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New Way to Get HEALTHY and Rich Guaranteed Money From Home!Grab Your Share of the Multi-Trillion Dollars Health and Wealth IndustriesWithout Investing a Dime in Inventory!
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One-of-a-kind Recession-Resistant “Auto-pilot Opportunity linked to the billion dollars Healthcare industry!

  1. Health: – Lose weight, avoid Heart Disease, Cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many more. The health program that promises… YOU’LL NEVER GET SICK AGAIN!
  2. Wealth: – Earn Big money with this revolutionary “Super Health and Wealth” program.


Forget everything you’ve learned in the past and what you think you know about “Health”. Because it’s WRONG and I can Prove it!

Have you heard the news lately? It’s all over the TV. “Health Care” and insurance cost is spiraling out of control.
You cannot afford NOT to join this Natural Health program. Check it out NOW! And see all the health benefits you will receive.

“The Health and economic ship is sinking. I ‘m offering you a lifeboat, get into the lifeboat and get your family, your friends and your neighbors to get into this lifeboat before it’s too late!”

My program is totally new! It is NOT a fad diet, a lotion, a potion, a powder or a pill. And, it is Not a drug or medication, surgery or operations, gadgets or gimmicks. It is the health “secrets” discoveries for the 21st century that will help anyone with any health problems get back to good health! And, it is the health secrets they don’t want you to know!

You can cash in now on the biggest business trend of the decade! Experts are saying that one of the biggest trends for the next decade is that people will be taking on the responsibility of taking care of their own health and going to doctors less.

Health care will be more expensive, doctors will be more expensive, drugs and prescriptions only make matters worse! Millions of people are looking for simple and natural ways to get healthier, and the “Super Health and Wealth” program will be the biggest and best way to do it! It is simple, easy to do. No selling, phone calls or talking to anybody and no products to stock or ship. You can even get it to run on auto-pilot so you can do whatever you want!

You can run this business from home, and never need to leave your house if you don’t want too. You can do it on the internet, but not required. You don’t even need a computer! There is nothing like it and there is simply no way to lose!!

It’s incredible when you come across an opportunity like
ours – one that improves your life in many ways. For example:


· The “Super Health and Wealth” inner circle program is something that will help you stay healthy for the rest of your life.

· Once you know the Super Health and Wealth” system, you’ll know it for life! You can use the knowledge anytime you want; anywhere you want to help yourself, your family and your friends.

· You can make money showing others the “super Health and Wealth” program. There are literally millions of people who need and want this kind of health information. Even if you don’t do the business part, you’re still way ahead with your health and well-being!

Therefore, if the bad economy got you down… You can cash in on this powerful Centuries Old RECESSION-PROOF HEALTH AND WEALTH SYSTEM that is designed to help millions of people who are terrified by the current economic crisis. This HOME-BUSINESS “Trend” shows no sign of slowing! And, we have decided not to participate in the recent recession! You can do the same!


Dear potential co-partner

If you are looking for a real business opportunity developed by savvy marketers and proven to generate hundreds of thousands, of dollars from home when you’re just starting out, this may very well be the most important letter and opportunity you will ever read!

Unlike the familiar tune of many home-based business scams, this isn’t a method or a system that was created by accident. It did not come to me in a dream. I didn’t hit rock bottom, nor was Iout of luck before being able to present you with this opportunity.

Neither, Am I going to play with your emotions, make false promises, or write about a pitiful life-changing experience that led me to “discover” my new found system.

Plain and simple … I’m a hardworking businessman with a real business and expedient skills for staying healthy and for making money and leading others on the same path!

As the founder of the “Super Health and Wealth program, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals from all walks of life realize their health and wealth dreams and achieve success in two of the most sought-after industries on this planet.

Demand for our program is soaring through the roof and … WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Our business is growing at lightning speed, and, once again, we’ve decided to open some slots temporarily in selecting motivated individuals who are serious and determined about putting their financial hardship behind them … For GOOD!

Our simple, solid moneymaking opportunity can quickly provide you with the financial freedom and security you’ve longed for. In fact, I’ll be bolder than that … I will change your entire life permanently!

If you’re an ambitious and self-driven individual with a burning desire to break free and out of the trend so many unfortunately individuals have fallen into … If you’re unemployed, had a run of bad luck, or you’re simply seeking additional reliable and lasting income streams… If you’d like nothing more than to be your own boss, take control of your finances, and live life completely on your own terms…

… Then I’d like to welcome you personally to join our winning team and start funding your dreams! The timing could not be better … FOR YOU TO TAKE PART IN A RARE GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY into the “Super Health and Wealth” program.

There is no question that a Home-Business works… WILL THIS ONE WORK FOR YOU?

Most people in a Home-Business fail due to lack of training and poor duplicating “SYSTEM”!

In a home-business money is made from the company’s marketing “SYSTEM” that sells the product, not from the product they sell.

Therefore, we go the extra mile by giving you a complete, easy and simple step-by-step marketing system. We called it the “ONE-STEP” formula and the amazing Power of Compounded Income.



“Opportunity Seekers Are Frustrated And Disgusted With ALL of the Money-Making Plans They Have Purchased. Say They Are Victims of Greed… This report Reveals What to Do!”

I hear it over and over, “I bought a money-making opportunity, and it didn’t work as promised. The company was dishonest, they lied to me, and they scammed me out of my money. I was ripped off and cheated, and now I can’t trust anybody.”

It makes me sad to hear this, especially when I know there’s no need for such rip-offs. You really can build your own money-making system AT HOME, and it’s much easier than you might think.

Slash away the “Earnings and Income Disclaimers” racket of the double dealing Rip-off and scam artists now, before they rip you off again and run away with tons of cash.

The secrets in the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching and Apprenticeship System are so powerful, so advanced; they will completely change your life.

These secrets possess the true and guarded scientific formulas that create miracles of health, wealth, power love and success. You can see your future; you can change your future and give you anything that you have ever desired. It’s like sitting down, close your eyes and say to yourself… “My Wish Is My Command”!

Are you ready for the healthier, richer, happier, more successful, love-filled life that you deserve?

Then continue reading, because the best news of your life is on the pages that follow…

“Give Me about 27 Minutes per day, And I Will BE Handing You the “Secret” Keys That Will Almost Magically Unlock Your Mind Power to Manifest Anything You Want—Guaranteed!”


Yes it’s true, you can earn more money working fewer hours from home than working for someone else, with my new Hidden Secrets that you will get in the “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching and Apprenticeship System”.

With the information you receive, You will begin to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, simply by applying the secrets in the SHWICCAS for about 27 minute per day. This will unlock your creative power to attract what you desire – so easily that it seems almost like magic!

This isn’t hype, it’s a FACT. And I’ll prove it.

By now you’ve tried it all. And I mean ALL.

· You’ve read all the success books.

· You’ve read all the health books.

· You’ve listened to talks.

· You’ve done your affirmations.

· You’ve written down your goals.

· You’ve tried to “think positive.”

· You’ve visualized your goals.

· You’ve attended the seminars and the webinars

You’ve tried it all, and quite frankly, you’re wondering if all this stuff is a bunch of nonsense.

It seems like you’ve tried it all, yet you are still unhappy with at least one area of your life. You wish there was an easier way to reach your goals, to have more success, prosperity, love, health, time, freedom, and fun.

You wonder, “Does it all really work?”

But yet, there is a part of you that believes that there must be a hidden secret that you haven’t quite discovered yet. Perhaps there is a hidden key that will finally allow you to unlock your inner potential…

You think, maybe if you just search a bit longer, you’ll finally discover the secret to create the life that you really want. You’ve been searching and searching… because you haven’t given up on yourself. You hope that you’ll find the secret key one day.

The fact is that you’ve always had this power inside you – you just didn’t know how to use it! Nobody has ever taught you the easy way of how to tap into your own power.

The super wealthy use it. The top athletes use it. Movie stars use it. In fact all peak performers use it! But up to now, you only have been getting half truth even though you’ve tried them all.

Well my friend, you can stop the searching, because the ultimate Hidden Secrets have arrived, and I’m going to tell you all about them, but… Before we continue, please read this:

“The system you are about to discover will only work for people who can devote a minimum of 27 minutes a day to apply the secrets. Twenty seven powerful minutes that will change your life. If you think you are “too busy” and don’t have that kind of time to spare, then please toss this letter out, drive to the nearest convenience store, and go buy some lottery tickets”.

Only a few will qualify for this once in a lifetime opportunity. However, you will be presented with more options for you to be able to qualify or disqualify yourself later in this letter.

OK, if you still reading? That’s good. Take a look at your watch, a clock on the wall or the digital clock on your computer, because this moment in time is a critically important occasion.


Because right here, right in this moment, as you read this… It’s Time to Make Your Dreams Come True. Make an IMPACT in 2015 with your team for GOOD HEALTH! THE NEXT FRONTIER.

If you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that you should be able to learn how to be super successful and vividly visualize consistently without help, it’s no wonder that you haven’t achieved as much in your life as you want by now.

There’s a way to be successful that no one is telling you about. It’s been proven to work for thousands of successful business people, the privileged leaders who now enjoy a more abundant, happy, successful life with lots of money to spend, plenty of leisure time, wonderful vacations, happy relationships, and more.

This information helps you to program your mind to pull towards you exactly what it is that you want. In fact… It Will Be As Easy As Flipping On a Light Switch…

Once you’ve gone through this system you’ll drop your jaw in disbelief. You may stop and wonder in regret for a moment and say: “why didn’t I know about this sooner?”

But that feeling will be short-lived, because you’ll be too relieved, thrilled and ecstatic about the life that you are living. This new information will help you to achieve the goals that you have for yourself right now, and once you see how easy it is, you’ll want to create even more.

With this simple system, now you can have all the health, wealth, abundance, joy, love and fun that you want and deserve. One day soon, it will seem as if you’ve been dreaming, you won’t believe how everything you’ve ever wanted just comes into your life – as if by magic.

Think of your mind as Aladdin’s lamp. This information is like rubbing that lamp, asking for your wish to come true, and receiving the inner guidance how exactly to make your wish come true. And there you are! Your wish is your command!

It will seem as if you’ve tapped into your “inner genie” simply by following this information. And as you start manifesting what you desire, you’ll see how easy it is to just keep asking and receiving wish after wish. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t believe how easy it is. You’ll want to create more and more and more and more!

Just like a kid on Christmas morning, you’ll be delighted to find all kinds of new and exciting gifts. You’ll attract even more wonderful things. You’ll do even more fun, exciting things that you haven’t even imagined yet! Just think, you’ll be able to attract anything you want once you flip that switch in your brainto the “on” position!

Just imagine what you can do with this new-found ability to attract whatever you want:

Savor that feeling of pure joy of finally having everything that you’ve always wanted. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And even more than you ever thought possible…go ahead, think about it right now…

That is an amazing feeling isn’t it? Now you can make that feeling a reality when you start to believe that there really is a way to turn that magical key and unlock your own power of attraction.

I have the quick and easy method that until now only the super-rich have been able to have access to. I have it and I want to give it to you.

Remember what Napoleon Hill and/or W. Clement Stone said in the book “Think and Grow Rich? “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”

What they’ve said is true. And that is exactly how this information works! And you will achieve anything and everything that you want in this life!

However, I want to inform you, that the focus will be on “Super Health” because being healthy and feeling good is that powerful component that makes it all work.


My Extreme
are helping people easily become millionaires!
And you never have to buy or use… lotions, potions, powders or pills, drugs or medications, gadgets or gimmicks! …NEVER!

As you know from my previous information or letters that you’ve received from us… that, “America is a terribly sick country”!

And what about the “Health Care Controversy” that is going on today? “Health care” has nothing to do with health! Health care or health insurance bills are created to financially protect you from catastrophic illness or disease. It does not protect your health; health is only produced by healthful living. Only YOU can protect your health! No one can sleep for you, drink for you, eat for you, think for you, and exercise for you, and so on. Presently, “health care” is an external appearance, by which we are kept mediocre and chronically ill!

The previous “Health care” was self-evidently a failure as its costs were in the trillion dollars a year and was shooting up! The new health care bill will cost even more and will not cause anyone to be healthier!

This means that matters will be getting worse, not better. The fraud being perpetrated upon all of us is fully exposed When you become a member of the SHWICCAS


We are at a time when you must not blindly trust your health to the Government, doctors or organized medicine! The information and coaching provided in this program is so important to you and your health and well being, that I urge you to read every page!

Our Research reveals that organized medicine is doubly hazardous to your health: First because all of the shocking incidents of unnecessary procedures performed today and the intolerable dangers of these treatments… And the second thing is because some people in the medical institutions actually put down and discredit alternative health care information and education which will help you heal in a quicker, safer and less invasive manner.

Don’t you think that you deserve to know about these safer procedures that are PROVING themselves every day? This information is so important to your health and safety that you
must continue to read this FREE report all the way to the last page.

We have heard over and over again how the great scientific advances of modern medicine are keeping us much healthier than ever before. In fact, the medical profession and the news media have thoroughly brainwashed the American people into believing that we should frequently consult a physician to make sure to enjoy the best medical care that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

This public awareness of the need to take care of ourselves has created many opportunities in the health field and yet, there are very few people in it!

Of course, more than five million people throughout the whole country are presently working as physicians, nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, laboratory assistants, hospital personal, pharmacists, drug industry employees, workers in allied trades, and the like.

However, contrary to popular beliefs, there are indeed very few people really helping the public to achieve and stay in good health. Most of these supposedly “health workers” aren’t really in the health field, but, instead, they actually are in the disease-treating business!

Think about it, NO disease NO business!

Health is never attained by studying disease and thinking about disease. Medicine as a science of disease has increase disease. Thinks are not brought into being by thinking of their opposites. Think for yourself, Are you afraid to think? Who today has the courage to think? Frankly, not many. Too many people prefer to have their ideas served to them from non-challenging, shallow sources more interested in misinformation and half truths. Sources afraid of intellectual discussions.

If you look back at history you will find that popular opinions are not always right. You see, there is a fundamental flaw in current medical theories and ideas. This flaw makes you virtually powerless over your own body such that you become a slave to doctors, drugs, treatments and procedures, and in most cases even lotions, potions powders or vitamin pills and supplements.

Since the people involved in these industries make millions of dollars a year, they have no incentive to tell you the truth. They don’t even KNOW the truth! They’ve just been taught and brainwashed since the beginning to believe the myth that has been passed down through generations – similar to the myths that the earth was flat, man could not fly and the earth was the center of the universe.

This health concept that we use has been suppressed and kept secret and simply forgotten for almost two century. Once you know the truth about disease (and I mean ANY disease), getting and staying healthy will be simpler than you ever imagined. Not just for you, but for your entire family also.

Imagine KNOWING you and your family will most likely never come down with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s or any other degenerative disease.

Imagine KNOWING you and your family can never catch AIDS, hepatitis, the flu or even the common cold.

Imagine KNOWING you and your family can do all this without having to go to a doctor, get treatments of any kind or take any kind of drug or vitamin pills.

Sound amazing? It is. And it’s all explained in simple English in the new The Super Health and Wealth program.

The “Super Health” program is based on facts and common sense, not some fiction the medical establishment wants you to believe so they can make more money off you.

These facts can be shown to you as clearly as seeing that the earth is round, that the earth revolves around the sun, and that airplanes can fly. All you need to do is to look at things the truly correct way without assuming that what others tell you are correct.

Then, and only then, will you realize the truth that will allow you to never fear ill-health again!

And that’s not all…

Yon will not only learn the truth about disease, but how to avoid and often reverse Virtually any disease you may currently have or fear in the future.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps that are outlined in the program each month.

Sound incredible? It is. And although these steps are simple, they are extremely powerful and work like no other health procedure you’ve ever experienced.

Why? Because they are based on the irrefutable laws of attraction, quantum physics, chemistry, biology, physiology and nature itself. If these laws are followed, good health will naturally result. It has to! You won’t be able to get sick!


Within the pages of your monthly Super Health program you will learn how you may avoid or reverse all disease

In fact, virtually any disease known to man may be helped by using the methods outlined in the “Super Health” program.

Just as importantly, you’ll learn how and why a disease starts and develops. Where the medical profession is prescribing expensive clinical tests just so they can tell you that they really don’t know why you’re sick, this program tells you why and explains it to you in simple, understandable terms. You will not only learn why adults get sick, but children and babies as well.

You see, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry wants you to be confused, uninformed and powerless. They want to make it complicated so you have to depend on them. That’s how they make their money. But the reasons someone gets sick are not bad luck or genetics.

There are real, tangible reasons that are easy to explain and easy to understand. Now you’ll learn the real reason people get sick and how you can ensure it never happens to you and your family. And if you already have an ailment, you’ll finally learn how to overcome it and get truly healthy. “Super Healthy”.

This ground-breaking “SUPER HEALTH” program also shows you exactly why people gain weight. It’s not rocket science. In a few words, someone becomes over-weight because they are under-nourished! Not underfed. Under-­nourished!

If the body doesn’t get a certain kind of concentrated nutrition from your food (fully explained in the “Super Health” program. Members Only) it constantly thinks it’s hungry. So the person keeps eating and eating trying in vain to obtain these nutrients. Consequently, they get fatter and fatter. But, if you eat the right kind of foods (not a lotion a potion a powder or pill and not a drug or medication), your body will feel satisfied and start operating normally. It will then be able to sense that it no longer needs food, and the craving to eat disappears.

You won’t even realize its happening! You just won’t be drawn to the junky foods that put the pounds on you. Those cravings will disappear, and so will the excess weight! It’s truly remarkable how easy it is. It’s simple and easy, once you know the secret!

When you become a member you will finally understand what the body REALLY needs to not only lose weight, but to get and stay healthy for the rest of your life. Just think of how good that will make you feel!

Order fast, before it’s too late, this program may not be available for very long. It may one day be banned, or they will at least try to ban it. Even though the First Amendment grants us free speech and a free press, there are forces that will try to suppress this enlightening information and we will no longer be able to accept anymore members.

So it’s very important for us to get this Super Health program out to as many open-minded individuals like you as quickly as possible. Just order within the next 7 days, and I’ll send you a totally FREE Gift worth $297.00 This FREE gift will knock your socks off! (See the end of this publication.

Learn how to beat virtually any disease without drugs or without lotions, potions, powders or pills. Learn the Amazing Health and Healing Concept that has been suppressed for almost two centuries. Learn the truth about how the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and corporations do things every day that undermine our health, and how to avoid them. Learn how to take control of your own health and not be a slave to medical procedures and practices that only ‘make you sicker. I guarantee, it will be one of the best investments of your life. Become a member of the Super Health program NOW!

Home Based Business Opportunity Offer. This offer will give you the freedom to enjoy all of these work-at-home benefits:


(You Have Health Assurance)
(Only 5 hours or less per week)

The Home based opportunity offered in this program is optional. You do not have to participate in the marketing of the “Super Health” program. You can just enjoy the health benefits every month.


However, if you no longer want to slave away at a traditional job and you are fed up with the rat race and want to do something on your own. This opportunity is designed to give you total freedom to live your dreams and create your life on your own terms! There is nothing like working from home… Now here is your chance!

Learn how to use a simple proven system that anyone can do in less than 5 hours a week working from the comfort of your home.

You will Discover how you can make a fortune “Part Time” in an industry which economists predict will exceed $1 trillion annually by this year (2011). Getting in on the ground floor to secure YOUR portion of WEALTH would simply be a smart thing to do!





And INCREDIBLE Health, Wealth, Power and Freedom OPPORTUNITY


If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be it’s very likely that
it’s not your fault because you have been lied to… and haven’t
been told everything you need in order to succeed…


And now it’s time to go over the amazing details about this special money-making program. “The Super Health and Wealth INNER CIRCLE COACHING” program. I have decided to limit this opportunity to only a few “lucky” people. The reason for that is that the market is wide open and I have no intention to saturate it. Act now and claim your share of this Health-Protecting, Wealth-Building Special Money-Making revealing secrets to profits no matter who’s in the White House.


I must tell you MORE about this powerful RECESSION-PROOF WEALTH SYSTEM that is designed to help millions of people who are terrified by the current economic crisis and extremely worried about their future…



But first, let me thank you for responding to my ad. You are that rare individual that I’m looking for. If you are like me I know that by now you are ready to start to make some real money. Really aren’t you… at least a minimum of $100,000.00 or more in the next 6 to 12 months… AND $100,000.00 per month there after!

If you’d like to be financially free and have total control over what you do with your life then please read this private invitation very carefully.

Here’s why:

Only a fraction of 1% of the population will become independently healthy and wealthy, powerful and free, and achieving this is quite literally, a do-it-yourself occupation. You, in the final result, will be the best advisor you can have, but ironically, until you actually are healthy and wealthy, sound advice on getting there is simply rather hard to come by. All formal education programs for example, are only designed to make people into good employees and dependent on a health system that doesn’t work, never to teach them the real secrets of health, wealth and success.

The good news is that a very dedicated doctor and a few marketing multi-millionaire have decided to pass on their knowledge of health, wealth, power and freedom to a few selected people by means of an exclusive coaching program. This special program has been designed to teach you how to achieve true health and wealth, regardless of your background or so-called ‘station’ in life. This is your chance to get on a fast-track route to success. You’re being contacted because you may have the potential.

Make no mistake: This program is a powerful, hard-core boot camp for success. Do not make the mistake of comparing it with ‘courses’ or ‘manuals’ you may have read which promise to make you healthy and or rich, but never seem to deliver the results.

and… by the way…

…just so that you know:

This is completely different from anything like that.


Compare our program:
* To the many so called success courses that promise everything and deliver nothing.

* To the ones that require you to travel great distances only to return home disappointed and dissatisfied.

*To the repetitive seminars, CDs and tapes that Surround you with clichés and slogans.

* To the complex books whose pages are filled with empty words and lifestyles impossible to follow.

And I won’t even get into the significant cost of all these Systems and how most of them lead to total Disappointment.


This is one of the proven secret that made many millions of dollars for a small group of people during the great depression of 1929 to 1940! So, no matter who wins election and get in the White House, You Get Rich!

The real reason that You have been contacted, is because every few months as members complete their training in how to achieve health, wealth, power and freedom, some places become available, and if you’re suitable you may want to apply for a place in this “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle”.

WARNING: You will not be suitable if you are offended by being told the truth or don’t have an open mind. The truth isn’t always easy to take, and often, it’s not pretty! If you’re looking for “politically correct” nonsense, the race card, and the blame game or that the world owes you something , instead of reality, then please don’t become a member.


But if you are interested in health, Wealth, Power and personal Freedom, then this is definitely for you.

So what is this “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle” all about?

The people in this elite and rather secretive group share seven things in common:

1. They are all teachable and/or Coach able, meaning that they are willing to be trained. And they all think about this step all the time.

2. They all have a high teach ability index and all are willing to accept change.

3. They are willing to go through an apprenticeship program.

4. They all want to be extremely healthy wealthy and successful

5. They all want to be completely FREE from external controls

6. They all desire real power and freedom in their lives

7. And, They all want to help others do the same.

Before they joined my select group, these people were sick to death of always being sick to death and of never having enough money to even pay their bills, let alone buy the good things in life. They were also extremely tired of being pushed around by society, bosses, spouses, religions, governments and anyone else who felt like conning them out of their life values.

These people also had other things in common:

They were all prepared to DO something about improving their lives, they were all prepared to take responsibility and immediate ACTION!

They were fortunate enough to be invited into my “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle”, and are now well on their way to achieving their goals.

The “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle” is a ‘secret’ group in the following sense:

Ø The members never meet each other.
Ø Details of members are kept strictly confidential.
Ø Normal people do not suspect the existence of this group.
Ø Membership is by personal invitation only.
Ø All members swear to keep the teaching materials secret within the members and the members they bring in.


You must keep our work secret. When you become healthy and wealthy, you must tell no one outside the members. Do not reveal what was responsible for your success.

Secrets are power. When you divulge a secret you lessen the power and gain nothing in return. Be discreet about your new found health, wealth, success and happiness. What we have accomplished together is between you and the members of the SHWICCAS. Everyone is going to be jealous of your incredible good fortune. Let them!

So, on a scale of 1 to 10 how teachable are you?

What is your willingness to learn and accept change?

If you want things in your life to be different you must do things differently in you life. Must importantly your must change the way you think!

The private web site that has been setup for you, will explain the full details, so please take a few minutes to find out if you’re suitable. This could be the most important invitation you’ve ever received, very few people are offered this opportunity, however, due to the powerful nature of the training you may not be suitable for this. You’ll find out why when you access the private website.

Since you may not be suitable and as I have written to you unannounced, I hope you don’t feel offended in any way. If you don’t think that this opportunity is for you then please discard this information and I won’t contact you again.

Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to wish you a very prosperous future.

If the above makes sense to you. If I am right about you, and I think I am, this letter will be of interest to you… but, if you’re still looking to be cheated and ripped-off, and if you are only interested in chasing nickels and dimes trying to stay ahead of inflation with a dead-end job or a losing small business income…toss this letter in the waste basket, because it has nothing that will interest you…you simply won’t believe what I am about to tell you…


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The economy has tanked…but the opportunity
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Compensation is Based on a 7 X 4 Matrix System.
Why the Force Matrix System Is Working: A forced matrix system is the quickest and most efficient way to prosper in the business field of Network Marketing. Members that are new comers and those who are experienced are finding out that a forced matrix system is one of the best ways to grow in the networking arena. The reason a forced matrix system works better is because it allows spillover from your up-line to come into your matrix even if you did not personally recruit them. A forced matrix is a system that puts a limit to the number of referrals a person can make on your first level. Any more referrals you make will be placed on the second level and so on. The more referrals you have the more your down line will grow and this will benefit the other people in your matrix. The down lines on forced matrix systems fill up very quickly which means you make your money much faster.

Spillover is when you get people under you refer by the person on top of you ( your sponsor) since your sponsor can only have a certain amount of people anyone who refers goes under you this is called spillover. Spill under is when the people under you sponsor people making your business grow.

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The truth is, that three crushing forces have come together to put the American economy through a sweltering fire, starting with…

Crushing Force No.1 The massive debt crisis…
Crushing Force No. 2 The ongoing housing crisis… and
Crushing Force No. 3 The stock market crisis.

We will only be discussing Crushing Force No.1 “The massive debt crisis”. As a country and as individuals, we’re drowning in debt.

At this writing (January 7, 2015) our national debt is reported to be over $18,000,000,000,00.00—that’s $18 trillion, and it grows an average of $4 billion per day! It’s the third largest expense in the Federal budget.

Yet according to The Institute for Truth in Accounting, the true national debt is over $50 Trillion dollars! That’s more than FIVE TIMES what is reported!

But the U.S. government never intends to pay this debt—it will simply try to inflate this debt away. The bad news? No Social Security, no Medicare, and no pensions for some folks! Are you, or going to be one of these folks?

If that’s not bad enough, consumers are up to their eyeballs in debt—some are even living off their credit cards. Some 641 million credit cards are in circulation, and the average credit card debt has doubled in the past decade. Today, the average family owes over $8,000 in credit card debt.

What’s ahead? We’re entering what some researchers call the “Weimar Republic No. 2.” We’re repeating history. In the 1920s, the German Weimar Republic printed money to dilute and wipe out their WWI reparations debt to the Allies. The result was worthless paper money and the impoverishment of the people. The inflation in the Weimar Republic was a period of hyperinflation in Germany. Hyperinflation is a very high, rapid monetary inflation that is great enough to threaten a nation’s economic stability

In the same way, the Fed is bailing out trillions of Wall Street debt obligations by creating more money—and the results will be the same.

The U.S. dollar has fallen like a rock especially in the last 18 months. Foreign banks are dumping their U.S. dollars in favor of other currencies as well as gold. And for the first time, legendary investor Warren Buffet is heavily invested in foreign currencies because they’re in a bull market compared to our dollar. Our buying power is shrinking fast!

Like I’ve said, this debt crisis isn’t the only problem ahead…There is The ongoing housing crisis… and The stock market crisis which you know I’m not going to go into it.

What can you do now, in light of this record-setting national debt? You’ll discover where big profits are still to be found in a FREE for 30 days Special Report I’d like to mail to you, Keep reading to claim your FREE Special Report and find out how you can profit in this economy.

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Ø And more, much more.

You will find the Private Web Site location when you click on the button below. And, your code to get in on it is the code that you originally used when you first signed up. (Don’t remember your code, just enter your last name and we will get your original code from our database).


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Finally: I like to say this…And,
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Everything you hold dear is about to be taken from you.
There will be blood in the streets.


A crises of unprecedented magnitude is bearing down on you and your loved ones. The necessities of life; food, shelter, and health care will soon be stripped from you.

The suffering will be incomprehensible. Famine, civil unrest, literally blood in the streets.

This fate will be unavoidable for most. But if prepared, you will avoid this horrible fate and thrive as never before! In order to survive and thrive, you must take action now.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst!
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By taking a few preemptive steps, you’ll avoid this fate and be healthy and wealthy beyond you wildest dreams. While awaiting these terrible events to unfold, you won’t only become personally healthy and rich; you’ll lay the foundation for tremendous generational health and wealth for your heirs.

Here is your life boat.

Money alone won’t absolutely protect you. However, it will allow you to take the necessary steps to insulate you and your loved ones from the coming dollar apocalypse.

Will 2015 be another 1929?

Are we headed for a major worldwide depression? I don’t know, but many credible experts believe that we could be. These experts say that we are faced with the treat of another world-wide great depression that could be even worse than the depression of the 1930’s. YES, according to these experts, the current economic nightmare is only the tip of the iceberg. If these experts are correct, many millions of people may be wiped out.

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What you must not be, however, is discouraged. You can’t be, for that would be the equivalent of throwing in the towel. Instead, you must persist in pushing for that in which you positively believes.

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We at the Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching system would like to present our organization for your review, because we are proud of our accomplishments and our commitment to health. When your primary motivation is one of support, assistance, caring and sharing rather than profit, you have a reason to feel good about what you do.

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**Membership dues paid are not refundable. Because we pay commission to your upline, no refunds are available. However, you can cancel at anytime.




The Sooner You Take HEALTHY Positive Action, The Faster You’ll Be On The
Road To Recover, your health, wealth, Success and Prosperity In your life,
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Our Mission Statement…


To help you help yourself to a better, healthier way of life. To help you develop personal and professional life skills that will help you wipe out limited beliefs, and to reach the largest number of people in the shortest period of time.

To know and demonstrate to you that you are in complete control of your own living experiences now and always. Thus discover a way for you to become healthy and wealthy.


To research and develop a health and opportunity market and to create and document an alternative behavior to food, eating habits and lifestyle, and to show that it is possible to restore better health, youthful vigor, better lifestyle and a longer healthier way of life now – as long as you accept complete responsibility. “Our Commitments Is To Excellence.”

OUR OUTCOME IS: Health choices and financial independence for all our associates and affiliates in the “Super Health and Wealth INNER CIRCLE. (Our plans are to teach the SHWICC secrets to 1,000,000.00 people in 10 years or less. You can be one of them).

OUR PURPOSE IS: To create and document an alternative method to better food and eating habits and a healthier lifestyle that, when “Implemented” it will create and restore a state of better health and well being.

And, to create a model that physically demonstrates that when a large number of “like-minded” people work together to help develop and create values for others, unlimited rewards are the results. And, we do it all by information and education. The choice is always yours!