An Indictment of the Biggest Deception of All Times!

Mommy, what is a virus?

How many youngsters have asked this simple question when told they are sick because they have a “virus.” And how many parents have responded like this? “A virus is a little beast so small you can’t see it with your eyes. It gets into you and causes terrible sicknesses.”
That explanation is about, as illuminating as any you’ll come across. A doctor of philosophy, Dr. Stephen S. Marse, when asked the question, responded like this: What is a virus? “Considering the virus’s size and simplicity (an infectious agent is little more than a collection of genes wrapped in a protein case) it can cause tremendous damage. Unlike other living organisms a virus doesn’t eat, secrete or propel itself, and it’s unable to reproduce without the aid of another living creature. Instead, this microbial commando reprograms the cells of another organism, making it the virus’s “host” or, in many cases, its victim. “A reprogrammed cell becomes a traitor, forced to cease its normal functions and obsessively manufacture copies of the invader. The virus then seizes key positions in the host’s body and spreads to other hosts-in-waiting at the first opportunity.

Some viruses attack and disable their victims with cruel speed; Ebola has an incubation period of just five to eight days and a mortality rate as high as 90 percent. Other viruses take years to harm their hosts. AIDS can incubate for up to a decade, allowing the deadly agent plenty of time to pass to new hosts before its ill effects become apparent. Others, such as herpes simplex, coexist so well we’re often unaware of their presence.’ IS THIS VIEWPOINT SCIENTIFIC? OR EVEN LOGICAL? I’ve read dozens of descriptions of viruses in books on the subject, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, in magazines, newspapers, the Internet and sundry other places.

This explanation is about as far afield as any. I’m writing this article in responds to these statements on a point by point basis because of what’s going on with the toxic spraying in our area and the surrounding areas. Thus, let’s get into a bill of particulars:

1. No clinical or laboratory research has ever been done to prove that so-called viruses have any modus operandi or cause anything at all. A so-called virus has no nerves, sensors or any quality of life.

To do tremendous damage, the “virus” must have physical, chemical and/or electrical capabilities. No evidence has ever, in about the last 100 years it has been blamed for diseases, been adduced to prove that so-called viruses have any life or any capabilities whatsoever!

2. Indeed, so-called viruses do not eat or drink, have no metabolism with which to change anything or generate energy, no secretions, no defecation, no activities, no nerves, sensors or nerve energy, no reproductive faculties nor, in fact, any qualities of life whatsoever.

Thusly, what are called viruses are dead organic matter consisting of genetic and chromosomal RNA or DNA encased in a protein capsid, those capsids being identical to the capsids of the genomes within the many thousands of life units called mitochondria or organelles that populate every human cell from a few hundred up to 30,000 or more.

3. Those, as genomes, so-called viruses are merely the genetic patterns for entitative organisms with all the qualities of life as in bacteria, mitochondria, (organelles) fungi and human cells!

4. These genomes from cellular nuclei and mitochondria are, in fact, the genetic patterns for mitosis (cellular and mitochondrial division and replication), for mitochondrial protein synthesis, for mitochondrial sugar use (glucose combustion or conversion through oxidation) and conversion into body energy through the medium of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and an innumerable of other life processes.

5. When Koch’s postulates shot the bacterial explanation for disease, the medical/pharmaceutical industry, with a vested interest in disease, fabricated new scapegoats called viruses to be fought with drugs, (called medicine) thus selling their nefarious products. Just as readily as they shot down the germ theory, so too, do Koch’s postulates impale and discredit the viral theory of disease causation.

6. No research or experiments have ever been reported where so-called viruses were tested according to the criteria of Koch’s postulates.

7. Lifeless genomes do not and cannot invade cells as reported and photographed. What has been photographed are cells conducting eating process called pinocytosis or phagocytosis wherein they absorb for recycling breakdown debris from disintegrated neighboring cells that have expired.

8. Statements that so-called viruses, without any life qualities, or any ability to move or maneuver, attack cells, seize positions, inject themselves into a cell, command a cell, infect a cell, program a cell, wreak tremendous damage or in any manner perform any act or in any way cause any result are inherently absurd. The living organism always acts and causes results favorable to itself. Only pure chemical unions from chemicals (poisons) such as Malathion and Sumithrin pose a serious threat. Dead materials are always acted upon! Only the living organism does the acting. The very state that “viruses” attack when they do not have any assault or offensive faculties, no energy or capability for any activity and have no equipment for damaging thing at all, is sheer fiction.

9. So-called viruses are in fact genomic cellular debris, the cytomegalovirus having been the genome of the nucleus from an expired cell. Most so-called viruses are the genomes from the several hundred up to 30,000 or more mitochondria inhabiting a cell, the population of the cell being determined by its specialization and function. By far the preponderance in number of so-called viruses have been genomes in the trillions upon trillions of mitochondria or organelles which comprised the living units of the hundreds of billions of cells which expire daily in the human body. Some so-called viruses are called cytomegaloviruses, meaning they are big cell viruses. In fact, these monstrous sized vrii, comparatively, are from the nucleus of a cell which is larger in itself than several thousand mitochondria combined. Other “viruses” may enter the portal blood from the intestines where bacteria die by the trillions each day! They too, have genomes.

10. “Viruses” which are nonessential to the human body are mostly from bacteria and fungi.

11. “Viruses” by the trillions are consumed daily by human body cells that providentially recycle the contents of body cells that die. By processes called pinocytosis and phagocytosis, cells in contact with food invaginate, form an impromptu stomach, secrete lysosomes as digestants and thusly break “viruses” and other materials down into amino acids, simple fatty acids and glucose for purposes of reuse. Minerals and vitamins associated therewith are also reused. The photographs of these processes always show action on behalf of the cell, never the so-called virus.

12. It’s a monstrous contrived lie that a dead bit of organic material, a genome called a virus, can “command” any-thing to reproduce it. It does not, in fact, get reproduced, but is recycled{it is only further reduced by cellular digestive processes into its basic nutrients. Should a genome be reproduced, it would be ONLY as part of an organism (a cell, bacterium, fungus, mitochondrion or organelle, etc.) for which it is merely a genetic pattern. Such obligate reproduction by a cell of an alien genome as stated and implied by apologists and propagandists for the pharmaceutical/medical system is contrary to all the principles of biology.

13. A “microbial commando” is a myth of the imagination of so-called scientists who prostitute themselves in service to an unconscionable and murderous association with a vested interest in a diseased and suffering populace. This vested interest consists in marketing medical services, insurance, drugs and all attendants upon that. Further, this interest is in creating mediocre beings who do not think or question in order that their power and propaganda will be above criticism. The term microbe means a minute form of life and a genome is in no sense a bit of life. It hears repeating that it is only the genomic debris from what was a life unit.

14. The only victims of “viruses” are humans who have been deceive into believing such preposterous nonsense.

15. Viruses do not incubate! Incubation is, in fact, the development of a fertilized ovum into a multicellular creature. No other processes can be called incubation without doing violence to the word and the language. Neither are viruses dormant inasmuch as only living things estivate, hibernate or in any way suspend activities. Repeat: Genomes or “viruses” are dead cellular debris in the first place and are incapable of any activities at all.

16. The statement that “viruses,” really genomic debris without limbs, flagella, teeth, mouths and other faculties, can attack and disable a live and self-sufficient cell millions of times larger is irrational, illogical, ridiculous and, in fact, stupid.

17. The original organizations which concocted, perpetrated and perpetuated the viral myth designed it as a scapegoat to accomplish, among other objectives, the diversion of attention away from the disease- causing role of their drugs, the chemically filled foods of their commerce, cooked foods, fermenting and putrefying intestinal contents caused by conventional diets and practices, condiments, recreational drugs, alcohol, smoking and a host of other causal agencies in which they have a vested interest.

18. The word virus originally meant and still means merely a poison despite all the new definitions accommodating this over 150 year-old myth. The word virulent does not mean contagious, but merely poisonous.

19. Today, explanations of disease attributed to “viruses” are giving way to explanations blaming weak, poor or defective genes.

20. Genomic debris was pronounced to be “viruses” after the introduction of the electronic microscope in 1936. That, prior to that time, reference to them was equivalent to attributing cause of diseases to evil spirits for, other than being referred to as “filterable viruses”, there were no ascertainable parameters for adjudging cause.

21. Cells naturally resist and, with their multitude of defensive and offensive faculties, speedily dispatch or destroy “attackers,” especially lifeless materials that are contrary to their interests.

22. Upon cellular death, (several hundred billion cells die daily within the human body) sacs within each cell containing lysosomes rupture and disintegrate the cell into debris. That debris includes the remains of around 20 to 30 thousand mitochondria or organelles in most cells other than those of the blood. Because of their extraordinary protection by capsids, lysosomes do not disintegrate the integument (protective covering) of the genomes thoroughly, trillions of them daily remaining relatively intact through the process. These genomes do not, however, remain intact through recycling processes. They are digested and recycled by a very provident body.

23. Physiologists teach that cells are disintegrated upon their death by their own lysosomes. What, pray tell, enables presumed “viruses” “to survive” the onslaught of powerful digestive enzymes while mitochondrial genomes die? Especially as there is not and cannot be any differentiation between them, both being identical? How can chemicals discern the difference between its mitochondrial genomes and “alien viruses” presumably created by a cell through a fictional modus operandi which, if true, would still be composed of domestic materials created by the cell’s processes.

There is an axiom/postulate that says that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. In physiology this is the equivalent to saying that the genomes of cells and mitochondria are real and so-called viruses are mere attributions, really created myths of a pharmaceutical/medical system desperate for scapegoats. I hope you can see, dear reader, that this “settled medical question” is merely a commonly accepted myth of medical creation and has no basis in facts.

I hope you can see that truth taught in biology, that is that no organism has the capability of reproducing an alien organism. Read and study thoughtfully and critically! Think for yourself! When you accept the prognostications of others, you are liable to be un-awarely impressed into their service. And now I leave you with this thought.

“If you bring outward what is within you, what you bring outward will save you. If you do not bring outward what is within you, what you do not bring outward will destroy you.”



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The Cruel Fraud Called IMMUNIZATION 

Vaccines are cruel frauds and an Enormous plot against all of us! Vaccines are brain-damaging and brain-impairing! By no stretch of logic can they suspend the laws of life and prevent any disease whose causes continue to be indulged. Immunization is an outright myth!  Nothing can suspend or nullify the law of cause and effect!  This report is irrefutable proof. 

Can you imagine a drug so powerful that 3.6 million people are chronically “addicted” to it? And, worse still is the number of new users across the country, and growing at an alarming rate.


Think about this: Our government spends $60 billion a year to stop this abuse…and another $5.9 billion to treat the diseases and injuries that it causes. (all drugs cause disease and injuries, no matter what it’s called)


This is not a new drug…the truth is that it’s been around forever.  The fact is that the number of people using and becoming “addicted” has been rising since 1993.


What is the drug that I’m talking about?  It’s Cocaine, and it has become one of the country’s worse drug problems.  And, according to the National Household Survey of Drug Abuse: 1.5 million teenagers fry their brains each month trying free-base cocaine, and the availability in U.S. is at an all-time high causing more hospitalization per year than any other illegal substance.


Every untreated cocaine addiction costs society (that’s you and me) $43,200. plus, which means that cocaine is a $155 billion strain on our national budget.


In a nutshell, we are losing the “War on Drugs.”  Having said that, you’ll be absolutely shocked when you hear that the “War on Drugs” could get worse in the next 3 to 5 years.


Why? Because right now there is a drug company who stands to make billions whose propaganda is telling people that they going to wipe out America’s $400 billion “illegal” drug industry.


How? The FDA just gave this company its seal of approval…and the research is plowing full steam ahead.


This company is developing a new “vaccine” to “cure” cocaine addicts which will automatically inherit them with a 3.6 million people and an additional 900,000 new patients seeking cocaine treatments each year…and that’s only in the U.S.

Assuming this vaccine sells for $30 (which is about the price of a cheap flu “vaccination”) that’s a $108 million cash cow…every year. For the company and it’s investors.


Where is the logic of trying to stop a drug “addiction” with another drug! Do you really think that the drug companies want to kill their “cash cow” Just follow the money trail and if you’re wise you will discover that there will always be a replacement drug. You can’t drug someone into good health.


And now more on “vaccines.”



·        That vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with the diseases for which they are supposedly administered?

·        That immunity is a carefully myth as proven further along in this report and by many other sources? (Also see or Click HERE

·        That vaccines are diabolically designed and made as highly-toxic brain-deadening “materials” by wicked covert group of super rich through their pharmaceutical companies?

·        That their objective is to start a New World Order that is already well along through some of “our” puppet federal and state governments! Which these super rich totally control?

·        That the true purpose of vaccinations are to make mediocre, brain-impaired and mind-altered babies? Babies that will grow into adults that will be so mind-impaired as to be obedient, unquestioning and servile peons of this New World Order which is in process right now?

·        That universal “health care” with it’s “Health Security Card” and Vaccination tracking of babies” is an sinister implementation of the monstrous conspiracy to enslave us all? That the “health security card” or the “U.S. CARD” is really a “people control” measure?  That it will be issued at birth just like a Social Security Number¾to insure that every baby is tracked so as to be forced to be “fully” vaccinated?  That state agencies, with the help of these computerized smart cards, will enforce the injection of your baby with all the “required” “up-to-date” vaccines?

·        That the “health security card” (“U.S. CARD”) is, really, a New World Order identification card?  A computer chip embedded card designed to track you by satellite, record all your whereabouts anywhere in the world and make a record of everything you do in a massive Gray computer?  That you can’t travel without it?  That you can’t make purchased without it?  That you can’t work without it?  That it will be your debit card in a cashless society?  That it is destined to be replaced with aq computer chip embedded in our forehead or wrist?  A computer chip already implanted into welfare babies in some parts of our country and in other countries?  Our highly groomed ex president, Slick Willie (Clinton) didn’t tell you this, did he?



·        IN October 2002 the government was in the process of a mandatory smallpox vaccination for all of us?  

Indisputable proof of these statements are mention in this complete report!


This report is specifically about deadly vaccines and DTP. It reveals how, through what George Orwell called doublespeak in his book, 1984, vaccines are fraudulently represented to prevent diseases when, in fact, they have been on purpose designed to make babies partially to wholly brain dead!  This too, is undeniably proven in this report.


The massive plot against all of us!

A review of a document reporting a meeting of a covert group of the super rich held back in 1954. Their objectives were to explore methods by which to implement the New World Order, which had been envisioned since 1776. The document is titled “Silent Weapons for Quite wars” wherein the blueprint for establishing a “New World Order” was reviewed.  It tells of “social engineering techniques” (people control methods referred to as “silent weapons”) that were explored and decided upon. It tell of “silent weapons” for reducing our population to brainwashed, obedient, servile, drug-addicted, sex-crazed and mind-diverted peons. The used of mind-deadening and brain-impairing drugs were squarely spelled out as “silent weapons?” “Quite Wars” were referred to as secret campaigns by which populations are conquered and subjugated where everything is so secret and so gradual that they aren’t even aware that they’re targets, much less warred against.

The fact is that the administering of vaccines is merely one of the tools in this satanic plot.  Most of us in the Natural Hygiene and natural health field know that vaccines are deadly and dangerous, and the only thing they prevent is health.

We think they are an inhuman profit game of the medical/drug industry.  Unfortunately the sad truth is that medical profit is the least of the devilish purpose behind vaccines.

Examinations of DTP inserts from Wyeth Laboratories prompted the following:



Would you allow mercury to be injected into your body?  Or surrender your baby to be injected with it?  You know, the stuff that causes terrible salivation?  A deadly substance that causes that causes wholesale brain cell destruction, weak mindedness, Alzheimer’s disease, toxic dementia, insanity and death? Inflamed and bleeding gums?  Immunosuppression, that is, wholesale destruction of the body’s first line of defense, the white blood cells, especially lymphocytes? This Immunosuppression was called, at one time, syphilis and now, AIDS. That is resulted in neurosyphylis or toxic dementia or AIDS dementia where depression, insanity and madness result, and, of course death.

Would you allow your body to be injected with aluminum? Or submit you precious child to be injected with it? Aluminum destroys brain cells and becomes part of the replacement for them through a process called ossification. Aluminum has been indicted as a primary cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.

For more outrages details on vaccination, order the complete report entitle Vaccination Misrepresentations”. It contains a copy of the actual “Silent Weapons for Quite Wars” document.  And, if you want to stop your child’s school or your employer or others from “joining you up under some medical, hospital, surgical or other plan,” you can state your objection to medical services and take total responsibility for your health with an affidavit included in the report. Only $69.95 plus $5 S&H. 

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