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Private Health Consultation with
Dr. Laurence Galant


Don’t Risk Your Health! Enjoy a better quality of life with our seven Phase Health and Nutritional Program:

1. Evaluation: Provides a thorough examination of your current health habits and mind set. Information obtained here is used to create your “Personal Health Plan”. (two sessions)

2. Orientation: An overview of nutrition and health. Topics covered include: Mind set, Digestion, nutrition, food combining, and health maintenance.

3. Body Detoxification: Pollution is everywhere; In the water, in the air, even in some of the foods we eat. Pollution can build-up in the body and weaken your body s resistance to disease. The NGC program gives you techniques that allow your body rid itself of these chemical toxins.

4. Nutritional Transition: This is where your personal dietary habits are slowly rearranged to a more natural and nutritional diet, which would be in harmony with physiology and in agreement with digestive chemistry.

5. Nutritional Guidance: This part of the program covers: Meal Planning, weight loss or gain, and improved appearance.

6. Disease Prevention: To live a long and healthy life, you must learn to prevent diseases. This session gives you the tools. Covers the seven stages of the evolution of diseases.

7. Stress Management: Irritability, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, and increasing incidence of health problems are some common symptoms of stress. This session helps you with relaxation and exercise techniques.

Dr. Galant provides an intensive Health and Nutritional program, which involves diet, nutritional and mental outlook on life.

Each protocol is highly individualized. Diets vary widely, from vegetarian diets to diets in animal protein and progressively changed during the transition part of the program, but all diets require the use of unprocessed, organically grown foods. In addition, patients will be required to give up the use of alcohol, tobacco and many other toxic products, depending on each individual case. In some cases, specialized plant based diets are recommended during the transition. .


  • In addition to the diet (and supplements), each program involves a variety of detoxification procedures. We find that these procedures are critically important to the success of the nutritional program.
  • The initial evaluation requires two sessions; if necessary, out of town clients must come to Boynton Beach, Florida to be evaluated. The first meeting involves a complete history, and usually takes an hour. In this session Dr. Galant evaluates and decides if you qualify for his program.
  • If you do not qualify he will give you instructions for your best approach to your problem. The second session may takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half: during this session, Dr. Galant reviews in depth his evaluation and the results. In addition, he reviews the diet, supplement, and detoxification programs, and in some cases Hypnosis & Visualization may be required.
  • This Trade Mark system is called “The Galant Total Health Program”. Before an appointment can be made, prospective patients must contact the office for further information. All prospective clients must relay the details of their case to the office in a 10-15 minute phone interview. Dr. Galant then reviews this material, and if he approves, an appointment can then be scheduled. It is necessary for the clients themselves to call; not only does this give us more accurate information, but it also allows us to be sure that the client understands the high degree of motivation and commitment the program demands.

The following Changes Are also Required… The kinds of changes which must be identified, of course, vary from individual to individual but, surprisingly, they almost always fall into the following categories:

  1. Doing away with certain outmoded beliefs and superstitions that can only serve to hamper maintenance of full health or perhaps even destroy it, if it is now present.
  2. Causing a change in attitude through knowledge about the kind of habits in eating and lifestyle that are recognized as being destructive to health.
  3. Develop a deep conviction about the need for the changes recommended by Dr. Galant, this obtained through knowledge of what is believed to be essential to health maintenance.
  4. The introduction of positive actions through practice, gradually or abruptly, as individual situations and conditions warrant, eliminating all destructive habits and replacing them with natural, truly scientific, practices known to be instrumental in building health; not disease.

Phone Consultation $4.00 per minute (15 – min. Minimum.)
Office Visit $275.00 (1 Hour +)
All Follow up Visits $200.00 (45 min. to 1 Hour)

Phone Consultation 15 Minutes $60.

Phone Consultation 60 Minutes $240.
SPECIAL MONTHLY COACHING MEMBERSHIP – Super Health Inner Circle Coaching Membership. One time Initiation fee of $100.00 and $30.00 monthly. (instead of 37.00 monthly) Membership fees are not refundable but you can cancel anytime. By clicking on the subscribe button you’re agreeing to these terms. Click HERE to see if you qualify and what you will receive as a member of the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program. This is in your own house monthly program that you do at your own pace time and speed.


By Appointment only.

Make your appointment and get the Evaluation session. To begin the evaluation session process, the client should send a written summary of the problem that they are seeking help for, it must be written as if telling a story, rather than as an outline. this summary must include:

  • Patient’s Name, date of birth and age.
  • Address, phone number, Email and fax number (if you have one).
  • How you were referred, or how you found out about this office.
  • Any prior interest in nutrition or alternative medicine. (Such interest not required to become a patient.
  • Type of illness, date it was diagnosed, extent of disease, recurrences.
  • Date and kind of previous treatments.
  • Current treatment recommendations.
  • Attitude about treatments and current physicians.
  • How diseas has effected daily life and activities, including ability to work.
  • Any other significant health problems, past or present.
  • All prescription medication.
  • Height and weight, recent weight gain or loss.
  • Difficulties in eating or swallowing capsules.
  • History of smoking and or alcohol use.
  • Immotional blockage of any kind. (anger, fears, panic attacks, guilt, stress, etc.
  • Support system – family, friends spiritual.
  • Who lives with patient, and relationship with person(s) in home.
  • reason for wanting an appointment with Dr. Galant (abrief statement of a few sentences is fine).When this summary is completed, it should be send or e-mailed to this office.When this is reviewed and accepted copies of relevant biopsy results, blood work results, CT or MRI written reports may be requested. (Not the actual films of CT scans or MRIs) E-mail us your detailed information, or request a consultation fill in form.
  • Health Disclaimer (You must read our health disclaimer before you complete any of the above)

Healthy, Toxic, DeceasedHealthy          Toxic     Deceased


SIDE NOTE: I am in this for myself and so are you, and you getting your aspirations, desire and dreams benefits me greatly. However, I don’t want you thinking I am this wonderful benevolent person. I am in this to get you results. To get you the health benefits and results that you desire.

When I get you results and make it easy for you to get more of them, then you will trust me to deliver future results as well, and therefore, you will pay me for my intelligence and wisdom.

Now, group (herd) thinking will have you thinking, that’s bad, “his getting paid!” That is egocentric and egoist thought and takes you in the wrong direction, as ALL truly successful people expect to pay for life direction and changing advice. It is only the herd that sees the cost of paid advice without noticing its value over free advice…

And as for free advice, that’s usually the most expensive advice of all, as the cost is of course your wasted life, health, success etc.…. which are priceless.

But if you wasted, then it is also valueless… So I want remove all your doubts and to reassure you that my advice is not free, I am paid well to the value I bring to the members… And it is my responsibility to help you help yourself to get to the level of being able to afford my kind of advice.

So even though I intend to change the world one person at a time, I still expect to get paid for being very good at what I do.








Special Personal Consultation with Dr Laurence Galant.


Science tell us that it takes 21 consecutive days to change a habit, therefore we have developed a program that will help you to change your unhealthy lifestyle into a Super Healthy Lifestyle. You can either do it on your own in your own place and your own time, or you can come to us and stay with us in Sunny Isle Beach. Where we can assist you to achieve your desired health goals. See below for location and Call for Prices. You will get all of the above plus consultations, lectures and all the food and drinks for 21 days. There will be a 2 to 3 days detox time and the food will be a plant based food.

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