The Myth of Cures

The Myth of “CURES”

The search for “cures” is far older than the written records of man. History does not record who the first witchdoctor was,. We do not know when or where he lived. But we do know that he started the race on a search that has never ceased. No believable estimate can be made of the numbers of “cures” that have been discovered. When recorded history began, thousands of “cures” were already in use. The medicine men of that time had cures for practically every disease that man suffers with.

But “cures” are peculiar in that they do not long remain cures. New “cures” have to be found to supersede and replace the old ones as these lose their effectiveness. Hence always there has been an army of men and women engaged in the pursuit of new “cures Perhaps more “cures” have been discovered in man’s short historic period than were found through the whole of his long period of prehistory.

Who remembers today the “cures” that were popular ten years ago? Who recalls, except vaguely, the “cures” with which he was treated as a boy in pre-war days? Who can recollect even the names of the popular patent medicines of twenty and thirty years ago? The “cures” of yesteryear are gone. Their places have been filled by many strange cures that were unheard of then.

A book on the practice of medicine that is more than two years old is hoary with antiquity. Its “cures” are no longer used. Its pages are filled with forgotten theories and with long discarded “cures”. The sober fact is that so rapid is the discovery of new “cures” that the book writers and book publishers cannot get out of the books fast enough to keep up with the “advances” of “medical science.”

Today the face of the earth is thickly dotted with “research” institutions that are engaged in searching for new “cures’. Some of these. Like the Rockefeller Institute, are large, heavily endowed institutions filled with every conceivable scientific gadget and staffed by a small army of technically trained men and women. Some are endowed by the various governments. Many are necessary appendages of manufacturing drug houses. Others are small and belong to the ambitious man who vainly searches for some Elixir vitae or some Philosopher’s stone.

Perhaps several hundred thousand men and women are engaged in this “research.” No believable estimate can be made of the money invested in plant and equipment with which to carry on the mad search for “cures.” No one can guess how much money flows into the coffers of the “re-searchers” to assist in the search for “cures.”

Day and night, all over the world, the search goes on and daily new “cures” are found and heralded to an expectant world; a world that has been taught to look with awe upon the “researcher” and his great stock of knowledge and wisdom. To the discovery of new “cures” there seems to be no end.

The public demands “cures.” When the old ones fail, they demand new ones. The cure peddler demand new “cures.” The “researchers” find new “cures.” There is always a ready market for “cures” and there seems to be no limit to the amount of money that may be had for “research.” The job of the “researcher” is to find “cures” and he finds them. When these fail, he finds new ones.

The drug stores of the world are groaning under their load of “cures”- that do not cure. The mailman brings new “cures” to the physician with almost every mail. The manufacturing drug houses do not permit physicians to remain long in ignorance of the new “cures.” Perhaps they remember the words of the famous French physician of the past century, who said to his patient: “Here, take this while it is still a remedy.” There are Many Cures but There is Nothing Cured

Out of all the uncounted millions of “cures” that have been discovered since the first voodoo doctor started mankind on its frenzied hunt for cures, where is there one real cure? Where is the cure for constipation? For indigestion? For colds? For boils? For gastritis? For hives? For pimples? I do not ask for a cure for cancer, for diabetes, or any disease, I ask only for one cure for the simple everyday functional disorders like constipation and indigestion.

In all that vast system of conscious fraud and lies that proudly styles itself Modern Medical Science, is there one cure for anything? Is there an honest and intelligent physician in the whole world who will claim that he has knowledge of a single cure for even the simplest ailment from which man suffers? If not, is he any less a charlatan than the forceful fraud of the past?

All down the ages there has been a constant and ceaseless change of methods of ‘curing”‘ coincident with an undying faith in the doctor and his bag of tricks. A credulous public ‘always comes back for more” cures. If it loses its faith in one vaunted ‘cure” it merely transfers its faith to another loudly touted “cure” or to another much advertised school of “healing.” The Public’s stock of credulity seems never to run out.

If the public is credulous, what must we say about the physicians who are “taken in” by every new “cure” that is offered them by the manufacturing chemists and pharmaceutical supply houses? Do they learn nothing from past failures? If they possessed any real knowledge, would they prescribe and use all the new “cures” offered them by the manufacturers and their subsidized “re-searchers?” Intelligent and informed men do not “fall” for the same old “gag” repeatedly.

The desire to be “cured” is so strongly imbedded in the average person that he will have a “cure” even if he has to die to get it. Indeed he is usually “cured” repeatedly, for the “cures” do not “stay put.”

The Average Person Believes in Cures
Mr. Average Man believes in treatment. He has been taught from infancy to resort to treatment when ill. The medical professions exist to “treat disease and disorder.” They all believe they can cure disease without removing cause. They are based on a premise as false as the belief that a salve will cure your foot without removing the tack; as false as the belief that a drunk man may be sobered up while he continues to drink.

The discovery, production, distribution and administration of “cures” is a profitable industry. The “research” boys hold down fat, easy jobs. The drug trade pays both the manufacturers and the distributors very well. The physician who administers the various voodoo concoctions is also well paid. The only one who loses by it is the poor sucker who buys the “cure.”

All Curing Is a Lucrative Medical Racket
A few years ago one of our leading popular weekly magazines estimated that the medical profession had, at that time, over a hundred and thirty thousand “remedies” for the four hundred and seven “diseases” then listed in the medical nosologies. Since that time the number of “remedies” has been greatly increased. Millions of dollars are in-vested in the manufacture and distribution of “remedies” and still the human race is sick. With so many “remedies” why should anybody ever remain sick or die “of disease”? If medicine and “curing” is any more than a gigantic and well-paying racket, why don’t they cure our “diseases” with their great wealth of “cures”?

Only one thing can cure mankind’s belief in “cures”. This is knowledge. It’s necessary that both physician and layman learn that there are n o cures. They must lose their belief in disease; their belief that there are diseases. The belief in disease and cure is the most effective barrier standing between mankind and health. Knowledge is the greatest need of our unreasonable and blind world.
Knowledge of how to live; knowledge of the nature and purpose of disease knowledge of the evils and futility of treatment: Knowledge of the truth about life-this is the need of the whole world today.

“My children are killed for lack of knowledge” says the god of the Hebrew scriptures. Millions die yearly because they lack conceptions of life, of health, of disease, of cure. More people are killed every year by the causes of and the treatment for “disease” than by any other cause, only because their ignorance leads them to ignore causes and to rely upon “cures.”

Education must supplant treatment; faith in the processes and forces of life must take the place of faith in “cures”; confidence in the normal things of life must displace confidence in abnormal things; trust in the laws of life must crowd out trust in vicarious atonements. Only thus can the ages-long frenzied search for “cures” be ended. Only thus can the terrible waste of time, money, energy and mental effort in the search for “cures” cease and all this time, money, energy and effort be redirected into worthwhile channels.

All Healing are Bodily Function
The frenzied search for “cures” must cease. Mankind must learn that the so-called disease, which they seek to cure, is, itself, the process of cure. All efforts to cure the cure are vicious and destructive. Unfortunately, the “healing” professions and the public still have the troglodyte’s conception of disease. They still conceive of it as an attack upon the body by outside and unseen forces. The truth reaches them slowly.

Healing-restoration of health, wholeness, integrity is a normal, a physiological or biological process. It results from the orderly operations of the ordinary and regular forces and processes of life, working with agents and substances that bear a normal relation to the living organism. Success of the body’s efforts at self-healing depends absolutely upon removal of the cause of its ills. This is to say, the body cures itself when cause is removed. There is no cure outside of correction of cause.

Helping You Help Yourself to a Healthier Way of Life!
Dr. Laurence Galant