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There are two types of people: The people that DO and the people that WAIT  Mostly are people who wait, always waiting for things to happen.

There are a small minority of people that are doers. These are the 1% and most people know they names because there are so few of them.

The waiters are the rest of you, WHO WAIT FOR A TIME, AN EVENT OR AN OPPORTUNITY which for never comes.

This writing is for you who like to wait. And it is another attempt to get you to stop the waiting and get you to take some action NOW.

Nobody remembers the waiter’s names, because there are just too many of them. Don’t take this the wrong way! This is designed to help your situation and share something valuable with you.

The following are some interesting facts from the Social Security Administration dept.

Out of 100 people, after 40 years, only 1 will be wealth, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue working, not because they want to, but because they have to, 36 will be dead, and 55 will be dead broke depending on their meager Social Security checks, friends, relatives and even charity for a minimum standard of living.

That is only 1% successful and 99% unsuccessful. Which group do you want to be? You have a choice! And choice is the problem and the solution!

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The fact is that a true entrepreneur knows that you have to put some ‘skin in the game,’ you have to speculate to accumulate. We all know this.

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