyed how medical doctors choose what medications to pass onto their patients. More than 70% said the main factor was: Whichever sales rep can get through the gatekeeper and gain access to them.

That’s a pretty frightening statistic if you ask me.

And when asked directly how they gain access, one rep actually confessed that “the secret is to find out the doctors favorite wine and deliver it.”

Now, I’m not suggesting that ALL our doctors are bad people. Most of them are

Simply too deep in the system to realize that they’re doing anything wrong, or not trying to care for their patients.

But it’s NO Wonder you’re not being given the REAL TRUTH about how you can live a long and Healthy Life…

Because We’ve Let Big Pharmaceutical Companies Take The Wheel & Drive
Our Healthcare Industry While We’re Medicated In the Back SEAT!

And while we’re napping, their “research departments” are hard at work designing medications for every organ and disease you can think of, and then using the BULK of their budgets to put these new “miracle drugs” on television… so you can go and ask your doctor for them.

It’s a completely “re-active” system. None of these companies are staying up late burning the midnight oil to try and find a way to PREVENT disease.

That’s because they’re not really in the healthcare industry. They’re in the “sickness” industry. Without disease and sickness… they don’t have a business.

All they’re doing is giving you a band-aid to try and stop the bleeding once the disease is already there.
Making YOU the victim.

Think about it like this:

There’s a huge storm, and your neighborhood is about to flood. First you try to grab on to any precious things that you think you can take with you. Then you realize it’s too late for that and you scramble to get onto your roof. Suddenly along comes someone in a row boat. You’re SAVED! Hurray!

But… you just lost everything that was ever worth anything to you. Your house, your car, and all your most valuable possessions. But the government is convinced that they did you a favor! They sent you a rowboat. You’re alive, congratulations.
That’s the way our Healthcare System is currently run. Not only that, but you’ll likely get a bill in the mail to help cover the costs the government incurred sending out that rowboat. That’s some favor.

But what if I told you that there was a way to be prepared for that hypothetical flood? So well prepared, in fact that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home while the storm rages around you… Here’s what our Health and Longevity Expert, Dr. Laurence Galant says about all of these diseases that are flooding our hospitals and doctors offices with sick patients:
“We know that these diseases start far earlier, and at a cellular level, well before any of the warning signs or symptoms are even visible.”

He goes on to say “We not only know that aging and the progression of disease can be slowed, but that so much of the damage can be halted and even undone. This is because scientists have finally zeroed in on the real reasons we age. And they now know why our bodies become so vulnerable to major killers like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.”

This means that if you take an entirely different approach toward your health you can practically escape disease and illness as you age!
And there IS a solution.

However, before I share that with you, let’s take a quick look at the REAL problem that we’re facing, the cause of all this disease:

Free radicals and toxins in your blood wear down cells, speed aging and inviting illness.

Here’s how this breaks down:

#1: Cells become poisoned by radicals and toxins: Your cells are under attack each and every day from free radicals and toxins. They invade your system in everything from processed, high fat foods, everyday household chemicals, exposure to sun tan lotions, pollution, ozone and high stress.

When they get inside your body they wreak havoc to the DNA in your cells, causing them to break down and lose their ability to reproduce themselves accurately. Imagine it like this:

You make a photo-copy, and instead of using the original to make your next copy, you use the copied page to reproduce it. You know what happens next, that copy looks just a little worse than your original… do this enough times and vital, important pieces of your original are lost.

This is exactly what’s happening at a cellular level in your body when those free radicals and toxins attack your DNA. When it happens, that vital, important information that’s lost in the process leads directly to accelerated aging and disease.

The second thing that’s happening is:

#2: Your Cells are Starving to Death: That’s right. Just like your body, your cells need the proper nutrition to live and thrive. When your cells don’t get enough nutrients, they literally begin to shrivel up and die off, and starving for the life giving nutrition they need. This is the second factor that accelerates aging and disease in your body.

There are 7 stages in the disease process and The Inflammation stage is number four and indicates the presents of toxic matter within an organ, joints, or other vital part of the body such as:

* “CATABALIC WASTE” (dead cells), of the some 25 plus trillion red blood cells alone, approximately 7 million die per second, the by-product of which contain such poisons as carbon dioxide and without alkaline neutralization the human organs would die.

* “STONES” Inflammation is also manifested by stone-like formation in joints, kidneys and gall bladder, trapped inorganic substances from impure food, drinks, drugs, etc. These substances are indigestible, and cannot be expelled by the weakened (enervated, stage 1) body.

* “ALLERGY”: Allergy is the irritation of an already chronically inflamed nasal passage from a pronounced toxemic condition. (Toxemia is Pathology a condition characterized by the presence of bacterial toxins in the blood.) Stage 2 of the disease process is “Toxemia” and it is the basic cause of all inflammation of lining membranes of the hollow organs of the body. You must educate yourself in the truth in health and learn about all 7 stages.

The combined result of all stages is one of the big health secrets…

This is the HUGE Secret that Doctors aren’t
even willing to talk about, let alone address:

#3: Inflammation. Yes, there is a growing mountain of evidence points directly to inflammation as the MOST insidious cause of premature aging in your body, AND is a factor in every single major disease! This is because, at this stage it becomes evident and you start to feel it in you physical body. But, you must first correct the previous stages to remove inflammation.

That’s correct, when your body’s normal inflammation response goes haywire and runs off the tracks, your body releases wave after wave of damaging enzymes throughout your body causing everything from cell damage and even cell death.

These three factors are working in the background RIGHT NOW inside your body causing serious damage and disease… and yet, no one is talking about the stages prior to “Inflammation”. Do they even know about them?

However without knowing the other stages, before and after the inflammation stage you’re in the hands of the BIG Pharmaceutical industry and the Medical industry. And, that’s A BIG Mistake

Toxins which create Inflammation Must Be
Recognized and Dealt With Immediately!

When we discovered, that toxins and inflammation is simply not a part of “main stream medicine’s” conversation about disease and illness in every part of the body, we knew that we had to get the message out there.

The issues that point directly back to toxins and inflammation is so overwhelming that it’s almost hard to believe, just take a look:

Problems losing weight? Did you know that toxins that produce inflammation can actually lead to fat your fat cells being “fatter”

High blood pressure, heart health concerns, or arteriosclerosis? This report will show you how to lower your fibrinogen level. A lower fibrinogen level mean’s there’s LESS INFLAMMATION in your body. This one benefit alone can have dramatic effects on your circulation and heart health!

Too much “bad” cholesterol? Get your LDL’s under control FAST and without medications. You’re probably under the impression that “LDL” is the “bad” cholesterol responsible for your ills, but that’s not entirely accurate. You see, the real culprit is NOT LDL itself. It’s the oxidation of it. When free radicals enter your body and oxidize the LDL, only then does it become dangerous to your health. This oxidized LDL becomes sticky and when it gets into your blood stream it forms clumps that adhere to your artery walls… that’s when you become at risk. You see cholesterol is not the problem; it’s the clogging of arteries.

Guess what? People who have high cholesterol AND maintain high levels of antioxidants have FAR less risk of heart trouble than people with low antioxidant levels. In fact, research has shown that more than half of heart attack victims have normal levels of cholesterol at the time of their heart attack! But don’t be fooled by antioxidant supplements. Health doesn’t come in a bottle!

Memory problems, fears of Cognitive Decline?
Are you one of the people that have been convinced by medical main-stream that losing your mental edge was “just a part of normal aging” like most other people, including doctors and leading research experts? Not true.

As it turns out… conventional wisdom was wrong again. Your brain is made up of tons of fatty tissues, billions of nerve cells and other structures that are extremely vulnerable to damaging free radical build up and inflammation! Both of which are direct causes of mental decline and memory loss!

The single best solution? Feed your brain heavy-duty antioxidants! But it’s not as simple as you might think. In this report we’re going to spell out for you the exact foods and nutrients that you need to flood your body with the perfect combination of natural antioxidants! No supplements here!

What about vision problems?
Yes, even vision problems are directly related to the degeneration of your cells caused by inflammation. Here’s an alarming fact:
About 1.75 million Americans have advanced age-related macular degeneration with associated vision loss – that number is expected to grow to almost 3 million by 2020! It’s often called AMD or ARMD, and is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in American’s age 65 or older!

Fatigue and poor sleep sapping your energy? If you’re constantly feeling tired, or fatigued… that’s a CLEAR indication that your body is trying to tell you something, and that message is this: your cells are in an energy crisis! We call that enervation.

All the free radical damage that’s poisoning your cells are also attacking the heart of your cells energy factories, your mitochondria. These mighty little engines convert the nutrients you consume into energy that fuels, literally, every system in your body. When toxins and free radicals attack them and break them down on the cellular level, your energy levels plummet and fatigue sets in.

But you know what? By reducing your toxic load which removes inflammation you instantly improve the function of these little guys right on the cellular level, removing toxicity and giving you a big boost of energy that lasts all day long.
Are you suffering from chronic pain? Back pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, or just general “aches and pains” It’s ALL related to inflammation. The pain running rampant in your body and causing you to not be able to do the things you used to do is once again caused by these same free radicals and toxins.

But more importantly, constant pain actually causes extreme stress which can raise your cortisol. Cortisol is known as ‘the stress hormone’ because stress activates cortisol secretion. While it is important in proper body functioning, too much cortisol levels throw your entire body out of whack, which speeds up the aging process even more. Many doctors will try to prescribe you a “pain management” regimen that includes strong medications that only mask the problems without ever dealing with the source.

Even Arthritis pain can be alleviated by blocking the production of an enzyme in the body caused by free radicals that literally attacks and destroys the cartilage in your body, one of the many inflammatory enzyme types that are keys to ongoing, chronic pain.

Pain won’t go away? Who’s to blame!

Here’s the kicker. Most people will experience many of these symptoms and illnesses and go to their doctor for treatment. Most doctors will then prescribe a different medication or drug for every single one of these symptoms without ever addressing the underlying cause of them ALL… Inflammation.

Dr. Laurence Galant, the founder of the SHWICC Wellness Center, Top Selling Author of “The Health Formula Nobody Dares to Reveal” we recruited him to help us handle this serious and potentially deadly topic and create a game plan, just for YOU.

So, why are these findings unknown to the public and even to my doctor? You may ask. Think about it my friend… The industry that stands to lose the most if doctors stop writing millions of prescription, spends billions of dollars a year to prevent you from knowing these secrets.

They spend their billions on:

  • Research grants which influences what researchers study
  • TV, radio, newspapers, magazine and medical journal advertising, which influences medical information released to the public
  • Doctors training which influences how medical conditions are treated
  • Medical school grants and scholarships which influences what students are taught

Our SHICC program is powerful… It’s proven… and it’s documented – the SHWICC system helps keep healthy people healthy, and makes sick people well. Get the truth in health that protects you from an industry that needs people to stay sick in order to survive.

Here’s why we sought Dr. Galant out:

lillian-and-laurence-cruise-11-2611Dr. Galant is a Nationally Recognized Anti-Aging Researcher and Health Expert. People are shocked when he says he’s a 75-year old grandfather!

It’s not just luck or good genes that have kept him feeling – and looking – much younger than his years. In truth, good genes have very little to do with it.

Our bodies have the remarkable ability to beat back aging and the cursed diseases that come along with it.

But… it wasn’t always this way:

Dr. Galant got to the point that he’s at today… Not because of “luck”… or going the Traditional route. He discovered these secrets the Unconventional way.

He Received A Second Chance At Life… And His Story Now Gives ALL of Us A Second Chance At Truly Living!

Even though he NEVER smoked, was always athletic and considered that he was living a “healthy lifestyle”:  He got news that completely stunned him and his family. He Was diagnosed With rectal carcinoma.

Dr. Galant says, “It was a devastating time in my life. But I was determined to completely beat the odds and take on my disease from the inside out. I studied every protocol and option that I had, not only from medical standpoint, but also from a total wellness perspective. He continues to say: These health secrets work 100%, when you apply them!

He Not Only Survived…But He’s Thriving!

He’s the author of what it will be one of the top selling books, The Natural Health Formula Nobody Dares to Reveal”…

What makes him so different is: “He’s still ACTIVELY practicing and using his own program!”

He’s helped thousands of his Inner Circle members overcome ailments of diseases and live longer, healthier lives. He is the Founder and Director of the renowned SHICC program where they lead the way in integrative natural health care, NOT sick care.

Dr. Galant graciously accepted our request for help and has assisted us in creating this amazing program to help people with:

“The End of Toxins which cause Inflammation! A Fail-Proof Methods To Quickly Reverse Aging and Eliminate Inflammation!”

Let me ask you: Who do you listen too? You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on Natural Health and Wellness, spend HOURS listening to so called industry insider, invest thousands of dollars in supplements, lotions, potions, powders or pills.

BUT, even if you did – you’ll miss the REAL secret. You’ll get half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright lies.

Or, you can make it easy on yourself AND:

Become a member of the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program (SHICC) that condenses the real truth about health, aging, illness and how to remove the causes of toxins and inflammation which will add years to your life and more importantly provide you the QUALITY of life that you deserve…

In a short 30 minute read per month. No fluff, no bull. Just raw information and secrets that you can put into use immediately to transform your health and keep that flood of inflammation away from your front body.

Here’s Just a PORTION of what you’re about to discover…

  • How To Crack the Code on Transforming Health Problems and End toxemia and Inflammation PERMENANTLY!
  • Exactly what you need to do to END Belly Fat!
  • How Pain is Really Caused in the body and how you can naturally eliminate “Pain-Enzymes” recently discovered by new research!
  • The “Super Foods” to add to your daily diet that will squash toxins and Inflammation and nourish every cell in your body!
  • How To Boosted energy levels by 99.9% and Reduced fatigue down to almost 0%
  • How To Naturally lower your toxins level which means there’s LESS INFLAMMATION in your body. Just this one effect alone can have fantastic effects on your circulation and heart!
  • How To Lower Mental Decline by as Much as 90%! Up until recently, “experts” thought that losing your mental edge was a normal, unavoidable part of aging. And that the slide into dementia was something that couldn’t be stopped… The so called “experts” are Wrong again!

Imagine: A long healthy life without Pain and without sickness!

Not only can you END disease, but there’s an astonishing new breakthrough that’s changing the very “face of aging” … it has the ability to restore nearly every part of your body to a younger, stronger, and more rejuvenated state…making you virtually immune to the diseases of “old age!”

When you become a member of the SHICC you’ll see through the absolute scientific facts how it work and how it can help you help yourself to:

✔ Lowers bad oxidized LDL cholesterol by over 29 points!

✔ Improves blood flow by over 50% and revives damaged arteries!

✔ Cuts your odds of dementia by almost half!

✔ Safeguards your eyes for lifelong healthy vision!

✔ Boosts energy levels by a staggering 99%!

And this is just the beginning!

In this special report we Call “SHICC Membership Review Portfolio”, in it you’ll discover how ending toxins and inflammation can also help you with everything from reducing joint pain to improving sleep!

So, why is it just 37.00?

This is the #1 question I’m getting about this information packed Special Report and it comes down to a couple of really important reasons:

  1. Dr. Galant wants to spread this message like wildfire. The low price of $37.00 allows us to put this report into the hands of people who need it NOW. Even if you’re skeptical of any of this amazing breakthrough research, and if you order today I will let you have it for less than two gallons of gas continue reading below and you can get this vital information into your hands, before it’s too late.
  2. Anyone who’s serious about their health, now in 2017 would be willing to invest a measly $37.00 on this report to give them the ability to transform their health and well-being far into the future.
  3. Anyone NOT willing to invest the low price we’re asking on the potential for adding years of strength and vitality into their lives… well, we just don’t understand.

So if you’re serious about ending the pains and frustrations in your life caused by Inflammation and disease and if you would like to start TODAY click the “Link” below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to Starbucks once this week and it’s paid for.

But, I’m going to make this even easier that you could imagine. With this:

My “Double” You’ll-Love-It Guarantee

Guarantee #1 If for any reason you think my health program isn’t the best $37 you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund your entire $37.

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How is that for fair? But, I’ll Only Sell this membership 100 Copies at This Price and at this time. January 1, 2017 the price will change.

Time’s wasting. Do you really have the time left to waste in the hopes that our broken healthcare system can right itself and start to provide the preventative medicine that you need for longevity… or do you want to take action now and take control of your life and well being?

This offer is strictly limited, therefore I can’t stress enough… get your copy now. Not later when the 1000 reports are gone, the discounts are gone and the cost of this valuable information has doubled… or even tripled. And some people may not qualify; we only want people who are willing to learn these natural health secrets.

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“The monthly Health program that will help you put an End toxins and Inflammation! Plus the Fail-Proof Methods To Quickly Reverse Aging and Eliminate Inflammation!”

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Bonus: FREE personal Training With Dr. Laurence Galant

When you become a member of the “SHICC” program today I’ll give you access to a half hour monthly phone consultation for 12 months with Dr. Laurence Galant that reveals his top health strategies for reversing diseases (Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc..) and living a VIBRANT powerful life no matter what age you are!

In this consultation, Dr. Galant will provide your own personal “Longevity Game plan” that will completely transform your health, and everything you think you know about getting older and aging. You’ll likely never get another opportunity to be able to interact with someone as knowledgeable about these issues as Dr. Galant.

He rightly says” throw out anything you ever heard or believed about health and getting older. It’s not what you don’t know about your health that gets you in trouble, but what you think you know for sure that it isn’t so!

When you join the program You will learn about  a Health and “Longevity Game plan” that will transform your health and more importantly how you “think” about aging! You simply don’t have to accept that you will “fall apart” with age! Whether you’re 50, 60, 70, or well over 90 years old, you can feel young, strong, and possess a razor sharp mind!

Do you Think living 120 to 140 in great health and energy is impossible? Not anymore!
With these astonishing new breakthroughs changing the very “facts of aging” … you have the ability to restore nearly every part of your body to a younger, stronger, and more rejuvenated state…making you virtually immune to diseases and “old age!”

The SHICC “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program is different then anything you seen, heard and use before. Unlike any other program Dr. Galant will NOT recommend, supplement, lotions, potions, powders or pills… NEVER!

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