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This is an Urgent Message For ANYONE Concerned About Their Health & Longevity: I’m about to reveal a Little Known “Super Health Program” That will Allow You to Revitalize Your Body and Target the pitfalls of Aging, and fight any other damage to you body your present Lifestyle has brought on to you.

Do you Wants to Know How to Be Totally
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What If… ”Everything You’ve Been Taught In the Past and Everything You Know Right Now About Health Is Dead-Wrong?” Well, It is, and I can Prove it to you!

The problem is not what you don’t know, but what you know for sure that it isn’t so!

When it comes to your health, the conventional wisdom is often your enemy. What everyone knows to be true is typically what trip you up and makes you feel worse in the future. The advice we give in the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program often is unconventional – it sounds and feels unfamiliar and typically in sharp contrast to what you commonly hear – but it is exactly the right thing to do in those confused and turbulent times.
The Average Person Who Joins This Health Program Begins Middle Age at 70 And According to proven Research Can live as long As 120 To 140 Years Old in total health and with Full Vitality and Energy!

 Don’t believe me? Read Further and We will discover How and  Why.

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EVER WONDER WHY THESE GUYS (in the above photos) stay so energetic and young, decades after their peers dwindle off into history? You wonder if their secret is genetic, but it is actually an ancient old Health Secret! 

Discover How Can this 77 – Years-YOUNG Doctor and this 81 Years -YOUNG woman Have the Body, Looks and Vitality of a Person 20-30 Years Younger? What are they doing that you’re NOT? Check it out in “The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching System”!


The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching System is the path to reversing the sign and symptoms of aging and many other health benefits. It’s also getting the attention of thousands of healthy minded people. Find out more about the SHICCS program…..

After you Join the SHICCS You’ll be able to live With:
*Decrease Risk of Age-Related Diseases
*Improve Muscle and Body Tone
*Decrease Body Fat
*Increase Energy and Vitality
*Increase Sex Drive
*Produces Sharper Thinking
*Improves Your Health and Outlook On Life…
*And much much more.

Not a lotion, a potions a powder or pills. Not a drug or medications. Not a surgery or operation. Not a gadget or gimmicks! But, a Permanent Solution to Americas “Health Crises”.


WITH NEAR MIRACULOUS BENEFITS! Easier than you could ever imagine – Results are so unbelievable IT HELPS ANYONE WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS GET BACK TO GOOD HEALTH!

You simply won’t believe how easy it is. Male, female, old, young – it works for everyone! Once you learn these Health “secret”, once you start using them, you’ll never want to stop because results will simply amaze you, and have you in disbelief. This can’t be happening…but seeing is believing.

See Below For The “Secrets” to better health that will simply amaze you…AN OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN OUR MONTHLY “SUPER HEALTH INNER CIRCLE COACHING PROGRAM” (plus the distributorship home-based marketing system).

How many more years do you have to live? 50 more years? 40? Only 20 more years? Or 10? Scientific studies show that you can live between 120 -140 years, and you can live your MAXIMUM number of years – healthy and pain-free and with energy and vitality!  This new program incorporated amazingly simple health science, and produced the Super Health and Wealth SECRETS that will helps you live an active and age-defying life… by applying the principles found in these Health Secrets… you will ward off sickness and disease.

And…Imagine, being Healthy and Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dream! 

My Extreme Health Secrets also, Have Helped Many
People Easily Become Millionaires!

Revealed At Last!  Over Two Decades Of Extreme SUPER HEALTH SECRETS To Help You Be Healthier… Thinner…Younger … And More Alive Quickly And Easily!

And NOW it’s also helping people easily become millionaires! 

… and like you read above, you never have to buy or use lotions, potions, or scum from the ocean, powders or pills…drugs or medications…gadgets or gimmicks! … NEVER! 

…As a member you will learn “FORBIDDEN” natural Health “SECRETS” never revealed before that will allow you to…

FREE yourself of all diseases.
Kills Pain! Gives You Energy!
“CURES” all diseases!
Improves Your Sex Life!
Break the Age Barrier. Could Be “The Fountain of Youth”!
Sharper Thinking!
Improve Outlook On Life! And much, much more!

Imagine Waking up in the morning and feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and pain FREE, feeling good about yourself all day long. These PROVEN POWERFULL FORBIDDEN HEALTH SECRETS THAT THE MEDICAL AND ALTERNATIVE HEALTH ESTABLISHMENT DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW will Change Your Life! GUARANTEED!

Along with all of the above I’m going to give you the key to an opportunity to EARN up to $100,000.00, or MORE per MONTH HELPING OTHERS-as YOU HELP YOURSELF! (Optional) And, be super healthy with my never revealed health Secrets!

You Will Discover how you can Unlock the Door to Health & Longevity with “Natural Health Secrets” That Will Make You Look and Feel 10-20 Years Younger – Guaranteed!  These are FORBIDDEN Health SECRETS the medical establishment don’t want you to know or have. Our Never before Revealed 100% Effective Natural Health System may Seem Unconventional – BUT IT WORKS! 

What I’m going to reveal to you in our “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching Program” on a monthly basis, is so shocking, it makes me tremble for the future of our country and health system. It’s incredible how a huge medical blunder has been the standard treatments for all the diseases inAmerica. For the past 100 years and more, these have been the biggest lies, and the people involved are so arrogant that they refuse to admit they’re wrong. But the evidence is clear; America is NOT a healthy Country. Here are the 3 top killers: One out of 2 people will die of heart disease, 1 out of 3 from cancer, and the recent reported third killer is medical errors. And this does not include all the other diseases. Does this sound like a healthy country?


How would you like to think with such brilliance, insight, and understanding that you’ll feel like a genius? That is quite possible, for this course shows you those rather simple steps you must take to improve the operations of your brain and nervous system.

Have you ever seen fifty- sixty-year and seventy-years (young) old chasing full of energy and vitality around the house and outdoors like teenagers-leaping, jumping, running, and playing like youngsters? I would not hold forth this promise except that I do it myself. And, I see it in thousands of others who have adopted the program which this Super Health (and Wealth) INNER CIRCLE teach. You can do it too?

You can have seemingly boundless energy for mental and intellectual pursuits, for physical and a professional purpose, and for your own high-spirited well-being and happiness if you follow the biologically-correct life principles expressed in this Super Health Inner Circle Coaching course. And you’ll live longer too-many more happier years than you’d ever expect.

My dear friend STOP crying and complaining!

I’m very serious. You can easily be Healthy and Younger with this health educational program. We help you help yourself, unless of cause you continue not to act on this.

What I’m going to revealing to you is the culmination of decades of work and research. Research and work that has perfected turning sickness, suffering and pain into health, vitality and freedom. A life’s work that is currently creating more health and vitality than you might ever thought possible. But it’s not just possible, it’s fact. Certified!

Would you believe that a 91-year old pursues a full-time career teaching 45 piano students? She is a member of the Super Health Inner Circle and reports that she has found many additional ways to up her performance levels even though she was pretty much following the program taught herein for much of her life.

Would you believe that an 89-year old, who at 46 was a physical wreck with ulcers, arthritis, diabetes, hemor­rhoids, and other assorted ills, is rated as active as a forty ­year old?

Daily I receive letters from those who have adopted and followed the steps outlined in Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program. For instance, I received in the mail the following letter:

I have been following the INNER CIRCLE Health Coaching program for 11 months now, and I have realized the following wonderful results:

My weight dropped 35 pounds and stabilized at a trim 170. It is a pleasure to count myself as a slim and trim guy.

A 25-year acne problem cleared up in a few weeks, something many dollars spent on acne lotions and phy­sicians could not do.

The aches and pains of the approaching age of 40 dis­appeared, and I have not been sick a day since I started. 

I sleep less, feel raring to go all the time, and have scads of energy-I have more energy and pep than I had when I was a teenager. Life has never been so great for me.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce a no-nonsense, perfectly legal, risk-free, health and wealth-producing opportunity of great importance to you! This amazing discovery can help you start looking and feeling younger starting today, and take you far beyond your expectations! In just a few short minutes of your time, I am going to reveal how you can obtain the latest and most dramatic advances in the field of “Healthology”.

lg-picMy name is Dr. Galant and I want to unleash these natural health secrets to you just as soon as possible so that you’ll never be sick again. That you’ll never have a “heart attack” or stroke; That you’ll never be tormented by cancer or tumors; That you’ll never suffer arthritis; backaches, diabetes, ulcer, psoriasis, high blood pressure, overweight or any other debilitating and deadly health challenge.

Or that you’ll never suffer even as much as another cold, headache, upset stomach, coughing spell, sore throat, inflammation, or anything else. That you can guide family members, friends, neighbors, associates, or complete strangers to easily overcome almost any ailment or problem from which they may suffer!   YES, you can have that kind of certainty in your life Once You Know These Natural Health Secrets!  Which up to now they have been FORBIDDEN AND KEPT SECRET FROM ALL OF US?

I am not a medical doctor (My doctorate degree is in Health and Nutritional Science). You’ll probably find our approach to health matters “very controversial”, but essential” and unique even if you are health-oriented. “Healthology” is the term we use for the Natural Health System we teach. Healthology is the opposite of “Pathology.” which is the “science” dealing with the nature of diseases, their causes, symptoms and effects, and the circumstances that constitute a diseased condition. Healthology deals only with health conditions and how to achieve maximum health. Healthology really means, “The Science that is programmed into the very nature of all living organisms, is the tendency of normal, healthy actions”.

So, why are these findings unknown to the public and even to my doctor? You may ask. Think about it my friend… The industry that stands to lose the most if doctors stop writing millions of prescription, spends billions of dollars a year to prevent you from knowing these secrets.

They spend their billions on…

  • Research grants – which influences what researchers study.
  • TV, radio, newspapers, magazine and medical journal advertising -which influences medical information released to the public.
  • Doctors training  – which influences how medical conditions are treated.
  • Medical school grants and scholarships – which influences what students are taught.

It’s powerful… It’s proven… and it’s documented – the SHICC system helps keep healthy people healthy, and makes sick people well. Get the truth in health that protects you from an industry that needs people to stay sick in order to survive.

Heart disease, cancer, AIDS rampant drug and alcohol abuse,
tabloids trash TV and the children who are being raised by it,
crime, corruption, insecurity and indifference.
We are living in an age of disease and darkness.

And yet, one of great hope…

While I think it will get darker before it gets lighter, I also know that even the darkness is necessary. And I also believe that darkness gives us all an opportunity to spread light.

Out of challenge comes growth, from adversity – triumph.  In other words: With every adversity, there is the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit. This is the Universal Law and Wisdom of Duality. It means that everything is merely a different manifestation of its opposite and each cannot exist without its opposite.  When you discover and adopt this wisdom you align yourself with the true course of nature.

It was the difficult times that I experienced in the past that today allows me to live a healthy and successful life and a lifestyle most people only dream of.

Thirty years ago, I became ill with all sorts of health problems such as allergies, high blood pressure indigestion stomach problem and overweight not to mention other problems that were being created in the process.  I lost my business, had no job, no car, no bank account and no credit cards. My personal life was a mess and my relationships disintegrated and worst of all, I didn’t like the person I had become.

So I decided and committed myself to change it… Most importantly, I changed my THINKING!

…And began a program of daily health and self-development time. I started with 15 minutes a day… This was quite difficult at first. I was late, I had things to do, and I didn’t want to “waste” time.

I made myself take the time. And found that by taking 15 minutes to focus before I left the house
I actually ended up with more time. From there I went to 30 minutes a day. This made for more positive changes in my life.

After that I went to one hour a day, and sometimes two. This led me to the situation I’ve been blessed with today.

I’ve surrounded myself with healthy, positive, successful, proactive, dynamic, charismatic people who enjoy life; I’ve worked out my relationships, and gotten out of negative relationships (and stopped repeating them); I’ve worked toward and became healthy and successful.

I didn’t get this life by chance or by luck (I believe there is no such thing as luck, luck to me means when preparation meets opportunity) – I manifested it, by working on me, and becoming the person I wanted to be. And I’m still in the process of improving which I always wanted to do.  And working daily toward a higher consciousness and I’m not done.

And I never will be, because I’ve discovered that really living life (and choosing health, happiness and success) is not a destination to reach, but a journey to be relished. Because I know that we create our own reality!

Which is why I’m so excited about my latest project… It’s called the “Super Health and Wealth” Development Series.

I’d like to suggest that you subscribe. And join me in this adventure of “Super Health and Wealth”. And you will be learning more than just Alternative Natural Health Strategies.

Born out of my own quest, this series is dedicated to the search of knowledge, challenge and growth. It’s built around the inherent belief that the solutions are not only “out there, in the Universe” but safely locked within each of us. The series is for people experiencing Divine Dissatisfaction with their current situation, (health or otherwise) and secure in the knowledge that the very dissatisfaction they possess – is the springboard to manifesting their Divine Destiny. People who know that to change the world they must change themselves

“Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program” subscribers will know that one person on purpose toward a higher consciousness harnesses the awesome power of the entire universe to their mission. They know that inner peace and the proper sense of self can withstand and eventually overcome all the forces of darkness, that disease, hate and fear are no match for health, success, love and light.

They build a higher consciousness not because it’s good for business, gives them a better relationship, or makes them successful, healthy and happy even though it does all those things. They do it simply because it is their being. If that’s you, then this program will help you live the adventure that is your future.

“Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program” will focus on different aspects of your health and body-mind each month. We’ll explore topics like natural alternative health and wellness, relationships, spiritual identity, issues of self, meditation, emotions, and prosperity consciousness. We’ll search out any subject that takes us further along the path toward higher health, success and consciousness Some of the things you’ll learn over the next 12 months include:

√ Security of life and its means. Thus discovering how to break through fear and achieve the things you desire.  Insecurity leads to emotional stresses that rob us of well being:
√ The causes of negative or dysfunctional relationships – and how to prevent them;
√ The simple exercises which can allow your right brain creativity to flourish,
√ The secrets to optimum health that most people in this medical field don’t want you to know.
√ How to develop self-mastery.
√And Much Much More…

When you know what makes you and the world tick, this knowledge will liberate your mind, and you will discover how the super-achievers produce peak results (and you can too); and,
How to develop a sense of self-reliance and self-worth.  Thrusting your ability to do things is essential to well-being.  Thus develop your true leadership abilities. And much more! (See later in this letter).

Of course, there’s much more, but this gives you an idea of the extensive results you’ll be achieving. Every month we’ll explore another aspect of how you shatter self imposed limited beliefs and restrictions and experience breakthrough results in your life, health and career we’ll spend some time every month with each other.

We’ll learn together, you and I for I am not just the creator, producer or author of this entire series, I am simply a facilitator. I have spent my life seeking out people who are searching for answers, and running away from those who claim to have found them. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and many times won’t even have the questions. But we can discover them together and create a mastermind of true health and dynamic development.

We’re looking forward to a journey of challenges growth and adventure. We’ll do things bold, daring and imaginative and go to levels most can only speculate about. Let the journey begin’

Do I sound excited?  Well that’s because I am!  You know, there is nothing in the world more powerful or exhilarating than health-building, life saving information that works! So, take a few minutes of your time to read every single word of this revealing letter, because it contains privileged information that will produce the greatest health you have experienced for some time!

If Wanting to Restore Your Health is of interest to you or someone you know then you will want what I have to offer you in this program…

I have ranked this powerful health information package as being among the top 5 percent of the hottest Natural Health Related Discoveries of all time!  In fact, with just a little effort on your part I predict that this fabulous health secret will eliminate your ailment or health problems and leave you looking and feeling 10-20 years younger – Guaranteed!

The powerful health and well-being information disclosed in this program is not only new and amazing, but refreshingly different from anything you have ever seen before!  From cover to cover these privileged secrets are packaged for Effective Natural Health Renewal and Total Relief.  All you have to do is combine these secrets with your health goals and watch your life start to change dramatically!

My powerful new natural health secrets have created explosive ways you can start feeling better and living healthier from day number one.  If you want to look and feel 10-20 years younger starting now, you will be thrilled with the results of having dynamite information right from the beginning.  If you are already trying to improve your health but having a difficult time achieving even the simplest goals, you will see a dramatic change once you receiving my program.

But let’s get specific!  It’s a guide to restoring your health and increasing your longevity!  It is, in fact, an opportunity to turn your life around using information that is vital to natural health success!  I have the natural health secret program you need and I intend to share it with you no matter what other traditional “health” (decease treating Business) providers think!  So if you’re ready for action, this program will show you how to start looking younger and feeling healthy starting NOW!

Health is the Most Important
Commodity That We Possess!
“Health Is Our Greatest Wealth”

As the creator and developer of the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program in Boynton Beach, FL, I witness almost weekly cases of physical wrecks that come to us as a last resort. Many have no hope, having been medically consigned to live only a few weeks or months.

But, after a few weeks in the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program, they see marvelous recuperation and rejuvenation. With the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program our members learn how to overcome asthma, arthritis, breast cancer, genital herpes, acne, and a host of other “incurable” problems. You’ll learn to do it on your own, so too just like all our members learn to overcome their problems on their own. They learn to assume full responsibility for their well-being. We cure them of their “run-to-the-doctor” syndrome by teaching them full reliance upon their own inherent powers of regeneration. There are cases in our files of diabetics who were on insulin for 20 years or more who have gone off insulin completely within a week or two and been free of the problem since.

I repeat that you can do this for yourself too! And, You also can free yourself of energy-draining problems by making a few salutary changes in the way you do things. You can improve your performance levels in all areas by increasing your strength and energies. Yes, you can really do this for yourself. And only you can do it-no one else can do it for you. You must take full responsibility for your life. This course will tell you how.

The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching course comes to you once a month for you to learn at your own speed and pace. Do not be overwhelmed by the immense amount of text and reference material you’ll receive. You may refer to this as the les­sons call for, or you may elect to read this material for the colossal benefits to be derived there from.

The information in The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program can easily earn you several diplomas for those who satisfactorily pass it. Though this course earns you no credits in conventional Colleges, you can, be sure you will be healthier and know more than any MD who is not in the health field but in the disease treating industry.

In presenting each coaching lesson, you’ll note that it begins with a RATIONALE. This is, very briefly, the exposition of the reasons the lesson has been brought into being. The intellectual justifications for its existence are set forth. Then you’ll proceed to the objectives of the lesson. Set forth very briefly are the purposes of the lesson with a view to the expectations of improvement you can realize by adopting the lesson’s teachings.

Other features of each lesson are a section defining certain key words that are necessary to the expression of the text material. You’ll find key concepts highlighted so that you may readily acquaint yourself with them. This will aid you immensely in mastering and applying the data each lesson presents. Salient facts are presented so that you can have something to hang your hat on. These facts are verifiable in both the scientific literature and the reference materials we’ve submitted. The foremost fact around which each lesson is constructed deserves special attention. It is what you’ll build upon.

To facilitate your mastery of the lesson material, we have outlined it so you can see the scope of the lesson at a glance. The lesson outline will aid you tremendously should you ever wish to offer information about this lesson to others without any preparation and from your own knowledge with merely the outline as a prompter.

The body of the lesson presents at length the thematic material that constitutes the message. Following the lesson you’ll find a synopsis that briefly summarizes the primary thrusts of the lesson.

Perhaps one of the most valuable features (and there are many) of each lesson is the question-and-answer section. These questions are those ‘most frequently asked by readers and participants in seminars, lectures, discussions, etc.

As if all the above mentioned is not enough, each lesson has supplementary material for your consideration.

All in all, this coaching program in Super Health, Vitality and HIGH-ENERGY will prove the most thorough course of study you’ve ever undertaken and, certainly, the most rewarding. All done at home at your own pace and speed.

Does all of the above sound too good to be true? Are our Health Secrets too good to be true?

So incredible are the marvelous results obtained by those who adopt a regime with our Forbidden Health Secrets that most Americans, upon hearing of these wonderful recoveries, simply don’t believe them, they dismiss them as absurd, simply too good to be true. Yet all that is good can come only from that which is true!

Do you still have strong doubts about our revolutionary “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program”? If so, who could blame you? After all, this program does sounds way too good to be true. Plus, if you’re like me, you have been ripped off, lie to, misled, and cheated so many times by so many people that you don’t know who to believe anymore.

After a while it’s easy to feel that all of the health programs being offered to you are nothing but lies. I think it’s good that you have your doubts about this program and all the other opportunities that you are considering. Yes, it’s good to have your doubts. In fact, it’s great to be skeptical! Why? Because when you are skeptical, nobody will ever take advantage of you.

Most health opportunity today offers you lotion, potions, powders or pills. Some will even go as far as to disguise their sales letter into a health or rejuvenating report and than within the report they recommend the lotions, potions, powders or pills that they sell.

We have none of that! Our Approach is sharply different From All the Others!  Because the world at large has a medical (pathology) mentality, even those who consider themselves to be health aware are at risk. Great masses of people worldwide, including some 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 plus who patronize health food stores and think of themselves as being well informed are victims of medical misconceptions.

For example, conventional health seekers think in terms of “cures” being available to them from outside the body.  By that I mean from medicine, drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins and other deficiencies. Whereas medical practitioners look to drugs for cures, health seekers look for some magic food or herb to do the trick. Almost all are of the frame of mind that disease is inevitable unless it’s prevented. And offer you a whole host of lotions, potions, powders or pills for almost any disease, costing you hundreds of dollars per month!

Our Super Health Coaching Program Approach is that Exuberant and Radiant Health is Normal and Natural, and that Suffering, Sickness and Disease is Abnormal, Unnatural and Unnecessary. But you need our SECRETS that nobody dares to reveal (even if they knew of them!) The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program will reveal to you all our health “SECRETS” each and every month!

Are You Skeptical still? … You are still skeptical aren’t you? … Of course you are!  In a situation like this I really don’t expect you to believe me…So why not Join the “Super Health INNER CIRCLE COACHING” program RIGHT NOW and see for yourself…Because I Guarantee that this is a limited offer and I am so positive that you will be successful that I am willing to make an offer that takes away all the risk…Because I am going to give you a chance to really inspect the program $1 for 30 days… But here is a strong warning: I you are too skeptical you will become cynical. And once you are cynical, you will lose your chances of learning anything different and new.

Understand that before we humans can intellectually accept new ways of doing things, we must justify in our own minds the wisdom of the step. We must fit it into our mental world in a meaningful pattern.

The thrust of the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program is to reorient your outlook upon body total health and energies. Understanding their correct contexts in your life functions is essential to constructing a program that assures you adequate health, energies and vitality in all aspects of your being as well as in all pursuits you may prudently elect.

Without a concept that correctly embodies truths that will replace misconceptions and errors surrounding prior practices, new ideas have little or no meaning and, in fact, are usually rejected by most of us. We humans have an affection for following our initial teachings and acquired practices, be they correct or erroneous, be they beneficial or harmful.

The endeavor of this coaching is to reveal to you the nature of health and the energies you use, how they come to be available to you and how you can use them for your greater enjoyment and enrichment.

The purpose of this coaching in general is to impress you with a general awareness of your body, its nature, wisdom, providence, and its unceasing efforts to enhance your well-being.

Unless you are aware of the why fore-unless you understand what your body is all about-unless you know the scientific bases for the changes you may need to make to conform to your biological crucial necessities.

“The super health Inner Circle coaching program” is offered separately and the “Super wealth Inner Circle Coaching program” also offered separately or you can join both program called the Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching System. The choice yours.

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How Much Is It Worth To Look And Feel Younger As You Are Getting Older (In Years Only)?

How Much Is It Worth To Avoid The Suffering And Misery Of Failing Health That So Many Of Us Face With Advancing Years?

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How much is it worth to you To know that you will Be Free And Independent With Good Health
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