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A few things we’re great at

The Health system we teach is a Network of People Helping People Organization.
We help You Help Yourself to a Healthier Way of Life! We teach a 100% effectuve health system!

Be The Master of Your Health!

Less than 1% of the worlds population knows about this 100% effective “Natural Health System. “Explore The Road Less Traveled”.


Is America a Healthy Country?

Do not forget about yourself while building you life. Remember self comes first. Do something today that nourishes your Mind and your Body.


Who We Are?

We’re a Natural Health movement. There will be those who try to STOP us. But they will NOT succeed. They may call us names, and criticize our ideas. But the truth is… THEY’RE AFRAID!


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Uncover the Secret Russian Experiment that Lets You Legally “Steal” the Talents of Absolutely ANY Genius! From Billionaires to Artists to Einstein Himself….   

Dr. Laurence Galant

Brand new Health Courses with unlimited power and Vibrant Health possibilities

Less than 1% of the world population knows about this 100% effective health system. I urge you to join this health program. Your health will change, your life will change. Make a decision Now, you will not regret is, I know, I started using this program over 40 years ago. Still using it and not regretting it.


This is one of the things we do best 

We teach you a 100% effective health System. And what we are about to share with you is very controversial, read it with an open mind. Are YOU aware that every field has had its authority; every wrong concept and false system of the past had its “authorities. We readily acknowledge the errors of the past and that their “authorities” were misguided. What we do not readily perceive is that many concepts, systems and practices of today are not only equally erroneous, but that they also have many apologists and “authorities.”

Believing an “authority” on faith is an attempt to escape from our duty to investigate and get down to the real labor of thinking things out ourselves. Self-reliance must be cultivated; for it is truly only ourselves upon whom we can rely. If we rely on others to do our thinking we become servants to them, for authorities almost always think in their own favor.


This is one of the things you can do best! 

Take responsibility and educate your self. Research it, study it, learn it and apply it! Do your own thinking go back to our FREE Reports. See it for yourself again, read it to the end and also check our “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program. (the more you keep reading our report the more you feel it would be a waste to let this opportunity slip by).

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A few programs we offer that are great!

This is your new healthy beginning!

Our corses are a journey guiding you through which will show you how to easily and quickly lifelong, self-destructive habits of health.

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Online health courses

Our natural health courses are 100% effective to produce health. No ;otion, potions, powders or pills and no gadgets or gimmks.

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The truthinhealth courses

Will help you help yourself to a healthier way of life guarantee!

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What Our Clients Say:

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“The best health training I have taken so far. Health reality is laid out in an easy to comprehend manner. They don’t just tell you what the problem is; they give you a road map to strike back. Absolutely a must-do monthly training.”This is an AMAZING course. Filled with powerful messages that are easy to understand yet help you to really think about your life and the power that you do have in creating it. My life has been completely“

Jack Johnson

“The lessons and training were extremely informative and educational – your real-world experience and anecdotes really hit home and were relevant to the materials. They are pretty intense lessons – lots of information in each lesson, but we got through it!” We find that with Dr. Galant’s approach to natural health, things just click into place. We reccomend it the lessons for anybody.”

Erika Brown
CEO @ Legendary

I am so excited about your course I feel as if I’m intoxicated. What a thrill it would be to see the whole world thusly intoxicated. Slowly I have eliminated many bad habits, it seems that everything I was doing was just a succession of bad habits. What many others promise Dr. Galant actually delivers – clear, simple, no-nonsense, practical steps to building a healthy and successful life. Thank you so much.

John Collins
CEO @ Legendary

Our Awesome Team

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Dr Laurence Galant

Founder & CEO

Dr. Laurence Galant is the administrator and Created of the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” Program (SHICC) with a doctorate degree in Health and Nutritional Science above all a Truth In Health Researcher.

Lillian Monella

Co-founder & COO

At 16 years young she started as a professional skater and a professional dancer and at age 25 moved up to a high fashion model. Was featured in many modeling magazines. Today at age 84 is very healthy and active and dancing Argentine tango.

Horst Seibert

Marketing Director

Horst Seibert hase a diverse background in sales and marketing, with over 20 years in sales he understands the complexity of people and their needs. As a natural problem solver he has a great attitude and pays attention to the details that matter. His mission is to help others better themselves..

DR Galant & Lillian Monella

Creative Directors

They provides an intensive Health and Nutritional program, which involves diet, nutritional and mental outlook on life. (Mind Set)
Each protocol is highly individualised. Diets vary widely, during the transition part of the program, 

Latest News

Have you heard the news lately? It’s all over the radio and TV. “Health Care” and insurance cost for Health Care is spiraling out of control. Everyone needs to have this Health Program including all businesses who provide “health care”. You can’t wait and You cannot afford NOT to join the (SHICC) Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program. Check it out go to the above JOIN US link NOW! And see all the health benefits you will receive.


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