Wisdom of the body

Body Wisdom!

The power and intelligence that produces on organism and keeps it alive and functioning is the only power and wisdom capable of governing, maintaining and healing it.

Living organism are fully self-sufficient, self-governing entities. Supplied appropriately with the needs of life, they thrive in perfect health completely free of disease.

From conception, all living organisms are endowed with a build-in program for a full, fruitful and joyous life.

Living organisms are self-programmed to meet all life’s needs within environments of their adaptation.

All organisms are self-directed, self-constructing, self-defending, self-preserving, self-maintaining, and in the event of injury or illness, self-repairing or self-healing.

The only power that can heal is the power that repairs; the only power that can repair is that power that produces; the power that now produces is the power that originally and always produce. The power that constructs a full-grown individual from a fertilized ovum is the only healing power.

Healing is, therefore, a continuous, unceasing and exclusive intrinsic power of every organism.

The power and intelligence that produces an organism and keeps it alive and functioning is the only power and wisdom capable of governing, maintaining and healing it.

Mastering and relying upon this great power within will yield a life of bliss and goodness with complete freedom from ailments and suffering.

Understanding What You Are!

The great power within you has been developed over many hundreds of million of years from the very earliest form of life. The humanoid form of life alone is verifiable some sixty millions of years in existence with one ancestral form, the tarsier, still being very much around.

Do not misunderstand the above statement as a belief in evolution, Because even while I think that evolution has its place, I also think that everything started to evolve after creation. Nothing can begin to evolve unless it was first created.

Every creature represents the sum total of all that went into developing it. It is the result of cumulative adjustments and adaptations to internal and external circumstances. Those features that best served the organism’s needs became fixed. Those that did not were dispensed with new adaptations being made.

The cumulative adaptations of the human race are represented in your and everyone else’s genetic endowment. Encoded in your, my and everyone else’s genes are the blueprints for our species as we are ethnically. Incorporated into these blueprints are all the safeguards and guardian angels that constitute the human biological heritage. All the impulses for self-welfare, all our cumulative good habits, and all our innate traits that give us our high endowment have become genetically fixed. The high human potential is resident in each person.

In nature, those creatures that became the most organized to adapt to and cope with tempestuous conditions thrived most.

Originally, zoological life consisted of one-unit creatures related to mitochondria or bacteria. Having the same interests, these simplest life units, along the road to higher development, allied themselves for the common good. These alliances resulted in what today are called cells. These cells represented as many half a million life units as in the case of amoeb as and protozoas (microorganism.)

Then came specialization of functions within the cell itself. Certain life units became specialized in creating proteins, others created energy and yet others became control units. Specialization with the cell necessitated the development a central coordinating Center called a nucleus.

Then came the next stage of development: The alliance of cells for greater versatility and viability in meeting the needs of life — units of life became even more specialized.

These alliances eventually resulted in multi-cellular creatures as complex as humans. The average human has about 75 trillion cells with each cell containing about an average of 20,000 smaller life forms called mitochondria or organelles.

What transpires within a single cell is staggering to the human imagination. With all our advanced technology it is said that a computer built as large as New York City could not monitor all that goes on within a single cell.

But if we marvel at the intricacy and complexity of just a single cell, then try to understand what is involved within a single human organism of your body!

Your body is a cooperating group of some 75 trillion cellseach cell being an independent entity, yet de-pendent on every other cell for its well-being. Each of the 75 trillion cells is a marvel unto itself, but together they create hundreds of sub-entities called tissues which, again, form many specialized organs. Overall, cells, tissues and organs under the accumulated wisdom and intelligence of our marvelous brain constitute the most marvelous entity of all: the human being.

I emphasize that each cell exists for itself and for the whole being. It serves the whole to serve itself best. It cooperates with all the other cells for the common good of every other cell and the entitative whole.

It bears repeating that these trillions of cooperating cells, developed over perhaps several billion years as cooperating harmonious whole constitute something infinitely greaterthe entity we call a human being, a soul, a spirit or person.

If the imagination is staggered by the intricacy and complexity of the life processes of a single cell, then it must be totally overwhelmed by the immensity and complexity of the organism itself.

Your body’s 75 trillion inhabitants represent a unified whole that the finest minds find it difficult to comprehend.

The population of the earth is about 5 billion people. It is difficult for us to mentally master the extent of this many living humans. It is harder still for us to imagine these 5 billion people acting in unison, acting as a single cohesive unit, as one thoroughly harmonious whole. Yet, to be the equivalent of just one human body, we’d have to have 15,000 earths of five billion population each acting as a single unit, one harmonious cohesive being.

Can you imagine 15,000 earths so coordinated and so well organized that what involved one minute area of one earth instantly involved every other area of all other 14,999 earths?

An organization on this scale where each of its trillions of cells are duly servedand which in turn serve it verifies a body so complex it is mind-boggling. It is an extremely egotistical and arrogant person who imagines an ability to correct body malfunctions or to improve upon its functions. It is grosser egotism still with ignorance thrown in to imagine that improvement has been visited upon a human body due to human tinkering.

Can you imagine an organism with such complexity that a mosquito or something even smaller, like a “virus.” (More on virus later) can adversely affect it.

At Best human thinkering constitutes harmful Interference.

For all its multitudinous complexities, it is fortunate that to harness the great power within you, you do not have to master a knowledge of your body any more than the bounding deer of the forest and field. You need only understand the objectives of its operations. And, most of all, you need to leave your body intelligently alone, or in some cases intelligently assist it!

In our natural environment, we need know nothing, our in-built instincts are sufficient to guide us perfectly for our best welfare.

In the type of society in which we live, our knowledge need not be complicated or extensive. It can be rudimentary. While we may need only a smattering of knowledge, we need to understand the principles that assure us of an existence of the highest order within our social and economic context.

Suffice it to say that the impulse and momentum for life is so great within an organism that it is not a marvel that it should live 150 to 200 years, but that with all it has going for it should ever die! For in-stance, some 300 billion cells die each day and must be eliminated. And, guess what, the body creates 300 billion exact replacements and properly installs them without interrupting operations. The exact number is open to question.

The unhealthier the body, the more cells that die each day. Some estimate range as high as 800 billion cells lost and replaced daily by an unhealthy person. Consider this too: Each cell contains from a few hundred up to 50,000 life units called mitochondria or organelles. This means we have over a quintillion life units within our bodies! Can any one really think that it can be compared to the “insignificance” (in comparison to humans)organism of a mosquito?

As a human being you have so much going for you, it’s incredible that you grew into anything less than a Celestial body. Living in harmony with your environment and fellow beings, you should be continuously happy. This is what it should be. And it can be. Unfortunately, we humans have become considerably degenerated.

Your body works faultlessly to carry on the functions of life. Its operation is perfect under circumstances normal to it. Its thrust is life itselflife that yields the most possible in human values.

To conduct this ceaseless activity that tends always to the highest level of function possible, the body is under the control, always and ever, of a single directing authority the brain.

If we must build a compute the size of New York just to rival the intelligent activities of a single cell, then a computer the size of the entire earth could not match the efficiency and intricacy of the human brain.

Our total sphere of conscious is almost nothing when compared with the extensiveness of the brain’s operations beneath the conscious level. The brain, through the network of the nervous system, controls the whole organism. Its control is superimposed upon genetic encodingits control is over the entire organism. It makes the decisions and sends out orders that determine body well being. The brain is the concertizing, controlling and unifying force of the body. It exercises control of the body always in its own behalf and also in behalf of the body with which its welfare is bound. For the brain, as the supreme authority in the body, would seem to be what our existence is all about.

If you can imagine a great telephone system sending and receiving millions of calls simultaneously, then you might comprehend how the brain directs literally millions of functions simultaneously in conduct of the operations of 75 trillion inhabitantscoops, about 1-1/2 quintillion life units.

It bears reiterating that the knowledge of our wisest and most able minds about the human body is minuscule. Compared to the practical, precise data the brain possesses and uses at all times from fertilization on, this conscious knowledge of ours is but a tiny, almost imperceptible speck. The brain must be precis, very exact, in its operation of the body. Our intellects are often liabilities so imprecise are they in their assessments of data.

We humans, in our supreme egotism and arrogance, feel that we can perform beneficial acts or commandeer body functions is laughable. It takes a giant ego even to imagine that we can be improved upon other than by directing the forces of nature. Almost anything done to help the body constitutes interference and is harmful. The body is self-sufficient. It is capable of conducting its own affairs under the guard of a brain whose sub-conscious wisdom we cannot begin to comprehend.

The brain is the entity that makes us distinctly human and superior to “everything else on earth.” The brain and body are an integral unit. The entire cell population and all sub-entities of the body are subservient to the will of the brain, not only for the welfare of the cells, but for the welfare of the whole body, the brain included.

If you wonder what this has to do with establishing self-reliance and reprogramming yourself, then consider one well-documented fact of human existence.

We tend to be selfishwe make the least effort we can and thus tend to sink to the lowest level that our mode of life will permit of. Conservation of energies has certain wisdom for they are not inexhaustible. But we can be confined to a smaller sphere than our capabilities are equal to through unjustified conservatism. The body’s functional capabilities are surprisingly great if called upon and its energy transient is also geared to need.

For instance, if our capabilities are equal to 100 on a scale of potential, it is said that we do not achieve more than 5 to 10.

We only fractionally use our thinking ability. We have become the creatures of habit. We’ve become slovenly uncritical beings dependent on intellectual handouts that tranquilize rather than challenge. We do not exercise our brains much with the activities of reflection and thought. The joys of self-mastery in which we consciously think matters out for our-selves are unlike any we’ve probably ever experienced. The joys of self-mastery are exalted above the most exquisite of sensuous delights.

If this article should stir you to resolve to capitalize upon the colossal potential within yourself, then you must reprogram yourself. Reprogramming yourself is difficult for you will be burdened heavily by the weight of previous conditioning and the drives, good, bad, and indifferent which initiate and impel your activities.

You’ll have to dispel a lot of myths and superstitions, which infest your concepts and impair your thinking. What you take for granted is difficult to overcome. And you can do so if you would grow in stature, you must do so!

Reprogramming yourself for a better life on a higher plane of existence is not all that difficult. The first order of business is to admit to yourself that you could harbor a lot of limited beliefs and practices that are responsible for your and your fellow beings’ generally poor condition and overall suffering.

We all know mental anguish and frustrations. This must necessarily flow from lives not led in accord with the course that our innate nature decrees.

You can reprogram yourself to understand and practice the course that you must follow. You can avoid those pitfalls that hamper you from assuming the position on the pedestal that all humans should occupy.

If by any chance you want to know how to reprogram yourself for greatest well-being, these are the steps necessary for the ordinary person to become an individual who conducts his or her life’s activities in accord with the dictates of the human biological disposition:

1. You must come to an awareness or knowledge that all is not right in this world of ours, or even with ourself. While almost everyone is self-satisfied that he or she has the answers to life’s and society’s great vexations, the generally deteriorating condition of almost everyone seems to be self-evidence against such smugness. Therefore, you must be willing to admit to holding many erroneous notions. We do not perceive our errors and often reject the truth when faced with it, but we must, first, cultivate an open and receptive mind.

2. You must seek knowledge and understanding with open arms. That you are reading this is in your favor. In seeking knowledge with the perspective of understanding-that is, wisdom-you’ll be dependent upon your ability to master ideas and concepts. But you must seek truth! And you must be willing to conscientiously obey the dictates of truth upon discovery.

3. You must master an insight and understanding of what you learn. In your cosmogony you must fit all the parts and pieces of your knowledge such that you have perspectiveit all must make good sense. You must become the absolute master of your personal activities and circumstances. You must be willing to the extent need dictates, to snap all ties with existing bad habits, intellectual stances and practices, no matter how deeply imbedded. The correct new life will reward you with great joy!

4. You must be willing to end all loyalty to anything that you now believe, if need be. Keep in mind that the use of the word believe is a confession of ignorance for it is not necessary to believe that which you know, and to insist upon what you merely believe may be insisting upon ignorance and misconception. Face up to the fact that many of your beliefs may be nothing more than myths and popular accepted superstitions that weakens you. You must be willing to change your circumstances, if necessary, to effect self-reprogramming and to follow a correct lifestyle.

5. You must undertake and study the conditions of health and well-being if this is what you’re looking to achieve. You must undertake and study the conditions of whatever field you’re interested in. However, your greatest task is not the one of learning, I must repeat, so much as unburdening yourself of a lot of burdensome and erroneous intellectual concept and baggage.

6. Discipline yourself in self-examination. You must undertake to observe in your practices that which the truths you learn decree. Are your beliefs based on authorities or truth? “Mistake no authority for truth and make truth your authority.” Every field has it “authorities.” Every false concept and deceptive system of the past had its “authorities”.

We readily acknowledge the errors of the past and that the “authorities” were misguided ignoramuses and charlatans.

What we do not readily perceive is that many concepts, systems, and practices of this day are not only equally erroneous but that they also have a multitude of apologists and “authorities.”

I mentioned before, the use of the word belief is a confession of ignorance. Appealing to an “authority” as the basis of belief is an attempt to skirt an obligated dutythat is, the duty to investigate and to get down to the real labor of thinking things out.

Self-reliance must be cultivated. Authorities do not agree among themselves. They contradict each othera kind of self-evidence they’re wrong. Truth is never contradictory to itself.

The appeal to authority and reliance upon it as documentation for one’s beliefs is mental laziness.

Truth makes authority. If truth is there, authority is not needed. If truth is not there, authority fails. Either way, reliance upon “authority” is not warranted in matters of vital importance.

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