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The “Healthology” course/lesson are dedicated to the whole human race, in the firm conviction that its contents will be involved in relieving much of the suffering that proliferates on every person and that it will point the way to better health and longevity to all those who apply its principles.
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Health is our most valued asset. With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without it, nothing else is enjoyable. The greatest mistake is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be gain, advancement, learning or fame; everything must be made secondary to health!
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I know what you’re saying: “Wait a minute! Didn’t we just add 250,000 jobs in November and there’s been more since then?”

And you believe that, right?

  • There are only 8.97 million officially unemployed without counting the 6.9 million or more who simply stopped looking for work. The real unemployment number is 23%, far higher than the government stated of 5.5%
  • An incredible 20% of households – that’s over 16 million families, and not one employed person in these families! How do they survive?
  • FOOD STAMPS: There are over 42,000,000 Americans using them, and that number is growing. 60% of them are minors. What would happen to those kids if the program shut down?

Think about this: If the “smartest people in government and business allowed tings to get this bad, How Safe is Your Situation for You and your Family?


And here is how things could get worse:
With the people in Washington today (on both side), GRIDLOCK IS GUARANTEED AT LEAST TILL THE END OF 2016! Neither side wants the other to look good. It’s more important that the other side fails than America succeeds!

Meantime, Wall Street is working to get a bill passed that would require the government to bail them out after the next crash. That’s right: They’re expecting the worst! And they want to build a cushion at our expense! (2008 all over again).

Does that look like a prosperous America? And I haven’t mentioned 19 TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT!

However, most of the members of Congress – 268 MILLIONAIRS don’t feel our pain or our urgency to get things done right.

Is There An Answer You May Ask? YOU BET THERE IS! That’s why I sent you this information.

This information will help you to make money, real money and help you achieve the America dream that have been put on hold the last several years. And I’ve got a plan of action for you and your family which depends on you to be their provider. Want to know what PROVIDER means? “One who see what’s ahead”. Are ready to see what’s ahead?

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Heart disease, cancer, AIDS rampant drug and alcohol abuse, tabloids trash TV and the children who are being raised by it, crime, corruption, insecurity and indifference. We are living in an age of disease and darkness.

And yet, one of great hope…




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“Defeating Diseases by Opening Minds!”Walk AloneAvard

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