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“Cure” Do Not Deal With Causes

“In spite of all the great advances in many branches of science, we are still in a period of prehistory, a dark age, in our thinking about health, disease and healing.  What the world sorely needs is a new concept of health.  A different orientation of thoughts, words and deeds than we have been led to accept for countless generations is now urgently call for.

Everything that we do (cause) has an effect on our lives and we are always responsible even if we are no longer aware that we’re doing it.  Can you imagine trying to develop a drug to “cure” drunkenness without going to the root of the whole matter, i.e. the person drinking habit?  How can we deal with drunkenness if the person who drinks continues to drink? (or if you’re a smoker).

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This is what happens with the conventional medical approach.  They try to remedy effects or symptoms without dealing with the cause.  In reality they prescribe drugs, perform surgery and radiation treatments while almost totally ignoring basic causes of physiological problems.  They resort to crippling surgery and treatments running into the thousands of dollars when the problems can be simply and inexpensively solved by a change in lifestyle practices.

Wake Up, America… We’re Sick! However, the only true mistake in life is to be ignorant and not learn from our mistakes. The fact is that ignorance is the only real problem in the world; cure ignorance and every problem and every cause dissolves. The answer to health and healing the world is of course to replace ignorance with the truth.

Now, there’s me and a few others that know this, you are also invited to learn and so all we’ve got to do is to convince more than 7 billion (320 million in the US) ignorant and unconscious people that this is the answer.

In our monthly health educational “Inner Circle” You’ll learn that nothing happen without sufficient causes.  You’ll learn that all affections of the body must be caused and the cause is almost always initiated by the person who suffers.  You’ll learn that unless the cause is discontinued the problem will always develop again, ever more serious.

In learning Healthology nutritional and health science you’re basically learning to do two things:

  1. Remove causes of problems
  2. Establish the condition of health.

Since these two steps are so very easy overall, which is one reason we can confidently give you this knowledge. At the end of these lessons, if you’ve master the understanding of cause and effect you will absolutely know that diseases are suffered because the sufferer has indulged or been subjected to causes and that health results when reasons for health are dominant – and you’ll be a mountain among a crowd of mole hills called health care professionals.

“Cures” Do Not Provide the Needs of Life

For you to return to good health, your body must be provided with its essential requirements.  First, those substances, influences, and practices which produce illnesses and disease must be discontinued.  Secondly, it is necessary to bring to others the essential of health.  Very simply these are pure air, pure water, correct diet, sunshine, exercise or wholesome activity, adequate rest and sleep, emotional poise, security of life and its means and yet other factor elements and influences.

If you look and are aware of medical procedures it is obvious that they do not try to find out causes that are inherent in lifestyle and practices.  They do what an auto mechanic does – they try to find out which part is not working and then proceed as if the body can be repaired much in the manner of a vehicle.  They rarely advise about practices and beliefs which causes health problems.  Since most conventional medical men first goal is financially and not health oriented, it is wise for them not to teach correct habits.  They’d be out of business if their clients became well.  As you can see they have a vested interest to keep you unhealthy.

If you notice the news on a daily basis, you’ll find that we now have more medical discoveries than ever before; we have more medical practitioner than ever before; we have more new drugs (called medicine) than ever before, and for all of this, we have more disease and suffering than ever before. “Americans are the creatures of an all-pervading, life-sapping drug culture”.

Why is this so?  Because: very simply, drugs destroy.  They never build.  It is not within the providence of drugs to create cells and replace tissue.  Honest medical men would be the first to tell you this because they’ve studied physiology too.  And yet they act as if their drugs perform some kind of magic that will effect healing.

What do drugs, when administered, really do?  In truth, drugs do nothing other than form chemical unions with body compounds and fluids.  When these chemical unions occur, the body suffers distress. When the character of a substance is determined as harmful by the body, it goes into a frenzy.  When it does this, it is stimulated.  Sometimes the body has a reaction of depression in which case it is sedated or narcotized.  This means function has been inhibited or paralyzed.  In both cases the reaction is one of self-protection against an unwelcome intruder, in this case a poison even though it is called a medicine.

In causing an emergency in the body, drugs are harmful.  The body must redirect its energies from the healing process which is conducting.  The symptoms for which the drugs or medicines ore administered are evidence of the body’s self-conducted healing process.  When drugs are ingested or injected, the body must leave off partially or wholly the cleansing/healing efforts and attend to a greater threat which the drugs represent.  When healing efforts are discontinued the symptoms disappear.  Conventional medical physicians interpret the disappearance of symptoms as a “cure” or a healing condition.  They thus mistake drugs or poison effects for healing effects.  This is an illusion that most people fall into.  Because, in reality the body now has more problems than before.  For now it has, additional to its prior problems, the problem of expelling a terrible poison too.

Conventional Medical and “Healing Art” Are Deadly and Dead-end

We readily recognize that drugs addicts take legal drugs (called medicine) and eventually become physiological and psychological wrecks as a result.  Also the drug addict loses moral values.  Thinking ability is lessened and almost totally redirected to acquiring the addictive drugs and to the spell the body casts when they are taken.

What we also recognize is that conventional physician-prescribed drugs have precisely the same actions.  What we do not recognize is that the prescription, administration and treatments of all so-called healers have the very same effects whether the medics physicians, homeopaths, chiropractor, osteopaths, herbal doctors, acupuncturists, or whatever.  Their modalities devitalize while their ignorance of cause likewise continues to devitalize and destroy human life.  Because treatments are more or less deadly and because causes are left intact by those who treat the diseased person, thus the situation gets progressively worse.  Those who get better do not become so because of the treatments.  Better health comes from self-healing which occurs despite, not because of, treatments.

And the unrecognized truth is that people who study and practice our monthly health educational system we call “Healthology” have a nearly 100% recovery (True health) rate! As a Healthology student and following the instructions of a true health science, you’ll realize a nearly 100% success rate.  Because healing always takes place to the extent of the remainder of healing potential when causes are discontinued and the conditions of health are instituted.

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