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No lotions, potions, powders or pills…No gadgets or gimmicks! … Just plain truthful natural health information. We do NOT diagnose… We do NOT treat… We do NOT try to cure… But, everyone gets better!

When faced with health problems or uncertainty, most people do what everybody else is doing. Therefore, they get what everyone else is getting.  “Frustration”, Disappointment. And Dissatisfaction. People have the tendency to move with the crowd.

Now we know that getting statistical information about health is easy. Interpreting the data, finding the “truth,” and knowing how to let it impact your life… that’s a little trickier.  And that’s where we come in.

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“TRUTH IN HEALTH” promises to help you help yourself to live a longer healthier more rewarding life…Free of all illness…without the use of dangerous drugs and without the high cost and ineffectiveness of organized conventional medical treatments.

That sounds like exaggerated promises don’t you agree?  But it isn’t…not at all.  Once you learn to understand the power of natural healing your life will improve beyond belief.

WHAT THE “TRUTH IN HEALTH” NEWSLETTER CAN ACTUALLY DO TO KEEP PEOPLE HEALTHY.  “Truth in Health” newsletter details extensive, diversified and revealing natural health information, which is second to none in the industry, that we have carefully researched following the basic fundamental principles of Natural Hygiene and that you will receive with your subscription.  Here is an additional brief overview of the information it contains:

* The nature and purpose of disease.
* The immense wisdom and providence of the body.
* The nutritional bases of life.
* Human physiology and anatomy and our dietary nature.
* Harmful practices to avoid.
* Common illnesses and disease and how a specific way of living can help.
* The laws of life, unknown (or seems unknown) to conventional medicine.
* How you can be healthier 10 years from now than you are today.
* How you can lose those unwanted pounds forever.
* The PROTEIN MYTH and how it effects on your health.
* How you can triple your energy quickly and effectively.
* How you can eliminate stress forever.
* The body mind connection.
* Mental medicine and the health care system.
* Practical applications you can use immediately
* And much more.

It is thus no wonder that our newsletter actually sells just by itself: First of all, the information provided in each monthly issue will help you help yourself to be healthier, feel better, and live longer.  More over when read regularly as a common-sense preventive measure, the “Truth in Health” newsletter also saves people an awful lot of money in unnecessary and dangerous organized conventional medical treatments and drug-dependent “cures”.

When you see the first lesson I think you’ll see why I feel it’s my duty to share it with you.

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